Friday Thangs [3-25]

  • March 24, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ TGIF! this work week was hell with 3 concurrent projects going on, I felt like doing this most days:

+ Like any country, Canada has its share of problems and sometimes, our government does something awesome like extending parental leave to 18 months (current is 12 months) and giving a federal budget boost to child care funding.  Reading things like this makes me a proud Canadian.

There are some drawbacks to taking the full 18 month leave, such as lowered EI (same rate but amortized over a longer period) but if you can make it work with supplemental income (read: save like fuck before baby comes), then yayyyyy! 18 months off!

+ Speaking of Canada things, LOL.  We Canadians are not used to seeing our military in the streets.  In fact, we Canadians are not used to seeing guns at all in the streets.

+ Finished reading:

+ Started reading:

+ I can't do horror movies; not even the cheesy parody ones because even those "scary" scenes are too scary.  IT was one of my favourite Stephen King novels and with this (TV movie) remake, I'm almost tempted to watch it.

+ I love this face mask; it's so hydrating.

+ I follow a "remember the 80s" page on Facebook because the 80s rule and they always post awesome things from way back.  Remember this game?

+ Speaking of the 80s, I grew up on Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo gaming system and SMB never gets old.  Super Mario Run is now available on Android!

+ For all you HP fans, look at the bday invite Kayla received from a school friend. I'm not much of a HP fan but this makes me want to go.

+ We forgo TV in favour of Readers Club.  Kayla has been blowing through all of her library books and I love it.  The other day, I asked if she wanted to watch some TV but she said "no, can we do Readers Club?".  Music to my ears.

Just this past week and a half, she's finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Superfudge, Fudge-a-mania and The Fourteenth Goldfish. She's currently reading It's Not The End of The World and after that, James and the Giant Peach.

+ Funnies:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Haha. Those memes.
    I'd love to read these books. But I'd pass on the movie. :P

  2. OMG can I go to Kayla's friend's party?! That is incredible! I secretly hope that my kids get super hooked on Harry Potter someday and decide to have a HP birthday party because I am desperate to throw one (maybe I'll just do one for myself?! lol). I love your little reader's club. How old would you say Kayla was when she started reading novels on her own? Molly (5 1/2) loves when we read her chapter books, and she is doing quite well with reading (can read all picture books) but I'm just curious. I feel like I was maybe 7/8??
    I so wish mat leave had been 18 months when I had my girls...but what a great option! Especially since so many registered daycares don't accept babies until 18 months...there was always a bit of a discrepancy (at least here) with that.

  3. Some women from Canada are in my December 2016 babies group on Facebook were posting about the new maternity leave. Man the US sucks so bad about this!!!!! Ours is the worst. 6 weeks is a joke.

    Love that you guys have reading club!!! LOL at not being invaded!!!!

  4. 18 months maternity leave AND Justin Trudeau!! NOT FAIR. :) ALSO, I love that you and K have reading time -- that is so awesome. I remember blowing through some Baby-sitters Club and always needing the next one.

  5. we are not being invaded hahahaha
    OMG that HP invite is the stuff of my dreams, it's amazing. Can I go?!
    I preferred reading to television as a kid too, and we had cable all my life. Books were just better. I take this to mean that Kayla will grow up to be a genius, because you and I are readers and we're smart AF.

  6. Wow 18 Months maternity leave is amazing!! Go Canada. That bday invite is so great. What a fun party that will be.

  7. That book looks so interesting - that little mouse on a ball? What?!?!? :)
    I want to go to that party!!! What a cool invite.
    I just love so much your girl is such a reader.

  8. 18 months?!?! I should have moved to Canada last year while I was pregnant. That's absolutely incredible! Happy Friday <3

  9. LOL @ the Canadian military info in a tweet (we are not being invaded).

    18 months is freaking awesome. Cripes, 12 months is awesome.

  10. That last one made me LOL. I love Sangria, I'm going to start calling it fruit salad or a fruit smoothie.

  11. ...why is Canada so damn adorable? 18 freaking months?! That's incredible. You went from having an awesome maternity leave to an amazing maternity leave. Meanwhile US women are trying to hold on to our voting rights. (UGGGGHHH this damn country.)
    I LOVE THOSE HP INVITES. I need to do that for one of my parties...

  12. I used to play Trouble ALL. THE. TIME. Loved that game. That sangria one had me LOL-ing. What's EI? 18 months would be cool, if you can swing it. I don't think we even get 12 months int he states. I think it's company specific but the minimum is 3-6 months maybe? I have no idea, I have no kids, obviously.

  13. So much good stuff here . . . cheers to the weekend since work is a pain in the ass this week! Does 18 months make you want another one? Ha - I'm guessing no! I haven't watched a scary movie since Silence of the Lambs . . . not even a PG-13 one - watching the news is scary enough - know what I mean? The 80's were awesome years - my kids have Trouble and we played it endlessly years ago!! Hella impressed over the HP invites - the stamped Owl Mail is so cool! And high five for reading with your kid - my boys would rather play video games and Amanda would rather make a mess in the kitchen - oh well! I guess I'll go sip some fruit salad . . . LOL!

  14. i know i've mentioned it a thousand times but i just love that kayla reads. she is so fantastic.

  15. Okay, I LOVE how much Kayla loves reading. You must be a proud mom. Also, that invitation is the bomb. How clever.

    Yep, pretty jealous over here for that 18 month leave (and even 12 months). I didn't get paid during my leave... had to use sick/vacation time. It's not required at all to pay people during maternity leave which is some BS if you ask me. Only went out for 9 weeks... sad.

  16. That It picture. No, thank you.
    Wondering if you enjoyed The Murder House.
    I love that you've raised a little bookworm. She kicks ass!