Awesome Recos

  • October 26, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

1)  Pure + Simple Cucumber Calming Mask, $25.95.
When your skin is angry, irritated, hypersensitive, itchy and red, this is your saviour.  In the last couple of months, my skin has taken me on a crazy rollercoaster ride - it'll be gorgeous/glowing/hydrated for a few days, then I'll wake up looking like a dried up old hag, then it'll feel like it's on fire and nothing will soothe it.  On these days, I smear this amazing cooling gel all over my face (or spot treat) and the second I slather it on, I can actually see the redness disappear and the itchiness/sensitivity instantly goes away.  I always have this on hand just in case my skin decides to be an asshole.

2)  Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Rose, $38

I rarely wear lipstick but when I do, I only wear the following brands - Bite and Beautycounter.  Both of these are toxic-free lipsticks and never dry out my lips like all other brands do (and I've tried them all; ugh, the amount of money I've wasted on high end lipsticks makes me cry).  This colour in particular is gorgeous; it gives my lips a slight pop and looks completely natural which makes it great for an everyday, casual look.  Although a bit on the pricey side, I'd rather dole out cash for a highly-screened, non-toxic lipstick.

Christina (Hungry Meets Healthy) and Steph (Insert Classy Here) are consultants so if you want to order Beauty Counter products, click on one of these fine ladies and order through them.

3) La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation in Umbria, $58
I'm really picky when it comes to applying products to my face, especially makeup since so many products out there contain harmful chemicals that our skin absorbs.  For years, I've been using La Bella Donna which is a natural, mineral-based makeup line free of toxins that often irritate the skin.

Last weekend was date night so after slathering on my skin products, I felt I needed a little skin pick-me-up due to said hormonal wacky skin so I whipped this out and dusted a bit onto my face; talk about instant photoshop.  I love that this not only provides sun protection (SPF 50) but it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin like other powders do.  It never settles into lines, doesn't accentuate pores and best of all, it provides just the right amount of coverage for me without feeling 'heavy'.

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  1. Instant Photoshop, I neeeeeeeeeed it!

    Love a good calming mask.

  2. I love that lip color! And a calming mask sounds so heavenly right now. I feel like my skin is so dirty because of the move and cleaning and box unpacking. It just feels clogged and angry!

  3. All of these sound great, but I really think I need that mask. I LOVE the scent of cucumber and it just sounds so soothing and relaxing.


  4. Good lord, you had me at instant photoshop! It's a bit spendy but it sounds worth every penny. I used to wear more make-up when I worked in an office but now that I work at home, I rarely do. And there's the rub. I hate spending a lot on make-up because I wear it so rarely that it goes "bad" before I use it up, which is so wasteful. But ... most cheap make-up has a lot of those iffy chemicals in them too. It's amazing how many more chemicals are okay to use here but not okay in Europe.

  5. I have pretty good skin and a pretty minimal routine. That said, Ive been in the market for a mask for that time of the month. I get two pimples every month the week before (hello 30s). since you think like I do skin wise, I trust your recs 100% more than the "gurus" aka gonna purchase that mask now!

  6. That mask sounds wonderful!! And that lip color is gorgeous!