Weekending & Shizz [2-20]

  • February 20, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ I knew it was going to be a great weekend for two reasons:
1) on Friday, I was wearing one of my new, super comfy sweat pants because fuck regular pants.
2) I ran into one of the product managers on the way upstairs - he was holding a box of coffee and cups plus his own cup of coffee so I casually mentioned (joking but not joking) that it was about time he bought me coffee .... so he gave me his coffee.  Free coffee and sweat pants? yes, please!

+ It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend; mother nature gave us Canada-folk a taste of spring all weekend with temps reaching 12C and plenty of sun.

We immediately headed outdoors to enjoy the weather.  Little Miss Sass found a pair of my old sunglasses, put them on and when I turned around, this was her expression:

Seriously....too.much.sass for one tiny person.  I'm also admitting that my 8yr old has way better fashion sense than me.

+ I was talking to my sister about stand mixers and recommending the KitchenAid since it's obviously amazing. I also discovered, after 8 years of having this thing, that the front is actually a power hub where you can attach accessories to peel, grind or mash things.  DID YOU KNOW THIS?! #mindblown.

+ My local coffee shop was having a 20% off whole beans sale so I scooped up 2 bags of my favourite coffee and stuffed them into the freezer.

+ I went to Michaels because they had a 55% off coupon since my new project is a poncho (for me).  After grabbing a large, econosize ball of yarn (3 balls in one), I headed to the cash and the final bill came up to $2.03.  For yarn. For my favourite yarn (Redheart Soft). For an econosize yarn that is usually $13.  I immediately paid, circled around and bought another one.  Ok, I did that 3 times and cleaned them out.

Then I discovered this yarn is on clearance so I went to another location and cleaned them out, too.  Trust me, when you find $2 yarn in my city, you buy it all.

Today is a holiday (Family Day) for many folks here in Canada.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. ha that's amazing! What a deal on the yarn. And free coffee. That sounds like a great weekend. My littlest sister is 9 and she has so much sass and style too. hahah :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. That cracks me up that you didn't know that about your kitchen aid. Well, now you can make so many more things!

  3. Awesome yarn deal! I would've cleaned them out too.

  4. Kayla looks so cute and sassy in that picture!!! I want a Kitchenaid mixer sooooo bad and I did not know about the front of it! How awesome!!! Score on that yarn! Get it!!!

  5. Kayla is a sassy little girl and I love it! What a bargain on yarn! I love that I'm not the only who will visit a store repeatedly to get a good deal. And I will confess to going through the recycling bin in my apartment's mail room to take extra flyers of the exceptional coupons that people toss. :D

  6. That picture of Kayla is perfect, lol.
    I can't believe you've had your mixer for 8 years and didn't know about the front hub :) I didn't know at first, but then saw a picture like the one you posted and it blew my mind!

  7. WHAT???? that smasher thing is a real product??? I need to look into that! What great jams you could make!!! mmmm....
    Look at that sass!! I'm dying!

  8. Aw, she's definitely a mini you! So cute!

  9. Holiday here too and after feeling like shit for eternity (six days) I'm finally feeling better. Caught up on blogging and some housework and its awesomeeee :)

  10. Love a good bargain! And Kayla's expression is too funny. The Kitchen Aid attachments are awesome - we have the meat grinder and it's a bitch to clean but you can make your own gyros...

  11. kayla is so sassy! i don't have a kitchen aid but i have seen them and all their attachments but had no idea where they went lol

  12. Kayla's picture is the best! She's so darn cute. I had no idea about that on the mixer either -- we have one, but I normally reserve it for making cookies. :)

  13. Free coffee is the best coffee!

    I love that about my KitchenAid mixer! I use so many attachments, love that thing!

  14. We had some crazy spring-like weather for two days (not consecutive of course) and I just about fell over! However, it started snowing on Friday and is supposed to snow today. Wth. I have been wanting a KitchenAid mixer for years! Maybe I will finally break down and buy one...