Friday Thangs - Life Update

  • November 17, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

The blogging community is so sweet; it's why I can never truly leave even though there have been times I've tried.  I haven't posted this week because I've been busy and frankly, not in the mood to blog, but a few people dropped me an email checking to see if I was ok which was truly touching because I didn't think people would actually notice that I wasn't around.

Anyway, a few goings-on with me:

+ Got me birthday present early this year!

Last weekend, my husband got his new car (his lease was up) and I was sourpuss about that because NEW CAR and my lease wasn't up until August 2018.  When our guy at the dealership saw my Acura, he inquired about the lease...turns out they also own an Acura dealership and got me out of my lease 9 months early.  I picked up this car yesterday and I love it.  I'm not really into cars anymore but this badboy is fully loaded; I figured I'm goddamn 42, work hard and deserve to treat myself!

+ 70% of my Christmas shopping is finished.  Just waiting for Black Friday to roll around to get the rest.

+ I've finally be cleared to train and hit the muay thai gym 3 times this week...feels so good to get back at it.

+ Crochet season has begun.  This gorgeous scarf is for Kayla's teacher.

+ I've been purging this house and it feels so good.  So far I've:
- donated a box of toys to my pediatrician's office.
- donated a box of books to my doctor's office.
- gave all of Kayla's dress-up stuff/toys etc to a gym friend's daughter who is 6.  This is legit stuff too like Disney princess dresses, shoes etc.

+ Kayla did well on her math test (A-) and when we read some of her answers, we laughed so hard.

Kayla doesn't mince words. I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

+ Aside from killing it in school, she's also killing it at Muay Thai.  Look how focused she is!

+ My husband is so awesome; he came home the other day, handed me this and said "I saw this and thought of you! Also, your period is coming, right?" #keeper.

+ Celebrated my husband's 46th birthday on Wednesday.  We have a super fancy dinner tomorrow so we had a low-key at-home celebration.  I made him his favourite cake (carrot cake) and fresh cream cheese frosting.  To be honest, I misjudged the amount and it was too little to actually fill the cake pan so I turned them into individual-sized portions.

+ This made me laugh hard.

+ This made me laugh even harder. What a fucking tool.

Trump family - can't you do anything right?!

+ Went to my facial acupuncture appointment and they turned my dry, flaky, itchy, reactive, sensitive messy skin into glowing gorgeousness.  Ignore my sleepy look; I just woke up.

In addition, I found the skin balm that will save me this winter.

For weeks, I've been battling awful skin issues - my skin was super dry, tight, itchy, red, inflamed...everything you don't want your skin to feel.  At my acupuncture appointment yesterday, they applied this balm to my face and wow, so soothing and hydrating.  It's a thick balm that protects and creates a seal and hours later, my skin still felt hydrated and most of all, normal...something it hasn't felt in a while.

I applied this balm on my face before I went to bed and I woke up to the softest, smoothest skin; as in it legit feels like Kayla's skin.  GET THIS NOW.

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  1. Congrats on your sweet new ride! IDGAF about cars but I will take a sunroof, heated seats, and fully loaded any day. LOL

    My Christmas shopping will be finished next weekend. I'll be at the shore and will give my locals down there some business. Otherwise, finished!

  2. Kayla could legit beat the crap out of me. and okay, okay, you talked me into the balm, I need it!

  3. Glad you back, cheers to a new whip, love it! And Kayla is a rockstar, super strong and smart!

    YAY for skin getting better.

  4. I love your new car! Congrats!
    Kayla's answers are hysterical. HAHAHA! But why the heck do they make the kids even answer that question?! Seems silly.
    Enjoy the weekend. :)

  5. LOL love that bumper sticker. Congrats on the new car & being cleared to train again!

  6. Carrot cake is my favorite and my family got me a gluten free one for my birthday earlier this year. I ate the crap out of it.

    That bumper stick is perfect.

  7. The Tr*mp family is a bunch of morons.

    Love the bumper sticker. And Kayla's answers on her math test, lol! Glad you're back on the blog for a bit. Have a good weekend!

  8. um, how awesome that you got out of your lease early! love your pretty new car. Kayla is so freaking smart and sassy haha. omg I miss Aeros! they don't have them here - well, i can get them in the international aisle, but $$$ like seriously $15 for a chocolate bar that was $2 at home haha. i need to send that deadlift trump jr thing to KC. he will laugh his ass off.

  9. Congrats on the new car! And I'm super jealous how much of your Christmas shopping you've already accomplished - awesome!

  10. Look at you rocking the Christmas shopping game! I am like 25% done with mine. oops. Sweet ride! I bet you are loving the new car smell. That new moisturizer sounds fabulous! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Congrats dear on yours new car love your post,pictures thanks for sharing.. best wordpress premium themes

  12. Wow, what an awesome birthday present!! And congratulations on getting that much of your Christmas shopping done already—I wish I could say I’ve even accomplished 1%. Those answers on Kayla’s math test are too funny, and I love the teacher’s response of “… but I’m so happy you trust yourself!”

  13. Yay new car!

    I am purchasing this balm asap! I need help this winter!

  14. Love your new car! It's sooo pretty!

  15. Yay, glad you're never able to leave. hahah But seriously, I understand what you mean. Last week was crazypants. Plan every night! Yikes. No time for much of anything including catching up on blog reading, and SUYB.. which is the best. Hoping to get through a bunch this week. We'll see. LOL Love the new car, so exciting! Also, happy birthday to your husband, and way to go on the test Kayla! :) Those answers are so funny! :P Uggghh Trump... Hope you had a great weekend! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. Nice new car! I love Kayla's answers - I trust myself. Go Kayla! I hope she forever keeps that confidence! I love that scarf you are crocheting - those colors are beautiful. Happy Birthday to your husband! That bumper sticker is the best. And pretty much the goal of everyone for 2020. My face isn't itchy or red (knock on wood) but my body - yikes! It's finally gotten cold here and yesterday I was scratch central. Finally, I was like Jesus, Tanya! Put on some damn lotion. I'm not always the brightest bulb on the tree. :D

  17. That scarf looks GORGEOUS, I so want to learn!

    Your child= A+ answers

  18. Congrats on the new car! That's always an awesome feeling. Wait... is this A- the test you were letting her fail?? She killed it! That bumper sticker is amazing and the deadlift... I can't. I can't even comprehend what's happening there, other than everything wrong.

  19. LOL I love that bumper sticker!! And that car and scarf are both gorgeous!

    Nicole @