• April 13, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Am I glad it's almost the long weekend! It's been so busy with work bullshit that I forgot it was a long weekend and was reminded by a coworker when I tried to book a meeting for Friday.

Because of work craziness, everything has fallen off the table.  When things get like this, the first thing to go is all things blogging because I'm staring at at a computer all day that I have zero desire to stare at a computer when I get home.  Instead, I'd rather stare at a wine glass....but I can't do that because of my stupid "no wine until Friday" rule.  I hate this rule; why did I put myself on this rule.  Since work is shitty, I decided to modify this rule to Friday and Saturday wine because fuck work and a gal needs wine to avoid murdering people.

Aside from work shit:

+ I've been plowing through my library books.  Because of this craziness, I've had to implement my 50-page screening process:  if the first 50 pages don't reel me in, back it goes.
More books waiting for me at the library:  Gunslinger, Evicted, The Return, A Dog's Purpose.

+ Hanging out with my lil' girl...look at the masterpieces she created last weekend at a friend's kid's birthday party.
Wednesday night Readers Club.  She's still plowing through the Ramona books.

+ On my 3rd week of physio for my lower back issue and apparently, my body is all messed up.... I have so much tension in my upper body and core that it's pulling on my pelvis, tilting it upwards causing it to press on a nerve and crowding the muscles.  Dialing back the training intensity (as hard as that is) to let it rest.

+ Last week Saturday my fav boxer, Vasyl "Hi-Tech" Lomachenko (green shorts), fought Jason Sosa to defend his super featherweight belt.  Kudos to Sosa for taking the fight since no one would (erryone was scurred/didn't want to put a loss on their record) but talking trash to Lomachenko will get you nothing but mockery (and getting KO'd).

+ Check out this adorable dog who smiles on cue when he hears "say cheese!"

+ That whole United Airlines debacle...I have no words....but the internet is trolling United so hard it's hilarious:
United Airlines drag defences

When you fly with United Airlines.

+ I am SO looking forward to drinking this this weekend:

Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Bleh, sorry about work. I hate that. I sincirely hope that no one is planning on my checking emails... because I'm OOO Friday-Wednesday. YAS. I think modifying your wine intake is perfectly suitable.. do it girl! Yay for books. I've been going back and forth between NO time to read and a tiny bit. Whomp whomp. But plane reading is my jam. So yesss! :) I love Kayla's art! United. What a mess. I'm glad our flight is not through them (though it was booked long ago). Wrong way to handle any situation. I love the internet trolling as well. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Sorry about work -- I hate work. I love your pics of you and K reading -- so glad she loves Ramona! Also, LOL to all the United memes. They make me laugh.

  3. all the United airline memes are the best thing that came out of that horrible nightmare.

    I love your 50 page trial of a book... I need to start using that.

  4. LOLOL on the UNITED app update thing. Lord.

    I adored Ramona.

  5. Ugh sorry work has been so crazy, but yes to all the wine this weekend. I have no words on the whole United thing, but am really hoping this helps steer people away from the giant airlines and choose Southwest and Jet Blue more often especially for domestic travel. And love your Wednesday book clubs!

  6. I feel your pain about work. Sadly, I'm working all day tomorrow. I was hoping for early release but that is not going to happen. I have no words on the United thing but the memes people have made are hilarious.

  7. Sorry to hear work has been so crazy but I do love a 3-day weekend, so YAY for happy surprises! :D I need to implement the 50 page rule. Normally I give myself to 100 pages but then I always keep thinking it will get better, it will get better. It never does. The United memes are the best. And the app one - they can't catch a break, although they don't really deserve one. Have a great long weekend!

  8. Fuck work. I say this at least three times a day, no joke. Hopefully you can relax with WINE this weekend!!! I have a no wine before 5pm rule...otherwise I would sip it all day. I will get back to my only on the weekends thing but not right now. Those Unite Memes!!! I think the Fight Club one is my favorite!

  9. I love how the Internet is trolling united! I could not even believe what I was watching when I saw the video so I'm happy that the trolls are after them! I have also started implementing a page limit rule if I'm not hooked then I'm just done I do not have time to be wasting on bad books.

  10. I reallllly like your 50 page screening process. I might have to implement. Does that equate to a percent? Most of my reading is on the Kindle.
    The wine looks good!

  11. That is frustrating about work, I'm sorry! It is hard to want to sit behind a screen when you've had to the entire day. Also, I like your idea of the fifty page screening process. That would come in handy! Not too much longer until the weekend :)

  12. Oh, so cute. One of our dogs smiles when you tell her to smile. Hehe. Always brightens my day.

  13. I like your 50-page screening process. I haven't had to put down a book in a while, but usually by the time I have had enough, I'm already halfway through and figure I might as well get through the rest of it. Look at Kayla's art - that's awesome! She looks so much like you in those pics.

  14. wow, kayla's artwork is awesome!!! love the colors she chose. GIMME WINE TONIGHT!!!!

  15. I feel you on the work stuff. It has been AWFUL this week. Unfortunately, no wine for me until I finally go back home. Mom has a no alcohol in her house rule.

  16. Ramona! Yes! I always credit my love of books to Ramona. Did you and Kayla know that Beverly Clearly turned 101 last week?! Remarkable lady!

    Happy Easter!

  17. Ramona was my favorite series of books as a kid.
    That tweet about United's new app features was hilarious.