Adventurous weekending just isn't for me.

  • July 02, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

This was the top story on Saturday night - a triple shooting on a busy downtown Toronto street that was packed with people enjoying the hot weather on Canada Day long weekend.

My family was part of those people enjoying the weekend.  And that was my car trapped beside the ambulance, smack in the middle of the crime scene.

We took Kayla to a fancy restaurant for a belated birthday celebration and after dinner, decided to walk along Queen Street where we parked.  Queen West is a popular and busy shopping area; both sides of the street are lined with shops and patios.  Families were out and about and with the scorching weather, the patios were jammed. 

The scary thing is that the timing of the shooting was just so that, I mean I'm convinced that something - call it a guardian angel, call it my dad watching over us - was guiding us away from the area/my car: 

1) my car was parked in front of Lululemon which is 2 or 3 stores from where the shooting actually happened.  We walked to Lulu because there's a small ice cream store inside and Kayla wanted to get some ice cream.  It had just closed when we arrived. 

2) We debated on leaving but then decided to wait for traffic to die down (it would have taken us a while to actually pull out of our spot to get on the road) so we walked across the street to a store so I can look for a bag.  The bag wasn't there and just as we were about to head back to the car - as in Kayla was just stepping outside of the store - there was a loud pop! pop! pop! and then I see my husband running towards her, yelling BACK INSIDE! GET BACK INSIDE! and he pushed everyone inside to the back of the store. 

I've never heard gunshots before so while I heard them, I didn't make the connection that someone was firing a gun so like an idiot, I started walking towards the door and said "why? what's wrong?" and my husband yelled SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!  Then I saw rivers of people running past and into the store as more shots were fired.  It was bananas.

And here's what's scary....had the ice cream store been open, we would've been sitting outside eating the ice cream right where the shooting happened.  Actually, one of the people who got shot ran into Lululemon to get away from the bullets.

Had we had gotten in the car and been waiting to get out of our parking spot, we would have been smack in the middle of it as shots were being fired.  The fact that were were directly across the street looking for my bag and protected in the store is just so ... lucky.

We were locked in the store for about an hour as police swarmed the area to make sure that the suspects were no longer a threat and ambulances arrived up to treat the victims and transport them to the hospital (2 died, the 3rd was an innocent bystander and has serious injuries...she's the one who ran into Lulu).  I actually had to leave my car overnight as advised by the police and we took the bus home, arriving just before 11pm.  I didn't get my car until about 930am the next morning.

Poor Kayla was scared shitless.  It's a shame that a child has to be exposed to that kind of violence and as a parent, having to explain to your innocent child why people have guns, why people shoot/hurt each other is heartbreaking.

Shootings do happen in Toronto but it's usually targeted and mostly gang related stupidness.  Apparently, there's a Toronto rapper turf war going on which is the dumbest thing I've heard of because for one, these people can't be gangster because they're freaking Canadian.  Guy on the right is one of the victims who got shot and died from his wounds. 

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I am reading this thinking its all so unbelievable!!! you read this stuff & never plan on being in the middle of it. THANK GOD you are all OK!!!!
    & I just ache for Kayla. This will be something that changes her forever - as I know it will you as well.
    Yep - I truly believe there's guardian angels that just protect us.

  2. OMG I am so glad y'all are ok.. That is scary. Good thoughts and love going out to you and yours.

  3. This was so nuts to see when you posted it on Instagram. I'm so glad you guys had some divine intervention to keep you safe.

  4. This is so insane and scary. Im so sorry you guys had to witness that stuff. Thankful you all are safe!

  5. Truly scary that there is no safety. This crazy gun violence is everywhere. I'm sorry it happened where you were.

  6. I hate that Kayla had to be a witness to all that shit. It's so horrible, but I'm glad you guys are safe.

  7. That's terrifying!
    So much of the violence that happens in Colorado is gang-related too. Cowards is what they are.

  8. SO glad you guys are ok, but how scary! It will never cease to amaze me how people think they can solve their problems with senseless violence :(

  9. Oh my GOD! How freaking scary to be a part of that but so glad that you guys are okay!

  10. Wow. I hate that ALL of your were in that situation but thank God (or your Dad or whomever!!) for altering your path! And hell yes for your husband springing into action and keeping not only Kayla and you but the whole store safe! How terrifying! I'm SO glad you guys are ok!

  11. OH NO! I am so sorry you went through such a traumatic experience, and with Kayla no less. So glad you are safe and that you happened to be looking for a bag in that other store.

  12. That is so scary! I am so glad that y'all are okay!

  13. This is so scary! I'm sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience with Kayla.
    Glad you are okay.

  14. How awful! Ever since that shooting happened by the Eaton Center many years ago, I worry about stuff like this when I go downtown. I am happy to hear you and your family are ok though.