Signs you're a bad driver.

  • February 22, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

you have to admit this meme is hilarious. Not racist either since I'm Asian so it's ok that I posted this.

If it's one thing I hate, it's bad driving and it's unfortunate that my city is FILLED with bad drivers; it's like living around one big accident just waiting to happen.

It's why I have arranged my work schedule in such a way that I avoid rush hour traffic because I can't handle sitting in traffic surrounded with fuckwits who have no idea what they're doing behind the wheel.

You're a bad driver if:

.... You think that just by signalling, that gives you permission to just switch lanes. No, asshole; you signal, CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT and then merge if the coast is clear. If it's not, then you'll have me honking the shit out of you.

.... You cut in front of me and then drive like an asshole or slow as fuck. You can be sure that extreme honking will occur the whole way I'm behind you.

.... You're afraid to drive on the highway yet drive on the highway anyway and then you go 80km/hr causing a huge backlog of traffic because you shouldn't be on the highway to begin with #corolladrivers.

.... You do an 8-point turn just to back out of a parking space.

.... You do an 8-point turn just to get into a parking space.

.... You don't know how to reverse park and when you try, it takes you 10 minutes #stopit.

.... You have multiple dings all over your bumper. Hell, all over your car.

.... You seem terrified to be behind the wheel and legit drive like a deer in headlights with the car seat jacked way up that you're practically sitting on the dashboard.

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  1. The people that signal and then just GO are the ones that make my head spin. Also, merging in front of me to SLOW DOWN. NOOOOOO. MOVE, DAMN IT.

  2. YES to all of this, and lol at the Family Guy meme. That could be true of pretty much everyone in Orlando at rush hour :-P

  3. ahhaha your first sentence. So much yes. I thankfully avoid most terrible drivers. Crazies behind the wheel are terrifying.

  4. *The people who blow a stop sign just to pull out in front of you - the only other car on the road - and then drive slow. Wait 3 seconds until I pass, asshat!
    *The people who think they need to come to a complete stop in traffic to turn right into a wide street / driveway.
    *The people who are clearly too busy on their phone / eating / reading the newspaper to notice that the light is green. Commence the horn!
    *And just because a line of cars got thru the left turn green arrow and you're still moving when it turns red...doesn't mean you can still go!

    You have totally unleashed all of my daily rage with this post! In case you're wondering....Detroit suburbs is where all this BS happens.

  5. Haha I have very little road rage most of the time, but I don't drive enough to get it. I have a tiny car because I hate parking and backing out of spaces. My car almost has the turning radius of one of those zero point lawn mowers or whatever they're called lol. I do get enraged by no turn signal people, though. I once read a facebook post by someone saying that they don't use turn signals because they don't want to be a "sheep" and everyone knows when she's going to turn. Whhhaaat?