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  • August 03, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Wut. It's August; how did that happen?

School starts next month and Kayla will be going into grade 4. GRADE 4. My baby is growing way too fast.

her hair, though LOL. 

With summer here, I'm feeling super lazy.  My days are filled with...not much, really.  I want to blog but then I sit down to write and it ends up in draft mode because I get up and get distracted with something else. Anyway.... let's get on with the update.

+ Instead of spending $350+ on new Maui Jim sunglasses (which is what I really want to do but am too cheap to do it), I sent in my current pair for lens replacement that will cost me a cool $112 + shipping fees.  Why must shipping fees for parcels be so damn expensive?  Rage.

+ My FIL's home is a craft person's wet dream.  He's a bargain hunter and buys things he doesn't even need but gets them anyway because duh, it's a bargain and who knows? someday it might come in handy.
While looking for something in his office, I stumbled upon 2 things that my planner self has been wishing for but too cheap to buy:  I found this baby stashed in the corner; regular price for these kinds of heavy-duty paper cutters range from $160-$450.

+ I'm trying something new with my health/fitness - intermittent fasting (IF).  I know a few people who are doing this and after some extensive research, I think I'm going to give it a shot and use my usual 3-month 'testing period' to evaluate the results.  I've already started this and I'll post my thoughts/results later but my initial reasons for doing it:

-- I find myself not being hungry until much later in the morning.
-- I stop eating early in the evening anyway.
-- I'm at home and it's much easier to do something like this while not working.
-- Why the fuck not.

There are several ways to do IF but since I tend to get hangry like fuck, I'll be using the 16/8 formula - fasting for 16hrs and feasting for 8 hours which means I'll begin eating at 11am and stop eating by 7pm.  I'm adjusting this timeframe (eating from 1030am - 630pm) so that I don't shock my body and will slowly move to 11-7pm fast/feast period so that I don't go into hangry murderation mode.

+ I DIY stuff because I'm too cheap to dole money out when I know that it doesn't really cost that much and it's something that I can make.... like this elastic pen holder for my planner.  Total cost of materials was $1.25 (thanks, Dollar Store!), this legit took me all of 20 minutes and I even sewed this by hand yet people are charging minimum $6.50 plus shipping.  Oh hell no.

+ Binging The Ozarks.  I love Jason Bateman.

+ Listening to the Atomic Blonde soundtrack.  If you haven't seen this movie, GO ALREADY. You get to see gorgeous Charlize Theron kick major ass while listening to amazing 80s tunes (full soundtrack below on YouTube).  I'm talking about George Michael, New Order, Depeche Mode, Queen, David Bowie, Till Tuesday, Flock of Seagulls and so many more awesome bands.

+ Reading this book:

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  1. Haha I find myself buying bargains that we might need. I mean, how can you not? 4th grade. My goodness!!!! They grow too fast. Way. Too. Fast. What are we going to do without ozark?!?!?

  2. HEY! I'm a big fan of IF, but can't happily do the 8/16. Part of the research I did back in the day [four years ago and don't know where the article is now] stated women can relax it to a 10/14 and still have the same effects. Also, when the time of the month shows up, it's good to relax it to 10/14 anyway, because being a woman. I found I felt a lot better in the mornings when I was successfully IFing, it is just tough for me to eat any earlier than 7pm since I teach at night. During the three months, pay attention to your sleep, that was when I realized I had to relax to 10/14, my sleep was bonkers [four years ago in my first attempt] and it was because I wasn't eating enough food. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    What is Ozarks about? I do like a good new show.

  3. That pen holder is badass.
    I don't think I could do/my body would like IF. But best of luck to you, haha!

  4. I'm a DIYer too! It's ridiculous what some people charge for absolutely simple projects. That's why I most always make wreaths instead of buying them. Nobody wants to shell out $50 for a wreath you're gonna have on your door for 2 months and then switch out for another one. lol

  5. I do IF without even realizing it and always have. I loathe breakfast, I feel so nauseous if I have anything but coffee before about 11, and I eat dinner right around 6, maybe 6:30 and never anything past 7. Just how I've always been!

  6. I love Jason Bateman. That show might lure me back to TV.

  7. I've been on the hunt for a good paper cutter. We used to have one at work that I could use & now I cant find it so I'm going to have to buy one for my personal use. BLAH.

  8. Atomic Blonde looks terrific. I love Theron and James McVoy too. I'm hoping to see it this weekend! The picture of Kayla as a baby. Her hair! :D

  9. Not sure what Atomic Blonde is about but if that's what's on the soundtrack, sign me up! I have Ozark on my watch list next -- mainly because Jason Bateman. I'm all about the DIY stuff too ... but my problem is I have grand plans and no follow-through or no clue on how to make the stuff that I KNOW I can make less expensively than buying it ready-made. I'm just a wanna-be-crafter/DIY'er.

  10. Your planner is so pretty! Love the pen strap :)

  11. We just added the Ozarks to our list. I love Jason Bateman. I'm interested to hear about your IF experiment. Can you drink coffee before 10:30 or is it water only? I think that would be the hardest for me. Coffee in the AM and wine or beer in the PM later. Other than that, I usually only eat two decent sized meals and a few snacks.

  12. I haven't read much into IF, but it doesn't sound too horrible. And if you get really great results from it, I might give it a go - but I don't know. I normally needs sweets (okay, not NEED) right before bed.

  13. I swear everyone is posting about Ozark - AS THEY SHOULD. It's incredible. My BF & I are finally watching the finale tomorrow night. CAN'T WAIT.

  14. But did you get to keep the paper cutter? Love the pen loop thing. I spent $5 on two of the sticky ones at Michael's... at least I had a coupon so they were a little cheaper but still.

  15. I need to add Ozark to my list! Everyone keeps talking about it! Shipping is ridiculous! Another teacher/coach I just met said everyone in her department ordered shirts that were $20 with $5 shipping. She was so annoyed at how high shipping was for a stinking shirt.

  16. I never intentionally committed to IF, but a few years ago I realized that it's what I had been doing for a while. I don't stick to it now religiously; sometimes I'm hungry first thing. But on a typical day I first eat at about 11 or sometimes closer to noon. It works for me and my energy and focus level. Good luck with your experiment!

  17. did your FIL let you steal those things you found?!
    oh tell me immediately what you are thinking of a long way to a small angry planet or whatever it's called. hope you like it! ozark is on my list! i swear!

  18. I remember when I first started reading your blog, Kayla was so tiny. I remember too because my niece Kayla was just born! Kids just grow so quickly!!

    I want to try IF soon but I need to fully understand it. If you have any more useful links send them my way!