Friday Thangs [3-3]

  • March 03, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

TGIF!  Don't know about you guys but this week has been shit.  The old project from hell is up and at it again and guess who got reassigned because people can't seem to get their shit together?!

I'm know I'm lucky to have such a fantastic team and director who 100% supports me and gives me full autonomy on every single project but I went from a decently busy day to WTF back the fuck off me and let me breathe already.  So yes, TGIF.

And as part of TGIF, today I treat myself to acupuncture after work; my back is still bothering me even 1 month after Tremblant and it's affecting my training in every way.  6 week rehab starts today.

+ It`s official!  Work fuck-off time begins November 9!

+ This has been my wine of choice lately:

Not sure if any of you watch UFC but there are few fighters I like to watch, including this cutie right here - Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Aside from the fact that this guy is a decorated kickboxing champion, he seems like such a nice guy! Also, why someone who looks like this chooses to get into a cage and have people punch him in the face is beyond me.  UFC 209 is tomorrow night.

+ Empties -- these are two of my favourite skin products.

The rosehip C+E is hella expensive (but amazing) so once I used this up, I switched to regular ol' Rosehip oil but I continue to use the Hyaluronic serum.  My skin has proven to love it; not only does it smell incredible, it keeps my skin super hydrated all day through the coldest days or driest environments.

+ We're close to finalizing our rental selection and booking our annual summer getaway to  Prince Edward County. Organizing between 4 families is tough but we all have our top 3 rentals and booking will happen today. So excited!

one of the choices; this backs onto a beautiful lake.

+ Free coffee tastes so much better.  I love Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim contest time!


Have a great weekend!

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  1. That rental house looks awesome!
    I'm totally jealous of your (non)work-related November plans, but it totally sounds like you deserve it! :)
    The meme with the dog in the line of stuff animals is adorable!

  2. I am a PG fan so I will have to look for that bottle. Funny boss takes me aside and says "Christina. I have something I need to give to's gonna keep you busy ALL weekend." At first I'm like oh f no, I cannot....then I realize he handing me 6 bottles of white wine to test for our menu. CHA CHING!!! Wanna come over!?!?

  3. That house looks amazing. I think I'll just move there right now. How long will you be away from work in November?! That is awesome. I remember you talking about it last year too.

  4. LOLOL @ the shark/sweeteners.

    Love that rental house!

  5. Work fuck off time -- man, I wish I had something like that!! That house looks beautiful, and I love the little pup standing in line for his treat! looks like me at the bar when I want a drink, except that was like 10 years ago when I actually went to a bar.

  6. That rental house looks amazing! How fun! I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. I'm so ready to close the door on this week!

  7. I totally resonate with the "white folk" haha I want to swim with sharks soooo badly! Put me in a cage and drop me in that bitch! I'm so envious of work fuck off time! Honestly though, I love my company so it's all good.

  8. haha. The artificial sweetner... sorry, it is scarier to me as well :)
    Those dogs hugging... oh my heart.
    I'm with you - it has been a tough week.
    Good luck on finalizing those plans. I cant imagine dealing with so many people to lay things down to confirm. Its why I just stay home ;)

  9. Spent a bunch of time this morning reviewing books on Indigo. Thank you for that tip!!!! Sorry to hear work is being such a tool but glad you have secured the time off in November!!!

  10. The rental house looks amazing! And doing more cleaning in 10 minutes before someone comes over is totally me. I'm a terrible house cleaner. :D

  11. hahahahah the funnies are killing me today. I am not a white person that wants to swim with the sharks. I need to get on board your work fuck off train real fast!! The house you have picture for your vacation looks awesome!!!

  12. I've been hardcore eyeing the Eminence stuff since you sent it to me, I waaaaaant it. As always, so jealous of your work fuck off time. Do you have a countdown going? A calendar with the black Xs through the days?

  13. Oh gosh I wish that I could take a break from work -- I am so over it. That vacation rental looks dreamy! Those funnies, as always, have me laughing!

  14. Hell yeah fuck off work time!

    I moved into my apartment like 2-3 weeks ago & I just now got everything out of my living room & stuff hung up because I have a friend on her way over.

  15. I swear sometimes when I read your posts I think we must have a similar job because mine is legit hell 80% of the time. Or maybe that is all grown up jobs. I need some f*$& off time myself...

  16. That rental house looks amazing! How do I get me some work fuck off time?