January Update

  • January 13, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Post-holiday spending freeze/saving money is in effect.  Except my one little purchase (but let's not focus on that right now), I haven't bought anything dumb. Not that I do anyway but I'm watching our finances like a hawk.  Kayla wants to go eat out? Sorry girl; we on lock down.  Husband wants to buy something frivolous? nope - take it out of your bike fund if you want it that bad.  Our accounts from now until March is going to be like Fort Knox - stuff gets in but nothing gets out.

+ I switched banks because my old bank charged me $11/month and wouldn't waive the fee unless I signed up for one of their credit cards. Assholes.  So I left and moved my personal checking account to a different bank that houses my business account.  The monthly fee is waived if I can keep a balance of $4K in the account which is awesome.

+ I also switched Kayla to part time (after school) care since she's now going to Muay Thai Tues/Thurs so I'm saving about $150/month.

+  I upgraded my mobile phone plan but paying way less for more stuff.  I LOVE WINNING (AND RAGING) AGAINST THE MACHINE. My old plan was pretty shit but it was all I could get at the time (1GB data, 200 minutes, free evening/weekends etc) for $75 but this plan? $60 for 10GB data and everything else is freeeeeeee!  So now I never have to turn on wifi and can talk on the phone all the live long day.  In fact, I make a point to use my cell phone to talk instead of my land line BECAUSE UNLIMITED VOICE.

+ Fancy monthly dinners have been put on hold until April.  It was supposed to be March but we just book a beach vacation to Panama for March break so there's that.

MO MONEY.  Canadians are on their way legal marijuana and while I ain't down with puff the magic dragon, I certainly am down with buying into the stocks.

One thing about investing/trading in the stock market is that you have to be prepared for a wild ride.  I'm trying to not constantly hit refresh like a maniac to see if I'm making or losing money so I've decided on the amount that I'm willing to lose, bought the desired stocks and will now sit on them until July when it becomes legal (of course, I'll sell if it doubles because, duh).

Operation: Beach Ready.  Our March break vacation has been booked so Operation: Beach Ready is now in high gear.  Clean eating has been in effect since Jan 1 and I didn't even eat the pizza I made on Friday night.  Do you know how shitty it feels to be making a delicious pizza that you can't even eat?  Rage.

Btw - pizza game changer -- Use cheese strings to make cheese crust.  It's the perfect width for the perfect crust. 

I've even been doing some meatless days as well.  Not for weight loss but just because...for some reason, I just don't feel like eating meat.  That's weird for me because I love meat.  Not even ashamed I said that.  In doing so, my veggie intake - which is already substantial - has increased; like the amount of kale I've been eating should be illegal.  Btw, red kale is amazing.

2018 book goal.  I never do these sort of things but I decided that this year I'm going to try and read 60 books.  I doubt I'll actually hit this goal but you never know.  So far I've read Behold The Dreamers (so good), The Fifth Season (it was ok) and currently reading American War (eh - a bit slow but interested enough to continue).

Books in the cue:  Lily and the Octopus, Sacred Games, The Humans.

Preparing for my return to work.  It's not official as I haven't had The Chat about my official return but I suspect it's soon; like within a month or two *insert weeping here*.

Operation: Benjamin Button in full effect.  One of my 2018 things I'll be doing is ensuring that I don't look like an old hag.  For a while, I was once again battling dry, flaky skin and wondered what product stopped working now.  Just when I thought I'd figured out my skin again, something else happens and it's really frustrating to say the least.  After analyzing my skin products and routine, I realized that I had forgotten all about my facial cupping routine!

These life changing cups are your skin's answer to plump, hydrated skin.  Gentle suction plumps skin, encourages lymphatic drainage (which decreases facial swelling/bloating), stimulates/promotes collagen production and increases blood flow which brings oxygen/nutrients to your skin (giving that healthy glow!).

I've been cupping my face twice a day and the results are incredible; even the next day there was a significant difference in the hydration of my skin and now, 3 days later, it's smooth, silky and best of all, NOT FLAKY OR DRY.

