Fridays are the best days

  • June 15, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Something's up with my blog - I didn't get any comment notifications from my first post after a long hiatus and I thought everyone forgot about lil' ol' me.  They're still not coming in to my gmail so I need to figure out what's up.

I'm off today - gimme a double w00t. I booked myself a wonderful facial and will be hitting the gym, then reading and relaxing.  I also managed to finally get my hair cut! it's been over 1year since my last visit to the salon and I chopped off 8 inches.  It feels so good to not be weighed down by all that hair.

Let's get on with some Friday stuffs, shall we?

+ Did you guys hear about the Trump/Trudeau beef? Apparently, Trump is stirring the pot again (read: saying/tweeting dumb shit) after the G7 summit.

The man-child POTUS is slandering other world leaders. Via twitter.  This cannot be real life.

But, Americans are firing back at his statement, causing the #thankscanada hashtag to trend on Twitter.  It's alright, my American pals; we all have that one crazy, racist, rude, misogynistic uncle who embarrasses us and with whom we don't want to be associated.

+ The neighbours across from me are still assholes and have been wreaking havoc in the so bad that the cops were doing an investigation because they vandalized someone's truck and left it on the street as a "warning".  Give me a fucking break; we live in a nice suburb, not the ghetto.

To ensure that they don't touch our shit, we installed 2 cameras and as my husband was mounting them, one of the guys came over and said "oh, you guys are installing a camera?" to which I looked him dead in the eye and said "yep, two of them and they record and upload everything right to the cloud".

+ Driving to work has been pretty good because it gives me the chance to listen to this amazing podcast - In the Dark - an investigative report about an 11 year old boy, Jacob Wetterling, who vanished from a small town in Minnesota in October 1989.  Narrated by award-winning journalist, Madeleine Baran, the podcast uncovers how one of the largest child abduction cases in America was mishandled by local law enforcement.

+ I'm a firm believer that healthy gut flora contributes to overall health so I do one of three things daily:  I either take a probiotic, drink Kombucha or these days, I have some Kimchi.  These are my go-to kimchi since I don't have any Korean friends willing to make me a batch:
Kimchi from Costco (L), Kimchi from Whole Foods (R), both $10.99.

Kimchi is so delicious and also very good for you:

Mix the kimchi with this quick and easy Korean Beef dish and; SO GOOD.


This is the dream

Sadly, this is so true.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I've always wanted to try Kimchi. It looks SO good!

  2. For some reason no one is getting email notifications. For me it started at the very end of May. Super annoying. I didn't know there was a podcast about Jacob Wetterling. I'll have to listen to it. I was only a year old when he was abducted but growing up in MN it was ALWAYS talked about & on the news.

  3. What does Kimchi taste like? I've wanted to try it but hate spending money if I'm not certain I'll eat it. I'll have to start on that podcast - been looking for a new one to listen to. Happy Friday!

  4. I JUST started in the dark, and love it. Even though it's kind of spooky. And I love Justin Trudeau so much.

  5. I think blogger has been effing up with comments. I've seen lots of bloggers mentioning it.
    Good Lord, PLEASE don't take tr*mp's bullshit word vomit as American opinion. UGH. WHY CAN'T HE GO AWAY? I hope that pictures of his vehicular escort is real. Hahahaha.
    Now I need to try kimchi. I've never had it!

  6. hahhhhaha the drinks & shipping thing is soooo true

  7. I literally LOL'ed at the camera installation thing. We have security cameras all over our house & outside. I'm all about finding ways to protect your hoome - & being OBVIOUS about it - The hubs was like, someone can see this camera in front of our home &I'm like GOOD! They know they're being taped, even if they steal the camera ;) haha

  8. I'll never forget when Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped as I grew up in Minnesota and it was HUGE news. I'm not sure if I could handle hearing how poorly investigators bungled the investigation since it took years for his family to get some closure. So ... I'm Korean and I hate kimchi. Can't stand the stuff, which does suck because it does have so many health benefits. Some days I like to pretend Justin Trudeau is my President. Or that it's still 2016 and Obama is President.

  9. I refuse to claim the Cheeto in Chief as my Pres.. He needs to STFU

  10. I'll check out In the Dark. We're always looking for new podcasts!

  11. We have mentioned our camera to our neighbors too, because the fuckers keep hitting our mail box and denying it. I am like listen asshat, we see you. Dont deny it! I have never tried Kimchi. What does it taste like?

  12. No comments are going through email. Google/Blogger has known about it since 5/25. They're not going to fix it. I switched to disqus.