Confessions [8-30]

  • August 30, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ It has to be said: the new Taylor Swift song sucks. Actually, Taylor Swift sucks. I can't stand her; she comes off as a whiny, petulant child always playing the victim. GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY.

+ Went to the Bruno Mars concert this past weekend and while I had a good time, he's a fantastic singer and puts on a decent show, I couldn't help but think: I kinda prefer watching stuff like this on YouTube; why did I pay $140 for this?

+ The concert was so fucking loud that I had to plug my ears for a good portion of it. Then I got mad because it was so loud for extended periods of time #oldpeopleproblems.

+ Worked out with a friend and he wanted to take an obligatory gym selfie (or the workout didn't happen) and of the 3 pics he took, I made him post this one on his IG because my arms looked better this photo.

+ A good friend announced the venue of her birthday celebration and it's at a club.  Why? WHY? I do not want to deal with Friday night douchebags. Why can't it be a nice dinner out that ends at a decent time?!

+ For all of you who watched the GoT season finale - a few laughs.

Lord Baelish when he found out the real reason he was there.

When Euron GreyJoy found out the wights can't swim:

The world's reaction when Baelish got what he deserved:

While watching the last 5 minutes 

+ When people tell me (in front of Kayla) what a good kid/how well-behaved she is, I always turn to her and say "you're welcome".   She never impressed when I do that, LOL.

+ Kayla asked "where did the mint chocolate go?" I said that it expired and had to throw it out but in reality, I ate it.

What are your confessions?

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  1. Ha ha does chocolate ever realllly expire?

    I used to like Taylor swift and her 1989 album wasn't bad. This new style of trying to be all mysterious and secretive is super annoying. I despise Kanye but no one needs to sink to his level.

  2. I'm SO with you on Taylor Swift. I've never liked her, but I want to say "you're a grown ass woman." Time to grow up. And I'm with you on concerts and going out to clubs late - let's just stay home.

  3. I am extremely pleased that Taylor Swift took a guy to court for groping her. That's a great message for her young fans.

  4. I have a post in the works for next month of 'popular things I can't stand' and T Swift is high on the list. I thought the court thing Steph is talking about was a turning point for her, but clearly not. She's making me side with Kim and Kanye, and that hurts deep in my soul, I'm taking it personally.
    Completely agree about birthdays in the club and concerts. We just went to a concert and it was fun only because we were at a rooftop across the street with real bathrooms with no lines, and an open bar and free food. I'm done with concerts inside concert venues, for sure.

  5. Add me to the list of people who isn't a fan of Taylor Swift. There is something about her that I don't like, I think she is very manipulative and there is something devious about her. I don't believe she is as "nice" as she wants people to believe she is. With that being said, I don't like her new song but I did enjoy the video. She threw so much shade to others, which I didn't know about until I read it. Although, one would have to wonder if Karma doesn't come back to bit her in the ass. What goes around comes around..

  6. Girl I went to a club in Barbados last Friday (actually rang in my bday there) and officially knew I was old AF. Too old for clubs thats for sure.

    Also, that is exactly how I feel about T Swift. EXACTLY how I feel.

  7. Whether someone likes her or not, Taylor Swift is smart and she knows how to get noticed. I personally agree that her new song is pretty bad and she seems to be losing sight of why she wanted to be a "singer". For someone who doesn't want to be involved in drama, she sure has a way of dragging it on and on.

  8. hahaha.. YOu are the funniest mom. You should get credit for that - that's hard work.
    TS song.. UGHHHHH- I will say, I did like her video though. But why cant girlfriend drop all the drama. Didnt she get in arguments with these people 10 years ago? DROP IT. Ricky is convinced they all are friends & go out together & laugh that people think they hate each other because they all get the attention with the fights between them. GROW UP KIDS

  9. Can I send you the biggest hug ever for your thoughts on Taylor Swift?! I could not agree more, and will never understand the appeal. Her voice is ehhh, her songs are whiny and cheesy, and she always looks so smug. I've tried every time she releases a new song to give her a chance, and I just can't. Excuse me while I continuously roll my eyes over the hype that will ensue until her fans get over it :-P

  10. I'm with you on the Taylor Swift song. Also, I finish ice cream and then tell my husband the same thing, or I convince him that he finished it and forgot.

  11. I can't decide about the TS thing. Her new song isn't deep at all but I'm 100% entertained by the implied middle finger. To be totally honest, I don't care. I'm not going to buy her album and I don't follow the drama (I googled a lot of it just to understand the video/song). But it's entertaining me right now. *shrug*
    I love your reaction to Kayla compliments. And the ice cream accusation. Hahaha!

  12. I couldn't even make it half way through the TS song. I only even listened to it in the first place to see why people were freaking out.

  13. LOLOLOL You crack me up. I share your sentiments about T-swift's maturity. 100% somehow (because this is rare) it doesn't keep me from liking her music. It's whatever, I don't care. LOL Littlefinger finally gets what he deserves. I didn't see that part coming... though the rest of it I think I did. I really enjoyed this season. A lot! Euron was such a rando character.. I hope they do more with him next season because I'm kind of like... "WHAT IS THE POINT?!" LOL I love going to concerts, I don't usually pay for anything too expensive... but I can see how it's not everyone's thing. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. This Taylor song sounds like she's trying to be Britney Spears but still Taylor. Not a fan, ugh.

    friday night douchebags, no thanks.

  15. Hahahahahhahaahha I love that you told Kayla it expired. Epic! I hated the new Swify song the first time I heard it...but then it grew on me. She is immature and it gets on my nerves that every song is a revenge song, but the bitch carries a catchy tune. what can I say? Last time I went to a concert, my ears rang for days and days. It sucks to be old.

  16. I liked some of Taylors previous music but I'm not fond of the new song at all.
    LOL at ice-cream expiring :)