Honest Reviews [2]

  • July 04, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

What I like about the blogging world is that you get honest reviews about a variety of products and I had fun doing my last honest reviews post so I thought I'd share more with you ladies.

Seche Vite Top Coat.  $8, Winners.

Purchase reason:  Was looking for a bullet-proof top coat that would make my polish last at least a week; came highly recommended by the blogging world.

Results:  What a disappointment. Lucky I only paid $8 (instead of $13) otherwise I'd be super pissed....You'd think that for this much money for a top coat, it would last at least 3 days but nope, on the 2nd day, chips galore.  Rage.

Recommendation: Don't bother! save your money and get Sally Hansen Hard as Diamonds at your local drug store instead (for a cheaper price, too!).

Clarins Radiance Plus self tanner (face) $32, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Purchase reason:  Needed a self tanner that didn't dry out my skin while turning me into a bronzed goddess.

Results: I used this for 2 days and really liked the results. It's a build-your-tan sort of thing so you use it until you achieve the desired look then use it once or twice a week for maintenance. It didn't dry out my skin, didn't have that weird self-tanner smell and gave me a great glow.

Recommendation: Yes! get this if you want a soft sun-kissed glow without the drying effect.

Bioderma Self Tanner spray. $13, Shopper Drug Mart.
Purchase reason:  Got this on sale from my local drug store since the internet was tooting this as "the James Bond of self tanners" and I'm a sucker for cheaper prices.

Results: I'm olive-toned so I had to use this a few times to get the desired colour so I can see those who have fair skin can use this once to get the perfect sun-kissed look.  What I like about this is that there is a very faint smell that quickly goes away and no stickiness. It dries super fast and doesn't get onto your clothing.

Recommendation: Yes! a great choice if you want a streak-free bronzed look.

Beauty Counter Brightening face oil and brightening mask.  $110

Purchase reason:  I won this in Steph's giveaway!

Results:  I love both products.  The oil smells amazing (light citrus scent) and absorbs quickly, never leaving a greasy feeling behind and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin.  I used this twice a day; adding 2 drops to my usual argan and rosehip oil blend.

I used the face mask twice a week.  It dries quickly (feels like a clay mask), easy to spread and wash off.  When I washed it off, my skin felt smooth.

I didn't see a distinct difference in the clarity, texture or tone of my skin but that's probably because my current skin routine is solid and my skin is in great condition however, I could tell that if I didn't already have a good routine and my skin needed help, these two products would definitely be in my arsenal.

Recommendation: Highly recommended.  Both Steph (NY) and Christina (Boston) are BeautyCounter reps so you can go to either of them for product advice, questions or purchases.

Borax.  $4.98, Walmart.
Purchase reason:  Two reasons, really:

1.  Damn clover mites are in my backyard and I want to spray the shit out of them so they will die!

2.  My sports bras stink.  I have tried soaking them in vinegar/baking soda before washing and the second I start to sweat, that gross odour comes back.

1. Insect repellant - I haven't tried it on the clover mites yet but I did spray the shit out of the ants and they hated it so I'm assuming that the clover mites won't be a fan either.

2. Easily removed the following: mold/mildew from the (shower) grout and window sills, grease from my range hood, the musty smell from my towels and sports bras/workout gear.  Borax saved me from spending money to replace those towels or sports bras!  Read my detailed post here about the wonders of Borax.

Recommendation:  You need this asap!

Cinnamon Leaf Oil, $8.49 Healthy Planet.

Purchase reason:  Damn ants!  All the rain we've been having is driving the ants into my house through this one spot in the kitchen.  They were getting too cocky, thinking they can come wander past the 2nd tile by the door and after some research, I discovered that ants hate anything cinnamon, especially cinnamon oil.  Since I didn't have any on hand, I cordoned off a tiny area by their entry point using cinnamon spice and went all Gandalf on their ass until I went out and got some:

Results: Blew me away.  After busting the ant party, I used a cotton swab and rubbed the oil around and onto the areas where they were coming in....a few hours later, I checked and no ants to be found....3 days later, the ants have not returned #byefelicia.

Recommendation:  Yes! totally works and makes your space smell like a bakery!

Have you tried any of these?

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  1. I never liked that top coat either, but I know it works really well for some people. I was using an Orly one that I loved, but then I switched to the CND Vinylux weekly polish line and that has it's own top coat. It's been working great for me.
    We don't have an ant issue but my mom does, I should tell her about that oil. We have a spider, but I leave him. The back door in the basement has a crack near the bottom and bugs will come in, so a spider set up shop right in the corner there and eats everything that comes in. I named him Sanford, we're cool. He stays in his spot, takes care of the bugs, doesn't come into my space, we have an understanding.

  2. Bummer about the top coat since I was going to purchase it! Sally Hansen has some good ones though. And Im going to need that ant solution - caribbean = ants ugh.

  3. awww thanks for the shoutout!! glad you love the products! btw, soooo pumped to use borax in my shower. hahaha

  4. Bummer about the top coat! DIY manis are the best and worst at the same time. I love that you are so in love with Borax, and the cinnamon leaf oil sounds like it really worked for you guys! Awesome. Keeping that in mind for someday (I hope not, but you never know!) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. So good to know about the oil & ants!!!!
    I saw the price of that one face stuff $110 &I was like WHOOOOO... good win on that one.

  6. Good to know SH is a good top coat, that's what I currently have (when I bother to use it). We have ants all over our yard, so maybe I will pick up some Borax and go Gandalf myself :) Bought peppermint oil to try & get rid of spiders at our house, so hopefully it's as successful as your cinnamon!

  7. I like Seche Vitte but only because it dries my nails super fast. I use it more for that than to prevent chipping. However, it does get thick after awhile though! :(

  8. Very informative post. Good to know on the beauty counter stuff and bummer on the nail top coat, I hate that.

  9. Ok I officially need Borax in my house! And so good to know about Seche Vite, I have the Essie Gel Topper which works better than a regular top coat, but was tempted to try the Seche Vite. Now I know not to waste my money! I'll look into that Sally Hansen stuff.

  10. Never knew that about ants, so thanks for the tip! I will definitely try it out if I can figure out where those a-holes are coming in from!

  11. I hate that top coat - it also has a strong health warning in tiny print on the back - pregnant women are advised not to go near it because of a chemical in it and the increase of birth defects.

    Glisten and Glow (found on Instagram has a way better top coat with no such health warnings.

  12. Ants dislike peppermint too.

    I hate Seche Vite. I do love the cynd vinylux top coat and have been using that for a few years.

  13. i was not a fan of that top coat either, i totally prefer sally hansen.. when i paint my nails, which is not often lol