Skin SOS { 2 }: Soothing and nourishing products when your skin is on the fritz.

  • November 21, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

In my previous Skin SOS post, I talked about blood nourishing foods that hydrate the skin from the inside and the symptoms of blood deficiency.

Troublesome skin, temporary or permanent, are usually very sensitive to many ingredients which is why I go the natural route.  Organic companies stay away from toxic and fragrant irritants which can further exacerbate skin ailments, resulting in burning, redness and inflammation.  You'll know when your skin hates something because your skin will either tingle and/or burn immediately after application.

When my skin freaks out, I have to stop using my actives (rosehip oil, enzyme peels) and only stick with soothing, non-irritating hydrating products:

1) deep hydrating serums.  I love serums; I've been using them forever because they penetrate deep into the lower levels of your skin and boosts/retains moisture.  The collagen elastin and strawberry rhubarb have been my staples for years but I've recently purchased this Stone Crop Serum (I'm running out of the Strawberry Rhubarb); it was used during one of my facials and my skin loved it.

2) skin oils.  This argan oil has been in my routine for years but since my skin needs extra hydration, I added jojoba oil which is a really soothing, non-irritating yet nourishing oil.  Did you know that of all the oils, jojoba is closest to the make up of our own natural skin oil?  I mix 5 drops of jojoba and 5 drops of argan and gently massage into my skin.

3) heavy face cream Typically, I don't rely on moisturizer to do the heavy lifting because my serums and skin oils do that while my moisturizer just seals in all the goodness and protects my skin.  My normal moisturizer is super light however, I've had to put that aside for now and switch to this heavy-duty cream that's oil-based.  The aloe vera is soothing and the avocado oil is super hydrating.

3b) Soothing balms.  A recent addition to my skin arsenal, this non-irritating balm creates a barrier to keep skin protected and hydrated.  I slather all of the above ingredients and then pat this on to seal in all the goodness.  A little goes a long way and it leaves your skin silky smooth for hours.

4) cucumber face mask.  This should be a staple in every person's routine because it's nothing short of fucking amazing.  When your skin is freaking out - angry, inflamed, red, irritated, itchy, painful, sensitive - slather this on for instant relief.  I can actually feel and see my skin returning to normal and the redness going away as soon as I put this on.

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  1. I have combo/oily skin and it's been angry the past few months with stress and lack of sleep/good nutrition. My regular products haven't been able to keep up but I'm going to have to start trying something. Pretty sure I have more spots now than when I was in high school ...

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  3. Argan Oil is sooooo good for the skin though with my combo skin it makes it a bit oily when I do use it. Still, it works wonders. Still have to try that cucumber mask. If you're looking for something even more natural - rub pure aloes on your skin. My mum has aloes in the backyard so whenever I have a super freak out I drink some and rub some on my skin. Trust me - the thing works wonders.

  4. I need to try that calming cucumber mask especially during the cooler months.

  5. That face mask sounds fabulous! I love argan oil and still use it every day.

  6. My skin does NOT like anything with fruit or veggies as the main ingredients. (I wish it did.) Oils work well for my skin, though. I'll have to try some of these!