Confessions [3-29]

  • March 29, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Well, look who actually showed up to Confessions! It's been a while and I have a bunch of things I need to get off my chest.

+ In all of my 10+ blogging years, I have never accepted money to post anything until 2 weeks ago.  Got paid and now I have $84 sitting in my PayPal account waiting to be spent which means new workout gear! I'm currently searching for a new pair of gloves and I like them bright, obnoxious and loud. Trying to decide between these two....opinions?

+ I spent the last 3 months putting on weight for my experiment and it was fucking amazing because cheese and desserts.

+ Now that I know my weight needs to be around 130lbs for my period's sake, I need to lose about 5lbs.  Maintaining weight is pretty easy but losing weight sucks balls.  This means goodbye liberated eating! Goodbye desserts and cookies! I'll be ramping up my workouts back to 6 days a week, 100% clean eating but will be working out according to my cycle.

+ New member at the gym said to me: when are you going to compete? you're so fit, you should compete!


+ Part of my plan to lose 5lbs is reducing my wine consumption. This means that I will only have a small glass only on Friday nights.  Not ashamed to admit that I'm pretty sad about this.

+ Weird quirk of mine: everytime I go see a movie, I get so sleepy as soon as the trailers begin that I fall asleep for a good 5 minutes.  Happened again when I sent to see Life and I have no idea why this happens.  

+ I hated Baywatch when it was on TV but I actually want to see this:

+ Kayla always brings home her art work from school and I lie to her by saying that I bring them to work when really, they're in the recycling bin.  Before you start calling me a horrible mother, know that I keep the really good ones. Trust me, I would have a billion boxes of her stuff if I kept every single thing. Ain't nobody got time for clutter!

What are your confessions?

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  1. I never watched Baywatch and still have no interest in it but the trailer looked funny. Plus, The Rock.

  2. I'm still laughing over the green smoothie. I like the blue and gold boxing gloves. They stand out more! Yay for some extra money to buy something fun for yourself!

  3. My parents have a tote for me & my brother. They both have things we made, wanted to keep as kids, etc. She made us go through them & as an adult I was like "why in the world would you keep this??" They definitely didn't keep everything either. The totes aren't full & it contains 18 years worth of stuff...which some has been thrown since. I love the first gloves btw.

  4. Zac Efron alone has me wanting to see Baywatch!!!!!!
    My hubs is so bad about getting sleepy in the theater - especially now they have those recliners. Snooze fest!

  5. I like the blue and gold gloves the best! Mojitos ... truly are the best green smoothies. :D Sleepiness is not an issue for me at the movies, but peeing is. The movies are so long to do and I always gotta pee at the absolute worst moment.

  6. I always fall asleep at the movies. I don't go. LOL

  7. Ohh I like both gloves, but I might like the gold a little bit better. It sounds like you have a great plan for your workout routine and health goals-- what a nice compliment to get while at the gym!

  8. Trailers are my absolute favorite part of the movies. Everyone thinks I'm nuts but I HATE being late and missing the trailers. Hahaha!

  9. cheese and wine!!! i just got back from vaca and need to lose a few too. NO DRINKING FOR DAYS. you would not believe how much i ate and drank...omg

  10. I throw out a good majority of everything Erica brings home. Most of it is crap. I save the really good stuff.

    The top gloves are my favorite.

  11. Go for the blue and gold - so bad ass! Such restraint on cutting back the wine consumption . . . so hard!! But that meme is hysterical!

  12. Yay for cheese and desserts! And of course making some extra cash for new workout gloves. I say go for the first pair. They're fun and colorful :)

  13. Get the blue & gold ones! :) I had no idea that Baywatch was being made into a movie?! I loved that show back in the day, haha. I might have to see it!

  14. Wine is so hard because just one glass feels like a drink with dinner but sometimes two can send me into silly territory. At times I think I could stop drinking but we're friends with bartenders at our favorite bar and the only non-alcoholic things they have is water and root beer... no club soda sipping, even.

  15. I'll pretty much watch anything starring the Rock, so I'm in for Baywatch.
    LOL at the mojito one. Pretty much how I feel every weekend!

  16. oooooh i like both pairs of gloves but especially the second ones.
    i never watched baywatch the tv show but the movie looks funny so why not.
    i can't believe you fall asleep at the movies! hahaha