Weekending & Shizz [2-13]

  • February 13, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Started the weekend off right with my monthly facial acupuncture treatment.  I met my bestie there (it was her first time) and she LOVED it!  Yes, another convert!  She'll be joining me once a month for this amazing, natural treatment that shaves years off your face.

ignore the sleepy look; I just woke up from the treatment.  I love how clear and bright my skin is after my treatments...this photo is 100% untouched - no makeup, no filter.

+ I decided to take a small break from exercise from Tuesday until Saturday to give my body some time to heal.  Apparently, bruised ribs and a strained back take more than 5 days to heal but I can't not workout so I tried to take it easy during Saturday's 2hr Muay Thai class even though I was scolded non-stop by my trainer and gym members ("what are you doing here?! you should be resting!") so he paired me up with a newer member so I could take it easy.

Compliment of that day:
Gym member: wow, your "taking it easy" punches and kicks are my hardest punches and kicks. I don't want to know what your hits are like when you're not injured.


+ Went to a Beauty Counter social my friend was hosting.  I get nervous going to these things because I'm a sucker for a good sales pitch, skin products and makeup.

I bought two of these lipbalms (they were on sale) and a sheer lipstick even though I rarely wear lipstick but it was such a great colour - just a slight hue deeper than my natural lip colour.  I'll probably do what I normally do with new makeup (that I rarely wear): wear it the first week and then forget I have it.

+ It was snowmageddon on Sunday so we stayed in and baked - cookies for Kayla, grain free bread for me.

These cookies are legit. I had 1/4 of this cookie and man, I wanted to stuff this whole thing in my mouth.  They're soft and chewy inside with a slightly crunchy bottom.

+ Speaking of snow, we always shovel our elderly neighbour's driveway.  She's the nicest lady and continues to bring us homemade yummy dimsum-like treats as a thank you even though I have told her multiple times not to because we are happy to do it.

Yesterday she brought us these homemade sesame balls.  If you haven't had these at dimsum, you're missing out.  They're so bad for you but ohsogooooood #ballsinmymouth.

+ I think I need to reevaluate the whole "I need to stay at 130lbs to keep my period" and remind myself that it doesn't mean "eat all the things".

+ Preparing my final contributions for tax season 2016.  I just submitted the first of two lump sum contributions towards my retirement investments; 2nd lump sum payment will be submitted last week of February #maxthatshitout.

+ It's official -- my old Typepad account has been cancelled.

+ Booked a luxurious facial in two weeks because treat yoself.

How was your weekend?

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  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything you've said in this post, but it is about the picture of Kayla baking. I LOVE your backsplash. I noticed it on ig, was going to comment, didn't, but I just saw it again, and had to say something. I notice weird things.

  2. Ah awesome! I hope that you like the products, I saved the link to look into. :) Yum cookies. We have been having spring-like weather and it's been a nice change! How sweet, I love that you guys shovel her walk and that she brings you dimsum/treats. I have not tried sesame balls.. yum, they look good though! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. ok i need to check out this acupuncture thing. i'm so intrigued. those cookies look delicious. crap, now i want chocolate.

  4. Your skin is so bright and glowy- beautiful! I'd love to see you share a post on your favorite skin care products/your skin care routine. Or if you have can you send me the link?

  5. That cookie... YES!!!!!
    I really want to try that lip conditioner!!!

  6. Love the gym compliment--go girl! So fun to have a snowday and make cookies. We haven't had any snow days this year and it's depressing!

  7. I don't wear much make-up these days but I'm trying to up my skincare game. The past few years I've haven't done a good job with it and need to make up for the neglect. Dim sum sounds so good right now. We were sunny and warm this weekend. Ummm ... sorry? :D

  8. your skin is amazing. can i come visit you once a month and we go there? haha because there is nothing like that here. those sesame balls look amazing and i just love that you guys shovel her driveway and she makes shit for you. how lovely of both of you. i keep hearing about beauty counter and i am intrigued, but i'm scared of the prices.

  9. I am still totally jelly over your amazing skin!!! You will have to let us know what you think of the lip stuff. That is so sweet that you guys shovel your neighbors driveway. Those balls look so yummy! I need to find some dimsum around here. Mmmmmm

  10. Could I have your skin please and thank you? I need to jump on the acupuncture train too :)

  11. That cookie looks delish!
    Hey, facial acupuncture sounds amazing. I think I would want to try it.

  12. That cookie and those sesame balls look so so amazing.

  13. Wait, you only ate 1/4 of that cookie and stopped? Are you even human? Lol. I ate 3 cookies this morning and half a box of chocolate. My excuse is that I'm trying to save myself from binging on it all later so I'll do it now.