Life update {September edition}

  • September 20, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Intermittent Fasting.
Last month, I posted that I'm trying out intermittent fasting (IF) for three months to see how my body does with it.  It's been nearly 2 months and so far, it's awesome.

It took me a while to figure out the best fasting/feasting schedule and I landed on eating between 1030am - 630pm and 'fasting' for the rest.  It took me a while to figure out what times work best for me and there was an adjustment period where it was pretty hard the first few days but after the first week, it was alright.  I still have my coffee in the AM which can hold me over until 1030am.

Things I've noticed regarding IF:

-- I'm not as hungry and I stay full longer.  The portions I used to eat were fairly large in order to sustain me throughout the day but since IF, I actually eat only half of what I used to and I feel stuffed for longer periods of time.
-- I have the same energy levels with the amount of food I'm eating during IF as I did when not doing IF.
-- I'm able to do fasted workouts at a moderate intensity and not feel like passing out (before, I would get light-headed and dizzy).
-- I'm leaner all over.  I haven't had the chance to check the scale or use the fat calipers but I look and feel leaner, especially my mid-section.  I had to gain a bit of weight to get my period back but seems that IF is doing what it's supposed to be doing -- using my body fat as fuel when I'm "fasting".

I've been on work fuck-off time since early June and I was supposed to go back last month but it seems that after some budget stuff, the projects I was supposed to be on got pushed to 2018 so that means they don't need me until January, holla!  I've already been asked twice to go back early and I was like:

Kayla was going through a bout of separation anxiety which was strange because she's always been an independent kid.  I'm talking about major regression from crying when I leave and waking up at was like having a baby all over again and we were confused as to what was happening; whoda thought that a 9yr old could go through separation anxiety but apparently, it's a common thing.  I think it was a mix of back to school jitters and whatever else 9yr olds go through but things seem to have calmed down....also probably aided by the fact that at the end of our 'let's not freak out but breathe and relax' chart, she gets to spend one whole day with my cousins dog.  Pets always make people feel better.

Trying my hand at growing my own herbs again.  Basil is one of my favourite herbs so this time I've enlisted the help of The Plant Whisperer (my husband) to help me keep this alive.  He replanted this in a large planter and gave it plenty of fresh top soil because as the wise Nadine put it: "if he wants to eat, he must assist".

Oh hi again, Summer; what brings you back?  check out our forecast for the next 6 days...but in Edmonton Alberta, they've already had their first snow fall.

I've finally carved out some time to binge Narcos season 3.  SO SO GOOD. Get on this now.

In between Narco breaks, been reading this that finally came in at the library after being on hold for nearly 6 months:

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. The IF concept is so interesting. I feel like I already do that many days, but come the weekends, it's a free for all. Do you think you'll keep it up after the 3 months?

  2. That's really interesting with the IF! I had never heard of that before but it actually sounds like a really good idea. A lot of people partake in all day/night grazing which can't be good.

  3. You're on work fuck off time through the end of the year now?! JEALOUS. Ugh it's hot here today too, and I hate it. I want winter.

  4. Haha Of course I would follow up to Stephanie and say how much i love how warm it is!

  5. Poor Kayla... you've been talking about getting a dog - maybe this is the perfect time for the whole family.

  6. I have been trying the IF and it does work. Now if I can get stick to it.

  7. I'm interested in IF but I'm not sure I could do workouts without eating something first. My rhythm is morning workouts (before 10:30 am) and it took me a long time to get into an exercise routine and I am very hesitant to rock the boat. Obviously, I could adjust the time frame but I would have to stop eating at like 4:00. And I typically don't go to bed until Midnight and that's a long, long time of nothing. :D I laughed at your summer temps, because we use Fahrenheit in the States so I initially read them as 28F, which is not summer weather! :D

  8. How's that puppy hunt coming along? ;)
    I'm glad Kayla's gotten a little better with separation. That'd be a tough thing to go through at 9 years old- both for her and you guys.
    Ahh... I wish I had months and months off work :) Fortunately things slow down for us in fall and winter :)

  9. Ooh yes, like Audrey said.. get her a pet. heheh That is tough though, but I am glad it is getting better. My sister is 10 and she's been going through some similar things related to not wanting to visit anyone in the family on her own. I'm sure she'll get through it. It's kind of tough to be a kid when you don't know how to process your emotions or make yourself feel better, you know? Um, that's amazing all the time you get off. I wish!! I feel like my boss doesn't even like to say yes to a day or two... XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Ugh, I fell of the IF bandwagon a month ago, and I can sooooo feel it. I need to get my butt in gear so I can feel better and not so fluffy.

    Glad things are better with Kayla. <3

  11. Hope Kayla continues to feel better *hugs*! And enjoy every second of your time off, insanely jealous doesn't even describe me right now ;-)

  12. I want work fuck off time so bad. I hope Kayla keeps feeling better. And I hope your basil lives!

  13. Ok fine. Do you think I should try this IF?? I need something that is going to work so I am motivated to continue on. Are you still super strict with food when doing IF?? I may need details. I need to commit to something, I am all over the place. Can you still drink water and coffee outside your eating times? Do you think working out at 4am and not eating until 1030 is ok?

    I hope that Kayla is doing better. I went through bouts of separation anxiety my entire childhood. But I was a very shy kid who didn't like to be pushed outside the comfort zone. I also had an irrational fear that something would happy to my family when I wasn't home. I was a weird kid. Was lol I still am.

  14. I really want to grow my own herbs. I always think about it & then just never do it.

  15. The Basil looks amazing!!! So with the intermittent fasting, do you stop eating at 6:30 or have your last meal at 6:30. Im still trying to figure it out!

  16. I think the IF thing is pretty interesting. I get bored so sometimes I think just trying something totally new is a good thing and it usually produces results because your body is like whoa... and it changes automatically. It may just be pre-pubescent hormones for Kayla. My girls started getting wonky too around 9. My oldest got her period at 11 so there you have it! Good luck!

  17. The more I read about IF, the more I realize that's what I was doing a few months ago. I thought it was just depression - but I was eating ... just not as frequently nor as much. When I started to climb out of the depression valley and was eating back to what I had been, the weight started coming back.