When You Feel accomplished

  • August 24, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Work fuck-off time has been in full swing since early June.  Forward 2 months later and I'm 100% enjoying it even though summer was being a shady bitch and not really showing up like she was supposed to.  What's even better is that this is the first time during my time off that I've been the most productive...which is pretty sad considering I've been doing this type of gig for 17 years now.  I wouldn't blame you for judging my lazy ass.

+ Got my door contract locked and loaded so I should have a new door in a few weeks. I don't know why I'm so excited about this because it's just a door.

+ Wills and PoA nearly done. Don't judge that I waited this long to get it done; thinking and talking about death/wills/death preparation is pretty depressing when life has so much to offer.  But we're nearly finished so there.

+ Finally: tidied up my office/craft space, painted and hung up my corkboards, bought and assembled my cart and added my most frequently used items so that I can easily and quickly access them.  This space makes me so happy!

+ Did tons of purging and donated/recycled 3 huge bags of old clothes/textiles.
Funny story - the textile bin is at every firehouse in my area but they're huge and tall and my bag got stuck but I was too short to see what was actually happening to fix it.  I had to ring the firehouse bell and get some firemen to help me and I was all giggly and weird because firemen.

+ I've scheduled acupuncture treatment sessions for the next 6 weeks.  I somehow screwed up my shoulder during training and need to rehab this asap.

+ All bills are scheduled for the month of September.

+ I've started my Christmas lists.  I have a yearly running tab of all things that Kayla/my husband has commented on but they're written on random pieces of paper.  I put them all in my planner so that when the time comes, I can just hand out the lists to those who ask for gift suggestions. So much easier than trying to scramble/put a list together last minute.

+ I finally started reading GoT again.  The first time I read it, I didn't finish because there were so many damn characters I got lost and couldn't keep track.  Now I know who they are and goddamn, this book is incredible.

Whew! this is a lot of stuff I did. I think it's time I'm rewarded a nap.

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  1. You go girl! It's awesome to get stuff done.

  2. Well done, lady! SO many good things going on here. Yay for a new door and WOOHOO for firemen ;)!

  3. Oh my WORD... you are the 3rd person today I've seen talking about Christmas. NOOOOOOO - I Cant. I just put my tree up ;)

  4. I've thought about reading the books, but they seem so overwhelming. I love the show and i know the characters, but the books are giant with tiny writing. Maybe this winter I'll give it a try.

  5. You so deserve a nap! And wine :) I need to start working no getting Christmas stuff together. December is going to be a super expensive month with Christmas AND Zoe's birthday. OMG Zoe's birthday. STOP!

  6. GoT definitely needs more than one read or start, I feel like no one gets it the first time because it's so damn complicated. It's good though!
    LOL at the firemen one!

  7. When people ask me if they should read or watch GoT, I ALWAYS tell them to watch it. I've read all the books and I mostly just slogged through them. I kept getting my characters confused (because, as you said, there's SO FUCKING MANY) and it wasn't all that enjoyable. I don't keep up with the show anymore, but I enjoyed it when I did.

  8. Can we talk about how jealous I continue to be of your time off?! Amazing how much you can get done plus feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. LOL at needing the firemen to help, not a bad situation to get yourself into. Happy Friday <3

  9. I always feel giggly when I see the firemen at the grocery store so I can only imagine how I would act if they actually had to help me! LOL! I haven't even begun to think about Christmas but I only have a small handful of people I buy gifts for, so that helps.

  10. I'm laughing so hard about the firemen episode. Hahahaha. That's hilarious :) You go girl with all this productivity! That's awesome!

  11. Purging all the things ALWAYS makes me feel so good. I feel like I've cleaned out my soul when I ditch shit.

  12. Wow you've gotten alot done! Being productive is such a good feeling.
    Your office/craft space looks lovely.

  13. Way to go!! Hopefully this will rub off on me, I totally need to be more productive.

  14. LOLOLOLOL on the fireman thing. That cracks me up! I'm glad you've been productive, that's awesome. It's always so nice to check off things and purge!! Hope you enjoy GoT. I never wanted to read them for some reason. I do enjoy the show. Most of the time. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. Come give me some of that inspiration for productivity. Im just trying to move this week and feel like Im in over my head lol Probably shouldn't have planned a move 4 days after coming back from vacation.