I'm doing a little experiment and will report back in 3 weeks.  So remember that little purchase I mentioned above that was outside of the spending freeze?  I bought an eyelash growing serum.  You are free to judge me because I judged myself a little, too.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I bought this infomercial gimmicky thing (for a heavy price, too!!)  but I've been looking at my lashes and noticing how sparse they are lately.  Then I read that as we age, our lashes and brows get thinner over time as the lash follicles stops producing, or greatly reduces, hair production.  Happens to our eyebrows too.  WHAT THE FUCK.  CAN WOMEN JUST GET A FUCKING BREAK, ALREADY? I mean, we have to deal with men bullshit, our periods, PMS, menopause, hormonal craziness and then at the end of it all, look like a fucking hairless mole rat?  Come on, life; get it together.

And so, as an attempt to thicken my lashes and make me look less haggard, I'm trying out this serum instead of eyelash extensions (which I aint got time for).  I did major research, read every review and even quizzed all the staff at the  hair salon (and looked at their before/after pics) and everyone says this serum works. For $79+tax, it better goddamn work.  Results appear in 3wks so by the end of the 3rd or 4th week, I fully expect to be this:

I don't know if it's my mind playing tricks on me but after the 3rd day, I'm already seeing longer lashes WHAT?!

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. wait wait wait. i need you to explain the stock/marijuana thing. what are you buying stocks in...weed? clearly i need more details. i am a sucker for a good eyelash serum. the last one i used made my lashes fall out wtf! thank god amazon refunded me...so now i can buy a new one. winnnnnn

  2. Id invest in marijuana stock and make a fortune if that was in the Caribbean. Lol. Let us know if the eyelash serum works. I would be ALL for it!

  3. I am not judging you at all for buying eyelash growing serum and expect a full report on it. While my eyelashes are still thick, they have all been runty when it comes to length. Seriously, though, why is that women get all the shit? Periods, menopause and on and on. January has been so bad for me healthwise. I can't stop eating bad things! Ack! I tried reading the 5th Season but DNFed it. I just couldn't get into it, which bummed me out because it's so highly praised and seemed like the perfect Tanya book.

  4. I need to have a shutdown of unnecessary spending, except my husband surprisingly not me is the one who never listens! Where are you guys headed in March for vacay?

  5. How do you orchestrate taking such a long break from work? I'm just fascinated by it because I couldn't imagine doing that and then going back..it wouldn't be allowed.
    I'm positive you can do 60 books.

  6. I find for me that clean eating and less spending go hand in hand considering it eliminates alcohol and eating out for the most part. So, I am right there with you and feeling great. I made cinnamon rolls and brownies this weekend and didn't have a crumb which sucked but also was awesome. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the serum. I've been doing extensions for about 6 months and I love them but ugh... time and money. My real lashes are pitiful though and I refuse to hate part of my face if I can fix it!Even my lash technician says that the serums work so let me know if you found a good one!

  7. Oh man, Lily and the Octopus was good, but made me so sad. Cant wait to see how this serum works for you after using it for a few weeks. May need to get some because my lashes are like my hair and suckkkk. I watched Chris eat chips and salsa this weekend and wasn't even tempted to grab some. Yay clean eating! What are you eating on your meatless days? Just curious. The days I go without mean, I end up getting hungry faster. Of course right now I cant have any beans with whole 30 so that makes it hard too.

  8. The serum sounds interesting. I was blessed with great eyelashes but I wouldn't mind having a little thicker brows. (Or thicken them up to shape them better.)
    That pizza looks delicious...
    I love your strict spending freeze. We should 100% do that but I don't think I could get the husband on board... ha.

  9. ALLLL about those stock options and investing [have been since 25] but we can't invest in weed, darn!

    Need to check out this face cupping because yeah, old hag status huuurrr.

  10. My skin definitely fluctuates with my diet and water intake. Its always how I notice iM not drinking enough water!