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  • February 22, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

In the last few months, I've done a bit of (overall) health rejigging - experimenting with my existing supplement intake, adding new ones, also modifying my eating and exercise  habits in addition to fiddling around with my skin routine. 

My experiment with intermittent fasting.  In Aug 2017, I started my experiment with intermittent fasting (IF) and eventually landed on an eating window of 1030am -6pm.  It took my body about a week to adjust to not being hangry by the time 1030am rolled around and I found myself eating less because I just wasn't that hungry.  I adjusted my eating windows and volumes when I was on my period so that I wouldn't mess with my hormones and I kept my exercise routine the same.

Fast forward to beginning of January when I noticed that my love handles were getting bigger.  I had gotten rid of them years before but now there were back and noticeable which was weird - I wasn't eating as much, exercising like normal but now I have love handles? what gives, body?

It wasn't until I analyzed my eating habits and exercise routine that I realize it must be the IF aka less calories.  When you exercise hard but don't fuel your body properly, your body stores fat.  Duh, I should have remembered that.  I've been off IF and back to regular eating for a couple of weeks now and no more love handles.  I now know that IF doesn't really work for me given my workout routine.

Vitamin D.  I've been taking VitD for years for the great health benefits and also because I live in a frozen tundra where consistent sunshine only happens like, half the year.  A week ago, I ran out of VitD and was too lazy to get more but then I noticed how exhausted I felt; like the type of exhaustion you feel just before, or right when, your period starts except I wasn't anywhere near my period.  I immediately went out and bought more and after doubling the dosage, I felt remarkably more alert and energetic a few hours after that. Get on Vitamin D folks; it has great health benefits.

Maca Root powder.  This is a recent addition to my supplement arsenal.  While I've stopped getting angry about my wacky periods, I continue my never-ending search for natural hormone stabilizing supplements and treatments.  I've been taking 1/2tsp every morning with my coffee for the past week and it gives it a slight nutty flavour that I actually like.

I think it may be helping my skin as well ... it's a bit too early to tell but the end of my period is when my skin is driest - I'm talking flake city and feeling parched and tight by mid-day no matter how much product I slather on but since I've been taking this, my skin has actually been feeling great. I'll keep watch and will report back in a few weeks.

Collagen Powder.  I started using this collagen powder during the Fall of last year in hopes of alleviating my dry skin but in fact, I only saw hair (super fast growth), nails (stronger nails, faster growth and no more peeling) and joint benefits (no more popping/achy joints) which I'll take. Hey, anything that will make me feel like less of a hag is a win in my books.  I take a scoop in my coffee each morning with my maca powder.

Probiotics.  I'm a huge believer in probiotics, even before the probiotic 'craze' happened years ago.  Gut health is so important and vital to your overall health and I take mine every morning after breakfast without fail.  I'm also convinced that Kayla never inherited my skin issues (aka eczema) because since she was born, I gave her an infant probiotic in her bottle every single day.  She continues to take her probiotics every morning and her skin is incredible (more importantly, eczema free).

Borage oil.  I know omega oils are good for you but after years of taking fish oils and not really seeing much benefit, I stopped.  It wasn't until my sister, who had eczema patches on her hands, told me how borage oil eliminated that and boosted her overall skin hydration.  Obviously, I'm down for anything that boosts hydration so I started taking borage oil as well.  After some sleuthing, I read that that those with skin barrier issues (psoriasis, eczema etc) should actually be taking about 4000mg/day to see some benefits.  I usually take this much for about 2 weeks after my period when my skin is driest; then I reduce the dosage to 2000mg/day when my estrogen levels are up and my skin is less dry.  I've noticed a huge difference in my skin; although it's sort of dry, it's nowhere near as bad when I wasn't taking this.

Marula oil.  It's only been a week since I've started using this but wow...just wow.  Thicker than argan oil, absorbs deeper into your skin (smaller molecules and all that) for long lasting hydration.  I've been using this instead of my argan oil and I really do think this may replace argan.  The price point can't be beat either ($9.90CAD).

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  1. I can't do the collagen powder. I taste it and it is awful. I wonder if it comes in pill form?

  2. Marula works for me too, love it. IF works for me too though but that's probably because I don't have your workout routine!

  3. I think I'm going to have to try that Marula!! And really get on the Vitamin D train. It seems to have a ton of health benefits.

  4. Back in December, I went back to my GP who I haven't since I got pregnant. I left all my care to my OBGYN since then, but I wasnt feeling well so I went for a steroid shot and he wanted to check all my vitamin levels since I have been PP for quite some time. He said my body should have balanced back to it's former self and he wanted to check everything because I used to have really bad vitamin B and D deficiencies. Sure enough, they were super low and I have been on a prescription strength D and a B shot ever since. It really does mess with your energy levels! I have felt so much better since getting back. I am thinking I need to give Zoe a probiotic now! She has horrible eczema patches.

  5. I am interested in trying the marula oil and maca powder. I do use the same collagen powder but I have been very inconsistent with it lately, just like I have been very inconsistent with eating well! I honestly take it more for my hair, which hasn't seem great results but that may be more my fault. I noticed in December that my hair was mega-dry and was really frustrated about it. Finally I figured out what the problem was - chlorine from swimming. So I chopped off quite a bit of hair, got a swim cap and am trying to concoct the best detangler/leave-in conditioner. Hopefully, that will help my hair get back on track!

  6. You are my supplement hero. I need more vitamin d. I'm at a dangerous level but taking it makes my bones hurt so bad, which is a sign of severe deficiency. I just am having the worst time tolerating it.

  7. I've been really interested in the idea of IF but that's an interesting point you bring up about what your workouts are like and how that affects it.

  8. I love these updates from you. I honestly haven't heard of half this stuff but then I pick and choose things from your posts to try and end up LOVING them. I've been using rose hip oil under my moisturizer and make-up every day and then argan oil at night after I wash my face. I definitely want to check out some of the vitamins, though, because I know my insides could use some love and healing, too :)

  9. After all of your reviews on that collagen, I started using it back in November & have definitely noticed that my nails & hair grow like crazy. I was hoping it would do something with my awful dry skin but I haven't noticed a change in that. I also feel like it helps with bloating too, like I don't feel as puffy when I drink it first thing in the mornings. I am definitely interested in trying that oil but now they are out of stock! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Not sure if I told you already but your header photo is so cute and pretty.
    I've been trying to change my diet too. Just fish and veggies mostly. :)

    Good luck on our wellness journey.

  11. GUT HEALTH is so important. WE did probiotics awhile ago, too. I am thrilled more people are looking to get healthier.