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  • March 02, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Hello, March; how did you get here so fast?

We've had a taste of warm, spring-like temps (it even hit close to 20C the other week) and Canadians lost their mind and ran around in tshirts and shorts.

For the first time all winter, I was able to walk outside for several days without a heavyass coat and boots; I'm talking about throwing on a light vest and wearing runners.   Yesterday we had temps hitting 15C but then today -16C, wind and snow. WTF?!  Mother nature, gettin' real tired of yo' shit. Get it together, already.

+ Reading:  I never buy books but I bought this one because 1) it's not available at my library (rude) and 2) it just seems so good. I read the first chapter standing in the store because the story totally pulled me in.

+ Working on: gaining as many points as possible from various stores.   Why not, right?  If points = $$, then I'll take the time to submit my review and let the points add up.

1)  Indigo bookstore.  Indigo has something called Plum Rewards where every dollar spent earns a certain amount of points and these points equates to a dollar value.  There's a bonus reward program going on right now: until April 1, you earn 10 points for every book review (instead of the usual 1 or 2) to a max of 50, in addition to getting 1 point for each book rating.  I do this anyway on Goodreads so might as well get paid.

I hit the $20 mark a couple of weeks ago (already spent; see above book) so working on hitting 8500 points again.  I log in errday and rate/review books for a total of 160 points per day.

2) Healthy Planet.  This is where I buy all of my supplements, soap supplies, vitamins etc.  The point system is sort of shitty (1 point for every $2 spent; 100 points = $1) but submitting product reviews gives you 10 points (per review).  I've used a shit ton of products bought from this store and I've plenty of opinions about them so why not convert those thoughts into dollars, amiright?

+ Rehabbing:  My bruised rib has finally healed (for the most part) and I'm 100% going to fully rehab my back that's been bothering me since I came back from Tremblant in early February.  It's preventing me from training (think: sciatica-like pain) so every Friday I'll be seeing my acupuncturist to get this shit fixed up.

+ Crochet:  slowly and surely, working on my poncho; should be done this weekend.

+ Baking: real cookies; not that grain-free paleo stuff I normally make.  I'm trying to perfect this recipe.

+ Skin products.  Trying a new brand of Rosehip Oil and I love it.  I ran out of my Eminence oil and while I love that one (has extra amazing skin shizz in it), it's hella expensive so I found this oil at my local health store for $16.  I add 3 drops of this to 3 drops of argan oil and massage onto my face.  Soft skin for days.

+ Weight lifting:  Been hitting the weights twice a week now that I've dialed back the muay thai to only 3 days (sads).  I get a lot of great workout routines from Men's Health, including this shoulder workout.  I did this the other day and could only get through 4 rounds with 10lbs weights because IT BURNS US.

What's been new with you?

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  1. That sounds like an awesome bookstore... we don't have it here... must google though! Bummer about the rehab stuff, hope it gets better soon. Oh lord, cookies. I've been habit tracking and I met my (small step) yoga goal every week in Feb! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. it disturbs me when the library doesn't have a book i want. it also still disturbs me when people ask if i really go to the library. UH YEAH FREE BOOKS.

  3. That bookstore sounds awesome- I love when stores have point systems that are worth it/actually save you money on things you'd buy anyway. So glad to hear that your ribs are better and hopefully your back pain will be better soon too. That looks like such a great workout- I just realized I follow her on instagram and she always posts so many workout moves- great inspiration!

  4. I'm totally going to have to try that oil -- because yo face always looks awesome. And those cookies -- man, I love a good cookie.

  5. I honestly snorted laughed at your GIF for the weather. I've been wearing boots & scarves still, even in the 70 degree temps here... because its STILL WINTER!!!... & I see people wearing tank tops & shorts like its Florida. I had the same reaction as your gif!

  6. I love getting points and rewards for things I do anyway. even if it's slow going, at least it's something. I played a game on my phone and racked up enough points so when we go back to Vegas, John and I both get a free dinner, free lunch, and tickets to this shark aquarium thing I've been dying to see. Win!
    Man I really want cookies now.

  7. The weather swings have been crazy here too. Last week I went running one day in base layer, pullover, and pants; two days later I was overheating in shorts and a t-shirt. Next run 2 days later I was back to long pants and sleeves. Who the hell can keep up anymore?

  8. That arm workout looks like a slayer. Must add to workouts! I need some solid upper back work to sort out my back flab!

  9. Monday was cold and rainy but it has been clear skies and sunshine since then and I am loving it. Sunny days have been rare this winter. I am going to check out that rosehip oil. I hope they have it here. And once you perfect those cookies, please share. I'm always on the hunt for a good cookie recipe!

  10. That workout looks intense! I think I might start with my 3lbs for it LOL. I used to lift 20 lbs for each dumbbell but its going to take awhile for me to get back there. Sciatica pain in the worst! Had it all pregnancy. I literally thought I was going to break for awhile. I love earning rewards points for things too!!

  11. That rosehip oil sounds lovely. I should argan oil my face. I suck at skincare. I am great at eating cookies, though. Those cookies look delicious. I'm going to check out what that book's all about.

  12. YOU CALLED THEM RUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    americans make me feel like an idiot when i call them that.
    i might wait till i go home to buy that rosehip stuff, it seems easier to find/cheaper at home.
    that death by dumbbells does not sound fun at all haha.

  13. I get ragey when the library doesn't have a book I want because HOW DARE THEY

  14. Those cookies look amazing, and I'm on the train of real or go home. Glad you got some nicer weather, hope it warms up again for you soon :)

  15. Kill the Father sounds like my kind of dark & twisted book.
    I've changed my library routine since changing my employment routine. The library is use now is MUCH smaller than the one I used before...less books that I want. I'm actually contemplating going into the city every 3 weeks just for a library trip.

  16. So rude that the library doesn't carry every book known to man. I am always out of sorts when they don't have something I want.

  17. Ok. That arm workout is bad-fucking-ass! I'll give that a try at home this weekend with my 5 pounders. NYC?NJ has been having hi-lo swings everyday. One day it was 65, the next it was 43. I've given up trying to dress appropriately.

  18. I love argan oil and have noticed a huge difference in my skin using it regularly. I need to try rosehip - your combination sounds wonderful.

  19. Oh I love shopping at places that give rewards -- definitely makes it so much more enticing. Right now I am obsessed with essential oils and am racking up the rewards with my favorite essential oil company ha ha!

  20. I love the idea of converting reviews into points into dollars. I try not to think about how much I have to spend at Starbucks to "earn" those "free" drinks.

    I need to start weight-lighting again. Pilates is great. But I miss the burn.

  21. Hells yes to points and rewards! I always log in to Ebates before I do any online shopping so I can get extra savings and cash back!