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  • December 11, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

It's been a hot minute since I blogged because I've been enjoying the holidays thus far and getting everything ready for Christmas.  Gifts have all been bought and wrapped (hello, that was done weeks ago) so now I just kick back, enjoy birthday month and wait for the dinners and festivities to begin.

+ Speaking of birthday month, I've already had 2 pamper sessions (90mins massage, luxurious hydrating facial) and facial acupuncture (today).  Dinners are booked as is another facial because one can never have too many facials. 
my RMT is using this new room that smells of lavender, is warm and toasty and has a (balance) bar installed above so she can use Thai massage if necessary (aka using her knees to work out the kinks in my hips/back). 

+ Tree and outside are done!

+ Kayla was stoked to get the tree up.  Every year we have so much fun pulling out the ornaments she made in previous years and this one remains my favourite (she made this in grade 1).

+ Went to my office Christmas potluck to visit and start my Christmas eating.  It was so nice to see everyone again but they were all "YES! are you back now?" YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH.  I am so not ready to wear real clothes and look publicly decent just yet.

But aside from the warm welcome, my husband won a $100 gift card to Pandora and a $100 gift card to LCBO (our liquor store). CHRISTMAS IS GONNA BE LIT, YO.

And since I would never spend my own money to buy jewelry and have $100 to spend, I bought myself a pair of these beauties:

and Kayla these adorable earrings:

+ Speaking of going back to work - while I was at the office, I heard that two directors were looking for me to "discuss my return" and basically this happened:

+ Finished this book in one sitting - it's the most adorable story!

+ trying to figure out how I can convince my husband to paint our bedroom this colour.
Behr's 2018 colour of the year: in the moment"

+ Funnies:

This made me laugh so hard because #truth:

#1 on my wishlist

the struggle is real

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  1. I loved Truluv.

    Love both pairs of earrings too - I've been wearing studs exclusively all year and I think I prefer them now.

    All of your decor looks great!

  2. Yay, you enjoy the month. Your tree is so pretty and that ornament is the cutest. I can totally imagine you being like 'PUMP THE BRAKES' when people talk of you returning. NOPE, byyyyyye

  3. Hahahahahaha the banana meme is too true. You get a very small window when they are perfect before you are trying to decide to just throw them out or make banana bread. Love the earrings you got!!! And fuck work, enjoy the rest of your off time! Dont let them harsh your buzz.

  4. Your Christmas decorations look so nice! Your tree must be huge because Kayla looks so tiny next to it. Love the earrings and love that they didn't cost you anything. I will spend money on jewelry for me but I love it more when I have a gift certificate to use. :D

  5. Doesn't your husband always win everything? I need his luck!

  6. That meme is why I hate buying bananas, but they're Serena's favorite so it's a vicious cycle. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, glad you're enjoying the holiday season as much as you can before heading back to work. Still super jealous ;-)

  7. Oh man... Work is coming.,at least you got a great long break.
    I love how you take such good care of pampering yourself. So deserved. Every momma needs that.
    Christmas looks so pretty on your end

  8. Brave of you to show up to the work party... ha!
    Your tree and decorations look great!!
    I love those funnies- especially the dino crotch and introvert sweater. YES.

  9. Those earrings are so pretty - both yours and Kayla's. $100 gift card to the liquor store?!? HELLZ YEAH. Your tree looks amazing, and I love that ornament.

  10. Those earrings are so pretty. Glad to hear that December is going well for you!! Your tree is beautiful.

  11. Those earrings are absolutely beautiful! And I love your Christmas tree!

  12. That's a great color for a bedroom. He doesn't like it?

    Those earrings are gorgeous!

  13. Your tree is gorgeous! The best part of putting up our tree is pulling out the individual ornaments from over the years.

  14. I dont eat bananas for that reason. I never know what texture Im gonna get. Love that you're pampering yourself and those earring for Kayla are so adorable! I leave on Saturday and my macbook just decided to quit life this weekend so I needed to read a cheery post. Thanks haha

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  16. ha I love it! So festive! That dinosaur meme is too true though. UGH THE WORST! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. I almost exclusively wear stud earrings. And I love the pairs you picked out!