Benefits of Bone Broth.

  • March 21, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

bone broth with quinoa(based) pasta

For years (as in since she was a teen), my mom has been making bone broth soup; a recipe that's been passed down in my family for generations.

I always saw it as comfort food; she made it all the time but I only ate it when I was sick or it was rainy or cold and snowy.  And there was always weird stuff in it; stuff that I chalked up to "strange chinese herb things" that frankly, I always thought were bullshit and a rip off since she would spend hundreds of dollars on all of the ingredients but little did I know that my mother was right on the money.  Of course, we never realize these things until we're much older.

In this bone broth, my mom would toss in a whole chicken (bones, skin and all), these little red things (which I later found out were gogi berries), weird jelly-like things (jelly fish), yellowish jelly-like things (white fungus), beige stringy things (dried scallops), white tear-shaped things (almonds), ginseng, lotus root, shiitake mushrooms...basically nearly everything in this list.

The benefits of bone broth are vast (you can read more details about benefits here) but here's what made me rethink that maybe this isn't bullshit after all -- the state of my mom's skin and the state of my mom's friends' skin.  I know, it's super vain but I'll be honest and admit that as I age, I'm very much aware of the aging process so if there's anything I can do to slow that shit down, I will definitely try it.

My mother and her friends are in their late 60s; some of them beyond 70 yet their skin looks 15-20 years younger.  My mother has never worn sunscreen in her life but when I look at her skin, hardly a wrinkle exists and zero age spots.  At age 68, her skin is still tight and firm.  In my 41 years, I have never ever seen a blemish on her face....not one pimple. Seriously.  She has never been to the derm, she doesn't believe in cosmetic surgery, she doesn't go for facials often, she doesn't do any masks, she doesn't do any face treatments.... she just cleanses, moisturizes and drinks her soups nearly every day.

I've noticed a big difference in not only my skin but overall health since drinking her bone broth at least once a week (since 2006):

+ Youthful skin.  I'm 41 and people often mistake me for much younger *insert hair flip*.  Aside from the products I put on my skin, I have to say that I love the way my skin looks and feels.  If I could spread this broth on my face, I would because I really do think that all the gelatin and amino acids you consume in bone broth (which aids in the production of collagen) promotes youthful, firm skin.

+ Boosts your immune system.  Having a kid means you're susceptible to getting sick (often) since they run around in the Hot Zone aka the cesspool they call school and drag that shit home.  I should be sick more often but I found that I've miraculously avoided illnesses and instead, my husband (who is not a drinker of this magical broth) gets sick a lot during cold and flu season.

+ Overall health.  It just makes me feel better.  This soup feels like home to me and brings comfort like nothing else so when I'm feeling lousy or it's cold and snowy and miserable outside (because Canada), drinking this hot broth comforts me and makes me feel warm and cozy.

So how do you make bone broth?  there are lots of recipes and many use a crock pot but my mom uses a giant pot, throws everything into it, adds some water and boils the whole thing for 2.5hrs.  She doesn't add any salt, pepper or spices either; all those weird ingredients bring natural flavour to the broth so it's 100% natural.

Do you drink any bone broth?

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  1. I just started making bone broth in the instant pot - SO good. I have only really been using it as broth for my soup but the idea of drinking it every few days is pretty appealing too. You have definitely sold me on the benefits!!!

  2. I have read so much about this and only made it once. In Paleo Whole30 circles this is what is often suggested you sip on whenever you find yourself hungry. Skin benefits... I could use some of that!

  3. As a vegetarian whose wanting to go full vegan, I just can't... but I keep hearing all of the benefits it can have.
    ..but I'm shuttering right now...

  4. My friend who lost a ton of weight swears by bone broth... I've always had skin issues so this might be worth trying.

  5. I am very interested in starting a bone broth regime and have been looking into various recipes. Your mom's recipe is a bit different from most - the jellyfish makes me a bit nervous - but I love hearing how it has helped both you and your Mom. My guess is I am also vitamin deficient and this would help big-time!

  6. I'm interested in anything that helps my skin. I'm pretty sure that a lot of the traditional/passed down recipes are legit magic...fruit of the earth. I'm very much interested in this recipe of yours.

  7. I usually keep the broth made when I make a chicken & use it soon after for soup. But it never crossed my mind to do these steps with the intent of making broth, rather than broth being a by-product.

    I was about to click & buy collagen peptides which sound similar, but with less work on my end maybe. Do you focus a lot more on the quality of the meat // chicken whatever you're using when you're making bone broth?

  8. Interesting! I haven't made it before but would love to try sometime. My mom did a lot of ham and bean or pea soups which she'd stick the entire hock of ham into. Which is kind of like a bone broth, but with other things in it. It's great how many benefits it has + I'm always pro using every part of the animal type thing. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I've never had it but am now super curious so I'm off to find a recipe!