Friday Thangs [2-17]

  • February 17, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ I take my vitamins each morning.  We are a healthy-eating family but a little help with vitamin intake never hurts.

Probiotics are always a good idea.  Did you know that 80% of ailments are due to imbalanced gut bacteria?  Our bodies contain billions of bacterial cells (good) with the majority of them concentrated in our gut so why not give these guys a bit of a boost through probiotics?

With winter dominating half of the year up here in Canada, the sun rarely makes its appearance so I supplement with vitamin D drops. These drops are tasteless, fast (you only need one drop a day) and lasts forever.

+ Kayla also takes a dose of vitamins every morning.  There was a time last year when we slacked on this and she was getting sick more often...then I remembered when I gave her these three things on a regular basis back in the day when she started grade 1, she didn't get sick as often and if she did, it didn't last long.

I have to say, although I'm sure these don't taste too good (ok, I'm 100% sure these don't taste good), Kayla knows it's good for her and eats it without a fuss.

(L-R): Omega oil for healthy brain development, skin and nails / Kindervital multivitamin includes Vitamin D / Probiotic for healthy gut flora and overall health.

+ My inlaws gave Kayla these tiny jars of Nutella that they got from some relatives in Italy.  How cute are they?!

+ Blanket scarf in the making.  I love this yarn - it's so cozy, warm and soft.

+ Our Prime Minister went to the white house this week and I laughed my ass off at all the hilarious tweets:

+ Saw Edge of Seventeen....not bad.  I don't remember being that angsty at that age.

+ I'm always on the hunt for the perfect crispy potato wedge recipe and I've found it! The trick: soak wedges in ice water for 30mins and then add tapicoa or corn startch to the mix.

+ this article that reiterates why you should start training in Muay Thai now!

+ getting me some cash back from ebates!

Have a great weekend - I know I will since it's long weekend!

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  1. I would have NEVER guessed that putting potatoes in ice water would be a good thing. But then again, I also am a horrible cook lol.

    Those tiny Nutella jars... so cute. And yummy.

  2. Those Nutella jars are so so cute! Oh my gosh, Trudeau is such a dream boat... even before Trump. America is so embarrassing for so many reasons right now. Ugh. Good for you guys doing vitamins everyday. I wish I was on that... maybe 2017 is the year! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Crispy potato wedges!! yes, I am going to try that the next time I do Whole30 loaded potatoes. Yum! I love nutella, those are so cute:) have a great weekend!

  4. Your PM is seriously the cutest. Wanna trade world leaders...? (Sigh- only the devil would trade places with ours and I'm pretty sure that'd be an upgrade for us...)
    Now I feel like I need to research vitamins for our family!

  5. Those Nutellas are adorable, I want one!

  6. Your PM is f-ing hot. Sometimes his wife is too.

  7. Heck, I totally get Ivanka's starting at the PM... he is dreamy.
    That 'hand shake' tweet is hilarious.

    I wish I could take vitamins. They tear my stomach up. I end up sitting on the toilet 99.9% of the time I take them.

  8. LOL! I am jealous that you not only have a sane and good leader, but that he is also handsome and doesn't look like an orange troll. I need to do a much better job with my vitamins. I am good at taking them for a bit, but forget far too often. I am going to have try those crispy potato wedges because never turn out crispy! Although learning may actually be bad, I have horrible self-control. :D Have a great weekend!

  9. I love Trudeau. I'm jealous of Canada. Happy Friday!

  10. Vitamins are so important! I got into the habit of taking them about two years ago & can totally tell a difference if I miss a day or two. I take vitamin D too (because SAD is legit) but never thought about the drops! I kind of like that idea more than taking a pill. I've never seen those tiny Nutella jars before! Those are adorable, haha.

  11. Our ahole bro group obsession with Trudeau is my favorite. I dont take a probiotic but I am thinking that I need to. I do at least take a daily multivitamin! I heard that probiotics are great for babies too, especially when they are in day care like mine will be starting to. I want to face plant in a plate of potato wedges. YUM!

  12. Oh man, your Prime Minister is indeed a babe. HAHAHA. I'm a supplement whore, but only the natural ones like probiotics, maca powder, spirulina, st.johns wort, etc, etccccc.

  13. ebates is the best! i order a lot of stuff for work so i love love love love it. good job on the vitamins, i take mine every day (only just started, trying to get body ready to grow another human haha) but i am curious about the vitamin D drops.