Weekending & Shizz [3-13]

  • March 13, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ I was a single mom over the weekend with the husband away in Cali.  He sends me pics like this with gorgeous weather over there...while it's like, -12C here, snowy, windy and cold as fuck #rude.
He's still sexy though, even if he is in spandex.

seriously, he takes way more selfies than I do.

+ Friday night was reading club. Kayla has been on a Judy Blume kick, currently reading one of my favourites when I was her age.

+ I believe that every kid should have chores that should be done not for money but because you're a member of the house and because you're a decent human being.  Kayla has to set/clear the table for each meal, sweep the floor, fold (everyone's) laundry, put her laundry away, keep her areas tidy and organized.  In the coming months, she'll be washing dishes (too clumsy at the moment) and doing actual laundry (in fact, Saturday was her first lesson).

+ Almost done my poncho; I'm so close I can taste it.

+ I've been berating telling my SVP at work to read Red Rising for weeks but he resisted because he wasn't convinced it would be good (and to just to give me a hard time). On Friday during lunch he said to me "Kathy, I'm very disappointed and upset with you" to which I panicked and immediately started thinking about about work stuff, trying to figure out what he meant by that.  The lunch table was hella quiet and it got awkward real fast.

Then he said "you've made me waste two days of my time....making me read that book, Red Rising! It was so good I ignored everyone and couldn't stop reading it!".  I slapped the table hard (making everyone jump --> LOL) and legit hollered "I TOLD YOU SO! NEVER QUESTION ME AGAIN!"

+ The parent/kid muay thai program is so much fun. Kayla doesn't particularly like training with me since I tend to push my partners hard.

+ This article - 100% yes.  This article should be the first thing that is handed out in the maternity ward after a baby is born.

While Kayla is important to me, she is NOT put on a pedestal (since that's my spot in this family because duh) nor is she the most important person in this family.  You teach your kid that he/she is the most important, you will therefore raise an entitled brat who thinks the world owes them something, who doesn't take any responsibility for anything and will basically expect that they don't have to do a damn thing in life.

We teach Kayla that she must earn respect; that she isn't above anyone (no one has that kind of authority/power) and that her time or what she has to say isn't more important than anyone else who is waiting or speaking.  You want something that's already being used, you wait your turn.  You want to say something while others are talking, you wait your turn.  You have no idea how fucking annoying it is when I'm speaking to an adult and not only do they allow their child to interrupt our conversation but they answer them.  I just turn around and stop talking or walk away because I guess what I have to say isn't important.

+ Started reading this:

We're bracing for a storm that's supposed to roll in tonight and will last until tomorrow evening.

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  1. Love your little book club! How cute is that? And love that your SVP enjoyed Red Rising...his reaction is hilarious, haha. I saw that article over the weekend too and I totally agree. Although I want my children to feel my unconditional love and respect, I also want them to learn to care for others and respect other people. We work a lot on the interrupting part of it that you mentioned but we are getting there :) Great perspective.

  2. The most important person in my family is Hawkeye. But in my defense, she never interrupts you when you talk.

  3. We too are bracing for a big storm tomorrow! 12 to 18 inches! It's like a joke. And it's so cold out. It was warmer in February than March. It's so crazy.

  4. I love this. That is rude... basking in the lovely weather while you freeze. :P Reading club is awesome, and that cracks me up about Red Rising! Can't wait to read it myself! :) I'm excited to read this article even though I don't have kiddos yet. I certainly appreciate when parents teach their kiddos to work and be respectful. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Hahaha your husband rubbing in the weather! Love it! I played single mom for four days last week while Chris was out of town for work. But he went to Mississippi and no one wants to go to Mississippi so I wasn't jelly. I love that you have Kayla doing all kinds of chores. Zoe is going to have to do them too because my sister and I had them and they made us decent humans who knew how to adult when the time came. You know whats not cute? Girls who dont know how to boil water or clean a dish properly!

  6. The weather here is just madness as it always is. Last week we had massive thunderstorms and tornadoes then beautiful 70° weather and then Saturday round it all off with snow. I don't know why I live here sometimes. I do love that you have a book club and that was one of my favorite books as a kid too!

  7. Superfudge - YESSSS!!!!
    I love you two working out together. I did Kung-Fu with my dad & brother growing up & it was the best thing ever.
    Hope that hubs brings the warm weather back with him to you.

  8. Some people criticize me because I get my kids to help do chores around the house (like setting the table, helping empty the dryer, etc), and I'm like um if you start them out young then they're not expecting $20 from you every time you ask them to mow the lawn. Lol I mean I get giving your kids money to buy things when they get to a certain age, but seriously they're part of the family too.

  9. omg that article. can you share it with EVERYONE? i probably can't really say anything bc i'm not a parent but i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee #respect

  10. That article. AMEN.

    I have Red Rising on the shelf...my stack is too high!

  11. We don't have kids, but I agree 100% with that article. You get a trophy when you win. You get a pat on the back when you've done your best. You get love all the time. But the sun most certainly does NOT shine out of your ass and you are expected to treat everyone with the respect you'd like to receive.
    I'm also all in with giving kids chores. I had them. My future kids will have them.

  12. If I ever have children, I hope to follow your lead. How cool that your daughter is reading books you used to love? My nieces are at the same point now and I love it. From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler was my favorite and 2 of my nieces are reading it now. I love it! Also, chores. You win.