The one with the staycation & other useless info.

  • June 05, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Oh, how I had such a grand time during my staycation which is making me really lean towards taking the summer off and returning in September to deliver my project.

I napped and drank wine every day during my staycation and it was amazing.

Confession: I nap on Kayla's big toy horse, Charlie.  At first, I got annoyed that she left him downstairs on the couch (because he takes up 3/4 of the space) but one day, I was too lazy to move him, lay on him and thought OHMYGOD THIS IS HEAVEN. He's been a staple on the couch since and it's my new favourite spot to read and nap.

This staycation was all about relaxation and putting around the house.  Frankly, I was surprised at how many errands I got done because well, who wants to do errands/housework while on staycation?  I managed to:

-- get the dining table under control and it stayed that way all week (seriously, this is a big fucking deal because my dining table is usually the place where all after work things go to die).
-- drag down the bins of winter things for storage in the basement.
-- donate the clothes that Kayla has outgrown (girl is growing like weeds) and buy her clothing she needs (on sale, holla).
-- finish planning her birthday celebration / events.
-- get my mom's passport shizz in order and sent off for processing.
-- finally getting around to ordering my new pair of muay thai gloves that I desperately need.  DHL says they're arriving today!

Other things that made me happy last week - bookstores.  Everytime I'm at the mall, I have to go into the bookstore.  As I'm walking in, I'll pause at the entrance and inhale deeply because that book smell is so intoxicating.  I always make a beeline for the notebook section because they're so pretty....if only I had enough patience to actually write, I'd definitely grab a traveler's notebook or maybe something from the Moleskin line.

Kayla is killing it at muay thai.  This past week, she's been training for her Level 4 muay thai test (happened on Saturday) where our trainer pushed her for one full hour before the actual this girl had a legit 2hr training session on Saturday.

Regardless if she passed or not, I'm so proud of her and of the work she put in to prepare....just check out the precision and power of these nasty elbows coming from a tiny 8yr old!

On the topic of fitness, I went for my second Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class at a different studio and it was amazing.  This time, I actually learned quite a bit - how to get and maintain side control, guarding against side control and how to get out from the bottom as well.
I was paired up with an older woman who was about my height and size but shit, she manhandled me like a ragdoll because girl knew exactly what to do with her limbs and weight distribution. I definitely want to do more of this but when am I going to find the time?!

Remember that blog giveaway I won?  Beauty Counter sure does ship fast....about a day and a half after I was notified of my win, the package arrive in the mail.
I've been using the face mask and face oil regularly and I love them!  Review coming up soon.

You guys need to read this book, it's so good!

Tomorrow I return to work (boo hiss) but will also be discussing the possibility of taking the summer off so who 'summer' might start as early as next week!

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful staycation. Looking forward to hearing your review of Beauty Counter products.

  2. That you have the option of maybe taking summer off? I AM SO JEALOUS.
    I love going to a book store alone & I do the same thing - inhale all the sweet book smells. THE BEST

  3. Sounds like a great staycation. I love it when random junk ends up being useful. That's amazing about the horse LOL. I wish we didn't have surfaces where we piled our junk throughout the week as well.. but we do. hahah I try to clean them up weekly. :) Oh bookstores. Danger danger. I love them! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. I want the summer off!!!!!!!!!! I love that you decided to just lay on the horse. I mean, if you leave it out then that is what is going to happen right? Sounds like you got a lot of stuff done, so yay for that! Awesome that you are liking the Beauty Counter stuff so far!

  5. Can't wait to hear what you think about the BeautyCounter stuff. Also, I love that you drank wine every day during your staycation. That sounds amazing.

  6. Hmm, I think I need to buy Caleb a big ass horse lol.
    OMG, so jealous if you get the summer off. Go you!

  7. Staycations are the best sometimes to really get things accomplished. I thought I was the only one who put all the things on the dining room table lol, so good job on getting that under control. That is no small feat!

  8. Hey, good job. I think you've made the most out of it. I've got to get myself that one comfy cuddly bear pillow.

  9. Staycations are my favorite because NO Pressure to do things or see things. You can sleep on a toy horse all day if you want. I hear you on the table, we have one at our house and man does it drive me bonkers.

    Awesome the other gym was more of what you expected. I need to get my ass to a class.


  10. Holy shit, Kayla could kick my ass ten times over. DAMN, girl. She's a badass!
    The Song of Achilles sounds great!

  11. I couldn't believe how fast you got your stuff. Canada for the win!! If you want to do an online social afterwards and earn more free stuff - let me know. Also, I've never heard of that book so I added it to my list. And your daughter is so impressive.

  12. I hate work. I want to staycate all the live long day! I found a Christmas card from you from 2014. TWOTHOUSANDFOURTEEN! WAHOO. Made me smile.

  13. I totally understand the table thing! Ours is the same way. The possibility of summer off sounds awesome :)

  14. You look so pretty in your couch slobbing picture:) I look best there too. I highly recommend the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, they are my favorite for bullet journaling and just pretty much everything. I keep one for work related tasks/notes and one for personal use. I like the option of the grid to keep things organized.

  15. Now I kind of want a giant stuffed animal to nap on haha.