I heart organizing

  • October 03, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Continuing from my last post about home organizing, I've purged a lot of crap from my house and now it's time for my favourite part:  organizing.  I love everything about organizing - sorting, planning, buying new organizing things (baskets, bins etc) and then standing back beaming at my finished work with wine in one hand and a big organizing boner.

With only one person in my family even remotely interested in home organization (me), it makes it hard for me to share my love of organizing and keep stuff organized up in hurr.... as in I have to nag the shit out of everyone to put stuff back where they found it instead of jamming it into the first available space #rage.  It's how my next organizing project ended up in this state - the dreaded snack/cupboard of miscellaneous things #dontjudge.

This cupboard (for the most part) has been pretty bare since I overhauled my health back in 2012 and it only housed random shit like plastic utensils and other things for which our kitchen had no place. Over the years, we've relaxed the eating reigns a bit and some favourite salty snacks and Emergency Period chocolate have made its way back in here.  That said though, there wasn't any form of organization and if there was an empty spot, things were stuffed in there.  In addition, I didn't realize that my husband (who's a major pack rat) kept every.single user/product manual in the cubby space which meant that it was basically housing a whole bunch of crap we didn't need.  Out that went.

I already had spare plastic bins so after turfing a bunch of useless crap and purchasing one extra bin, this whole thing cost me $1. Dollar store for the win.

In addition to organizing, I like to optimize the area for maximum efficiency so I don't have to move all over the kitchen to get shit I need.  What you don't see in this picture is that my fridge is to my right of the cupboard and my coffee machine is right underneath this so I moved my collagen powder and sugar into this cupboard since this has turned into my "coffee nook".  Repurpose a bathroom wire basket to house your coffee things and bam! you've just increased your storage space and now have a coffee things organizer.
I don't even need to use command hooks because it has suction cups.

As for the other areas of my house -- next up is the 2nd upstairs bathroom and Kayla's closet.  

Kayla and my mom share this bathroom so between a 60-something old school mother and a messy 9yr old, I don't have to tell you that this space is my (disorganized) nightmare.  I waited until now to get this room in order because I was lazy my mom is in HK for 2 months so that will give me the freedom to organize this space without her breathing down my neck questioning everything that goes into the garbage.  Like my husband, she's also a pack rat.

Here are some bathroom under-sink organizing ideas that I've found:

I like the idea of using part of a shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies

Using a lazy Susan to organize products is genius!

For Kayla's closet, she's finally at an age where she's pretty much toy-free (thank the lord) and I ordered one of those modular closet organizing kits from Bed Bath & Beyond using a 20% discount code *insert fist pump here*.

I love modular kits because you can adjust the shelving/cubbies/space as needed.  Obviously, I'm a huge fan of leveraging doors as extra storage space, whether they be (bathroom/kitchen) cupboard doors or closet doors and I plan to use her doors to store her shoes and other random things she wants to keep.  Here are some ideas I like (minus all the pink):

And just because this looks amazing:  This is my ultimate organizing boner - how awesome is this walk-in pantry?  My pantry is already done/organized but I would LOVE to have a walk-in pantry just so I could do this *Kay, looking at your pantry*

What areas are you currently organizing/wanting to organize?

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  1. Lady, you are the organizing queen. Please come to Tennessee and wreck my shit so I can be as organized as you throughout the house. Our kitchen is good and so is my closet but bathroom and nooks, nope.

    Do you use Vital Protiens for collagen now? Better than the other product? I'm almost out so looking to replace and since you and I are on the same fitness page want yo opinion.

  2. This is amazing! Love the idea of the shoe organizer for cleaning supplies. My linen closets stress me out, and that would be a huge help!

  3. I so love organizing :) Obviously my house is pretty good but I plan on doing one big project each month next year. Nothing like overhauling a space to make it perfectly functional!

  4. I love all of the shower cabinet organization ideas. Nothing ever seems to work well for me because of where the stupid water pipe is. I have one shelf I managed to make work, and it's made it feel MUCH more organized in there as opposed to a catch-all

  5. I love organizing as well and while I have certain areas of the house very under control, other areas need some serious attention because I have let them get bad. I don't even want to think about how long it is going to take to get my pantry back to it's former, pretty self. And under my bathroom sink?? I knocked some stuff over one morning in a rush and I have yet to get back in there and fix it. I have been tossing stuff on top of the mess. Oops. But my closet and Zoe's closets look spectacular. Priorities!

  6. Oh man... I need organization SO MUCH in my life.
    Especially under my sinks. Its a nightmare. I love that lazy susan idea for that!!!

  7. Oh Lordy. I need you to come to my home and help me organize it. Granted, I'd be deeply humiliated about the state of chaos it's in for two seconds, but it would be worth the humiliation to get everything so neat. I would, then, also feel bad when I managed to mess it up two seconds later. I swear that I get an area orderly and two seconds later, it's a disaster. And it's just me! But lots of good ideas here that I need to implement. I really need to work on my kitchen cabinets in particular. Because I'm so dang short, I can only reach the bottom shelf of every cabinet without a step ladder, which means I put everything on the bottom shelf and it's a cluttered disaster. :D

  8. The perfect gap between the top of the peroxide and the pipe in that first bathroom organizer picture is so satisfying. Lol
    LOVE this stuff! I've been on a kick lately, too!

  9. Thanks for this!!!! Im going to tackle the pantry in the next couple weeks and Im saving this post. I did buy a suction cup wire thing for the sponge by my sink and its basically the coolest thing Ive ever bought!!

    Im going to start buying bins for the pantry this weekend!! So excited!

  10. ahhh this makes my organising heart happy! we have so many things to organise in the new (to us) house that it honestly gets a bit overwhelming and looking at the cost to do everything makes me want to do nothing at all. i need to start small, finish on the kitchen (new is easier to organise than old lol) and then work on the bathrooms. KC is the same with shoving shit where it doesn't belong, unless it's his shit and then apparently i don't put things away properly. AS IF!

  11. Everything around me needs organizing right now.