Things I hate doing

  • September 21, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Coding.  Oh look what I did, folks!  I messed around with my blog and kind of screwed it up.  I forgot that Blogger is an asshole and applies a new theme before you even hit "apply".  Now I have to remember how to code to add the stuff I used to have on my old theme.  If anyone knows CSS and can help a girl out, I'll be forever grateful.

+ Cleaning the showers.  Ugh, this is my all-time worst and most dreaded chore because I legit have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the shower floor tiles.  In addition to daily squeegee-ing and to make things easier for myself,  I'm trying this DIY daily shower cleaner that's supposed to keep mildew and soap scum/grime at bay thereby stretching your in-between cleaning sessions from once a week to once every two weeks (or at least I'm hoping to):

After you shower, spray the above mixture onto shower floor and walls, walk away...easy peasy.

+ Putting laundry away.  Doing laundry and folding it - no problem...putting it away is another story.  I hate this so much that there are times my clean clothes are sitting in a laundry basket for over a week #dontjudge.

+ Mopping floors. Weirdly, I get really excited getting the grout out of my kitchen floors but I hate the weekly mopping sessions.  I need something like this:

+ Repeating myself.  LISTEN THE FIRST TIME, mofos.  I get super annoyed when I have to repeat myself and if a person asks for the 3rd time, I just leave or I snap and say PAY ATTENTION!  

+ Cleaning the frying pan.  I don't know why I hate this so much but I do however, I've found a trick to make it easier - I fill it with hot water, toss in some vinegar and let that soak for about 30mins. I don't even have to scrub the oil off; it just comes right off.

What are somethings that you hate doing?

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  1. Ugh dishes in general are such a pain in the ass. And now I have six bottles to wash every day with their million of pieces that are needed too. Let us know what you think of that shower cleaner! That is something I also hate doing. And cleaning the kitchen sink is up there too. When she gets stuck in the drain strainer and sits for a day or two...just ew.

  2. Putting the laundry away sucks so much. Usually if putting something away is difficult, it means you're not storing it correctly but I've tried everything - folding, hanging, drawers, baskets, and on and on, it just sucks no matter what.

  3. I am the same way with laundry. I can fold it for days, no problem - but getting it from the basement into my room & into my closet? You ask too much.
    I love your new little look here. LOVE those coffee social media buttons!

  4. folding laundry is my personal hell (though actually sorting clothes to wash them and washing them calms me - 0dd), and showers and kitchens stress me.

    I play around with coding but would only attempt a fix for my blog since I sometimes mess up lol. PS I do like the new header and hope ti all gets sorted soon.

  5. Right there with you on the putting laundry away. Nope!

  6. Need to make that shower spray this weekend, sounds perfect. I Like the colors of the new blog, sadly, even though I worked in a coding world, I know nothing.

  7. Amen on the laundry. We are constantly digging clothes out of baskets.

  8. I have 2 laundry baskets with 3 loads of clean laundry in them because putting that shit away is the worst.

  9. I hate putting away laundry too. I fold piles into baskets and there they sit. Please tell me if that shower spray works. I need that too.

  10. I despise cleaning pans.
    I spend all day repeating myself so I've come up with a lot of strategies. Ignoring questions and pointing to the answer likely wouldn't work with adults though haha

  11. Yep - same here on the blogging themes. I'm stuck with a new theme that I didn't even realize I changed to. Things I hate doing ... cleaning, in general. I think that's why I'm really into decluttering -- the less to clean, the better!

  12. ugh you just reminded me it's my turn to clean the bathroom this weekend. my poor roommate does it all the time and i HATE IT!! happy friday darling!

  13. totally trying that vinegar in the frying pan trick. hate cleaning that thing!