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  • July 06, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

This summer hasn't been the best so far; I'd say we had maybe 2 weeks of nice weather since April and every other day has been rain, rain and more rain.....which means the bugs are out in full force and there's an 'explosion of ticks, mosquitos and blackflies' per Environment Canada.  Thanks, Mother Nature.

Anyway, we make the most of what we have, right? Here's what I've been up to lately.....

+ Still loving work fuckoff time.  Also got some great news -- I may be able to extend my stay until the end of Fall *insert happy dance here*.

+ I've been crowned the victor of the ant battle, thanks to Cinnamon Leaf Oil.  All that damn rain was driving ants into my house through this one spot by the kitchen sliding door and while I had 3 ant traps surrounding their entry point (you really only need one but I hate ants) there was always a slow trickle of ants coming and going which drove me nuts....until I found out that they hate cinnamon - it disrupts their pheromones and causes confusion in the colony so I immediately went out and got some.  After swiping the oil onto and around their entry point, they have not returned.

+ Looking forward to our annual summer trip to Prince Edward County....we leave in T-2 weeks so that obviously means I'm starting to make my lists and prep the books I'll be bringing.

+ Kayla has found a new favourite series - Warriors by Erin Hunter.  It's like Lord of the Rings but with Cats and instead of Middle Earth, it's a forest.  My husband's friend gave her a box of these books and she's been plowing through them, reading every chance she gets #bookworm.

+ Speaking of reading, I've also been blowing through my library books; looking forward to the next book linkup.

+ Kayla is finally at an age where she wants to play real board games! and not the lame, "Junior" versions or those boring non-thinking games like Snakes and Ladders but fun games like PayDay and Monopoly.
*actual image of property negotiations.

+ Restarted my "one movie a day" thing where I go to the library and borrow a movie that I haven't seen.  So far, I saw Logan (meh) and Office Party (funny; I love TJ Miller and Jason Bateman).

Next up: Spotlight, Conan (because Jason Momoa) and Why Him.

+ Movie nights with the family are my favourite.  During the summer, we have "movie slumber party weekend" where we blow up the air mattress in our media room and watch movies.  Kayla loves it because she gets to sleep with us and stay up late.  She's now at an age where she can see certain movies, regardless if there's language (she knows not to repeat) - Uncle Buck, Karate Kid (original), School of Rock.  This weekend is Back to the Future.

Can't wait till she's older for the really awesome movies - Die Hard, Aliens, anything by John Hughes (especially Breakfast Club), True Lies.

+ Now that Kayla has gotten over her fear of biking, we can now take family rides along the husband's dream come true.  I think he legit biked the entire way with that goofy grin on his face.

What's new with you?

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  1. We have had tons of rain here too and I get ants in the same place around my kitchen sink window every summer. I did the borax thing immediately this summer and they were/are still gonezo. Cinnamon oil sounds like a better option since I have a dog. Will try. We have all of these cool bike trails in Atlanta, I really need to invest in a bike and bike rack for my car and take my kids. Looks awesome!

  2. LOL! The family that bikes together! I love it! Are you supper competitive with the board games or do you let Kayla win? I'm super competitive so if I every have kids I probably shouldn't play games with them. Movie a day sounds like a great idea! Trish - tales from trish

  3. Watched Spotlight a couple months back and I don't know if you're anything like me in this regard, but prepare to be really disturbed. The acting is phenomenal, which just makes the subject matter that more difficult to watch.

    Family bike trips sound awesome. I keep meaning to get a Citibike membership here, but we haven't had good weather stretches for long enough yet.

  4. What age is die hard appropriate? I can't imagine watching and not being able to repeat yippee ki yay motherfucker but yeah, I can see why that's probably not good for a small child...

  5. Girl, I feel you with the rain. This has been the rainiest rainy season I have ever experienced in the Caribbean. Its annoying AF.

    Speaking of biking, I really want to re-learn how to ride. The bf rides and I haven't been on a non-stationary-gym bike since I was may 11 lol. It looks so fun but I think I may have to start back at training wheels ha!

  6. That book series. SO funny of an idea but love she's loving the reads.
    Ahh - family bike rides. I bet your husband is THRILLED about that.
    off to fall? Let me say how my jealousy just grew some more

  7. I keep wanting to have a movie night like that, blow up the air mattress, make good snacks. Eat pizza. But Mr. Sass just says it'll be too much of a mess to cleanup when we have couches.

    MY new goal is to watch outside while we sit in our new kiddie pool & drink. :) We'll see if he likes that option better.

    i haven't seen why him, but someone in front of me on the plane was watching it so i kept seeing snippets. not gonna lie, did not look like my kind of movie at all (like, silly humour) but i definitely laughed at bits (thanks for having the subtitles on, stranger in front of me).
    movie nights and family bike rides? you guys are so freaking cute i want to be you.

  9. Love that you guys are able to do family bike rides and family board games!!! Such a great age!! Also so happy to hear that your time off work has been good and might get extended - awesome news!

  10. We have had so much rain too. Ick. It's rainy and suuuper hot. Just gross. So glad again to hear about the ants. They are such pests especially in rainy seasons. Love the family traditions. What on earth is Pay Day?! I don't think we have that here... at least I've never seen it... This cracks me up, my husband HATES those junior games with a fiery passion. I can't blame him. But we also don't like Monopoly or some of the classics so much. We got big into strategy games and now we nerd out super hard about it. Ticket to Ride is really fun. A great gateway game with tons of replay value. We have the original US version, but there are tons Europe, India, UK, Africa, etc. etc. Everyone we know loves it. Definitely recommend if you're looking to add to the collection. The Breakfast Club is SO good. Looove it! Glad you have fun family traditions like game nights and bike rides. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. I love Kayla's helmet! Also, I love the summer slumber party idea!
    Way to go with the ants! We had issues a few years ago but they've said out of the house lately.

  12. oh, i hope the rest of the summer is better for you.

    that gif with the bit about the ants is perfect.

    and speaking of films... each fall i do a film challenge. i hope you play along. categories will be announced august first.

  13. Winning against ants is a true victory!

  14. That's a great anti-ant tip, I'm all for remedies that are not completely poisonous to everything and also smell nice! We have yet to be introduced to the local fauna here but I'm dreading that so I may douse my flat in cinnamon oil just in case that helpls. Also, Spotlight is amazing. Harrowing obviously, and you might need some space to process it afterwards, but it was so well done. Just hits you right between the eyes, you know?

  15. Movie nights are my favorite too! We always try to watch them on rainy days where you can curl up under a blanket and relax on the couch!

  16. Movie nights sound like so much fun! I can't wait till boogs is a little bit older so he can stay up and chill with us. And actually sit still for a whole movie. I love your hubs' face! He looks so happy!

  17. Peppermint oil is also an effective ant deterrent. I used that at home.
    Nice one for Kayla. I think it's cute too that you guys get to bike together.