Weekending & Shizz [6-26]

  • June 26, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Not working has turned me into a lazy asshole; as in I look at the computer and just feel too lazy to draft up a post.  Besides, I don't do much other than putt around the house, nap, drink wine or workout...doesn't make for interesting blogging content.

Anyway, here are few things that's been going on with me....

+ I saved a few old towels from being donated. They were already in the donation bag but since the Borax worked so well destinking my sports bras, I thought I'd test its power again by destinking my older towels so I dug them out of the bag, presoaked them for 30 minutes (Borax and vinegar) and then tossed them in the wash....worked like a charm.

+ Yesterday my baby turned 9.  NINE...where did the time go?  we got dolled up and went to Baro for her fancy birthday celebration. I'm so glad that her palate is as adventurous as ours; I love that we're able to try out any cuisine, order a bunch of dishes to sample and she won't be all "eww! gross!!" and closed-minded like that.

+ visited my good friend's pop-up store.  She has an online paper craft/stationery store (Paper Plus Cloth) but last week, she rented out a great space downtown for a whole week!  She held awesome workshops and it was walls and walls of paper/pen/bullet journal/planner goodies. I was in heaven.

+ based on the type of person I am, you'd think I'd have a will by the time I hit 30...nope.  In fact, I put it off for years and am just getting around to it now.....9 years after Kayla was born. Yes, yes, we're bad parents yadayada but at least it's now in the works and will be finalized by end of next week.

+ caught a cold that moved to my chest....and now I can't stop coughing and my usual remedies aren't working!  I haven't worked out since last week Thursday and I'm grouchy as hell.

+ because of said cold and feeling like absolute garbage, I've been lying around catching up on shows and finally caught up with Silicon Valley.  Why are those episodes only 30 minutes?!

I'm looking for other shows to binge so on my list - Veep, Boardwalk Empire (although I tried it before and it didn't pique my interest), the Leftovers.  Any suggestions?

+ am bookless at the moment and I don't like it one bit....the two books that I was excited to read were boring AF so back to the library they go.

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  1. Happy birthday to Kayla! I've probably said this a ton already but she looks so much like you. That is so awesome that she will try new foods. I am going to have to try really hard to get Ellie to be that adventurous 'cause her dad is not an adventurous food guy. I am, but I'm also vegetarian so sometimes I have limited options when we go out. That pop up shop looks like total heaven. I hope you get over your cold soon! Ughh.

  2. Gosh time flies I remember when she was soooo much smaller - Happy belated to your baby girl. She's beautiful. I had one of those ridiculous chest colds the other day ugh hate them! Feel better girl :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Kayla! It sounds like you guys had such a nice dinner out to celebrate! I hope you start feeling better soon- colds like that are the worst :( Your friend's pop-up shop looks like a dream!

  4. That shop looks amazing! Too bad it was only for a week, but maybe this will inspire her to go full brick and mortar. Happy Birthday to Kayla! Glad she will eat what you eat - nothing bums me out more than picky parents who pass that onto their kids.

  5. Happy Birthday Kayla! So sorry you've been sick, that was me last week because now with Serena in daycare I feel like we all have a bad head/chest cold every few weeks *blah*. And game changer for the towels! I need to try that because I'm so sick of buying new ones :-P

  6. Happy birthday to Kayla! The picture of her & your husband is so precious.

  7. BOOOOO on the cold.
    HBD to your big girl. Next up - DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!
    Oh man, if I had a friend that had all that stationary fun stuff - I'd never leave her home or pop up shop. So fun!

  8. Happy birthday to Kayla!! Sorry about your cold. I hate summer colds most of all. It's not like a winter cold is awesome but at least makes sense! I have not watched either show but heard great things about - Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale. I also loved this season of Better Call Saul. The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson is really good and I believe Don Winslow has a new book out. I haven't read it but whenever I see him, I am always reminded that I need to read The Cartel. :D

  9. Have you tried Handmaid's Tale yet? I'm 4 episodes in and I had to force myself to stop watching last night. Also, I liked Big Little Lies. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Happy Birthday to Kayla!! I've just started mixing borax in with the laundry and I can totally tell a difference! Hope you kick that cold's butt to the curb soon!

  11. Shameless is the best show I've found in recent years.

    We wrote our wills at the age of 23. Scott was deploying and that was quite the depressing start to our marriage. But it's done. Remembering to adjust them is the hard part.

  12. Happy Birthday Kayla! What a fun birthday dinner. Good stuff on getting a will, better late than never.

    I recommend trying another Vince Flynn book :)!

  13. Happy Birthday Kayla! :) Oh I love the look of that scrapbook store! Take me there...! I may or may not keep a list of stationery/scrapbook stores in other cities/states/countries... for future reference. Hope you are feeling better soon! Have you watched Miss Fisher's? It took me forever to start but I am totally obsessed with it! I've been re-watching Jane the Virgin because it CRACKS ME UP, every time. Plus I love seeing more diversity in television. Props the CW, props. Xo - Alexandra

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