Friday Thangs [7-13]

  • July 13, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Got me a new Samsung S9 phone.  Not sure why; my old phone was working just fine but sometimes a gal needs new tech.  Instead of opting for the usual low-key grey or black, I went for the snazzy lilac and then went and bought myself a tacky gold case because old women like gold tacky things.

On top of that, I sold my old phone in record time so:

+ Binged Good Girls on Netflix. What a great show. The chemistry between these women was incredible and it was a great mix of drama and comedy.

+ I'm sort of in a book slump now and had such high hopes for these two.  Also, romance novels just aren't for me; I lost interest on partway in the 3rd chapter of Call Me By Your Name.  Send me your book recos, please.

+ My new intermittent fasting plan is going well.  I've managed to stretch  my eating window to begin at 1145am/noon and let me just say that it's so much easier from a meal planning perspective when I have to go into the office or I have to workout at a weird time.

I eat a large meal that keeps me full until around 5, then I eat again around 530 or 6 and that's pretty much it for the day.  If I feel like eating other things, I do.  They're all healthy meals but even if they're not (ie. bubble T because summer), no biggie since it's not like I'm over-eating calories.

I also do fasted workouts and don't feel hungry after, either.  This surprised me the most - I used to be starving after each workout but now I'm not so I'm able to run errands after my workouts instead of having to rush home to eat.

+ Guys - this rehydrating drink is next level amazing. The Japanese just keep impressing me with their craft/paper goods, Uniqlo clothing and now their rehydration drinks.  My husband bought a few to try - it's been making waves in his cycling crew and although it's been around since the 1980 (!?!), I've never heard of it until now.  My usual rehydrator is by Skratch Labs and although Skratch works, it doesn't work as well as this.
So what's the difference?  Pocari boasts that its formulation is as close to your body fluid composition as possible so fluid reuptake is 2.2 times faster and you produce less waste ie. urine.  This is what impressed me the most - I usually drink about 1.5-2 bottles of water (one with Skratch added) during my workouts and afterwards, I'm usually running to the bathroom at least 4 or 5 times before and even during, sleep.  I tried Pocari last night, still drank a full bottle of water and I only went to the washroom ONCE at night. 

If you use hydrators during your workouts, look for's pretty fucking amazing.

+ Funnies.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hahaha I just told a guy if he didn't bring me a taco on our date next week I'd be blasting No Scrubs the whole way home.

  2. I do OMAD IF because I have weight to lose and don't train like you do, and I gotta tell you, it's just brilliant. Cheap, easy, convenient, and I lose weight. All my fave things.

  3. I want so badly to be able to fast, but if I go too long without food, I feel like puking. And my schedule does not allow for me to eat dinner at a decent time during the week. So rude. Good Girls looks really good, adding it to my list! Those funnies!!!! I am laughing so hard. Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL at all the funny throwback goodies. We had it rough in the 80's ;)
    I am wanting the new Samsung... & my phone is barely hanging on by a thread after 2 years are up in August. My phone holds a charge for about 3 hours now. Fun stuff.

  5. At first, IF was hard and I was hungry a lot because I cut my calories/good fat too much. But once I adjusted there, it's actually made a huge difference. I'm not hungry and sometimes even have to remind myself to eat, which never EVER happens! I'm rocking an very old, terrible phone right now as I wait to replace my stolen phone. Replacing my car keys cost a small fortune and priorities, I guess. Love the 80s memes and yeah, Dre, Tupac, NWA raised me and Kendrick Lamar is keeping me young and woke. :D

  6. The scrub meme is the best. And I'm a proud millennial who can drive stick. Hahaha! (My mom wouldn't let me drive anything automatic until I could drive manual.)
    Is it weird I didn't know that there were rehydrating drinks? Makes sense, but I've never heard of that!

  7. Intermittent fasting is the BEST. I am so happy Im trying it.

    Those funnies slayed me.

  8. Enjoy your new phone - looks great.
    I'm eager to try intermittent fasting - haven't done it before.