Long Weekending & Shizz

  • April 17, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Hallelujah for long weekends!

It was a shit week last week (again!).  Although I was able to work from home Thursday, I still ended up getting dragged into defect calls and meetings all fucking weekend. Rage.

I also learned that Americans don't have Good Friday off?  The Ahole Bros group informed me of this when I texted "happy long weekend!" to which they responded with "HAHAHAHA! this is 'murica; the country where they work you to death".  LOL.

Anyway, on to the long weekending.

+ Chinese folks celebrate Easter at dimsum.  Instead of eating lamb and Easter-ish foods, we eat weird chinese things and seafood.
She uses chopsticks better than me.

+ Went to the movies and finally saw Boss Baby.  Meh.  I expected it to be better.

+ Finally dropped off our tax crap at the accountants.  Fingers crossed that I don't have to pay this year.

+ Fancy family date night happened on Saturday.  My husband I do this every month but we decided that we're going to bring Kayla for a family date night every other month so we can experience this together.  I also want her to have a broad and adventurous palate because she will not be one of those kids who are all "ew gross!" if it's not pizza or chicken fingers (stuff she doesn't eat anyway).  She gobbled up grilled octopus, roasted brussel sprouts, pork belly and a bunch of other delicious things.

Next date: Moroccan food!

It was such a beautiful evening so we strolled around the University of Toronto campus and my husband showed Kayla where he went, the buildings his classes were in, Convocation hall and we enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous historic buildings.
Channelling her inner model.

+ Been going through a book slump; I've already ditched 2 books and currently attempting to read this (non-fiction): 

+ Stumbled on this HBO series....pretty good.

Hope you all had a nice (long) weekend!

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  1. Yeah, it's up to the locality of whether or not they give Good Friday off. Thankfully I'm one of the lucky ones lol. Bummer that baby boss wasn't good, we were debating going to see it with the kiddos. And I think that's awesome that Kayla is not picky and you all encourage her to try all kinds of foods. Nothing worse than living with a picky child and not being able to eat and enjoy certain restaurants because of that. Happy Monday!

  2. My company gave us Good Friday off, but considering we don't get MLK day or Presidents Day or any of those off, I felt we deserved it.

    I hope my kiddos some day have adventurous taste. I did NOT as a kid, and my mom totally catered to my picky-ness, which maybe made it worse? I've come out the other side now and will try pretty much whatever, thankfully.

  3. We get no extra days off except for the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  4. Ugh I am still pissed about no long weekend for us for Easter. So rude! We dont eat lamb in our family for Easter either. We do ham and sides. Ummm even I wont touch grilled octopus lol so go Kayla!! I am going to work hard for Zoe to not be too picky either but we shall see. Have a great week!

  5. YES to the long weekend! I was fortunate enough to have Friday off, but my husband had to take it off. Our country is the absolute worst on time off - holidays, vacations, and don't even get me started on maternity leave. I just don't get it :-P

  6. I hope they bring that HBO show to somewhere I can see it since I dont have HBO. UGH.
    Yep - have to work on Good Friday. I grumble all the day long - as any good Christian should do ;)

  7. Some places get GF off like schools (usually) and smaller businesses that might have Christian ownership. We shutdown our warehouse for Good Friday. (Praise the Lord. Lol) We're not a Christian business, but K and I go to church and feel pretty ok about taking a long weekend occasionally ;)
    Ummm. I hate ham so I'd like to spend the weekend eating weird Chinese food and seafood!

  8. Well, I took Good Friday off but I'm my own boss, so that probably doesn't count! LOL! Love that Kayla has an adventuresome palate. At her age, I did not, but I had a former boss whose daughter whined about "not remembering the last time escargot was on the menu" in the midst of a tantrum. :D Too many of my books lately have been so-so. It's very irritating because I'm not so-great about DNFing. To the bitter reading end.

  9. I love Big Little Lies. I read the book, but I'm kind of loving the show as much if not more than the book.

  10. What a bummer about Boss Baby! I haven't seen it yet but I love the book.

    Luckily I had off on Friday, but I'm a government employee. Phew.

  11. No long weekend! I was lucky they even closed my company down on Sunday (I work weekends). Work is to death they will do.
    I'm in a book slump too. It's miserable!

  12. I was lucky enough to have good Friday off - working in finance as long as the market is closed we are closed! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. I want to see Big Little Lies so badly. Just finished the book! I'm glad Kayla likes eating a variety of things. I was a chicken nugget kid and I want Ellie to be into all kinds of food.

  14. Love that Kayla gets to go on some of those fancy dinners; what a great idea! She is so cute all dressed up. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend - since I work in government I got Monday off too (and the schools were closed here so that worked out well :)). Hope your work week is off to a better start this week! I have not watched BLL yet but hope to sometime this summer since I loved the book.

  15. your easter food sounds way better than what i had. i don't even remember what i had, we didn't do anything special.
    i so want to watch big little lies! i'm waiting for a good binge opportunity lol

  16. As a teacher we definitely got Good Friday off! A fair share of schools also got yesterday off too. I was not that lucky!

  17. I love that you took K with you on your fancy date! And look at her trying all those foods! That's so awesome that she'll eat all that!

  18. Sounds like a great long weekend. Family time can be really great. I would love to have Good Friday off. hahah But I guess we get Memorial Day at the end of May... so that's a thing? We spent Easter weekend in NOLA which was great. I enjoyed getting away and (to be honest) not doing the big family meal thing this year. I have BLL on the DVR. I need to sit down and read it first though... because I'm that person. ha XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. Yeah we definitely do not get Good Friday off. Its funny because most of the companies I work with are overseas and they got off Friday AND Monday. I need to move! So fun that you're doing that with Kayla...wish I could get Boomer to expand her food choices a bit. I'm getting really tired of mac and cheese...