Confessions [2-15] - The mean one (sort of).

  • February 15, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ People who relish playing the victim are really annoying.  I know someone who is constantly posting about her anxiety but nothing about what she's doing to help herself - it's those cryptic, vague, annoying posts that aim to elicit things like "what's wrong?" (so she can go on for days talking about how it's affecting her life but nothing about what she's doing to help it) or "oh, you're so brave!" (because she loves attention/reading about herself/getting accolades from others) so I've stopped following her.

Listen, I've had my share of mental illness that gravely affected me, my family, my friends and the quality of my life. I struggled for 2.5years but instead of broadcasting it to get claps on the back, I worked hard to get help and get better.

+ The more I use my personal Kikki K planner, the more it annoys me because it's too small.  There, I said it.  I love the color scheme/look and feel etc but I'm realizing (with major regret) that the (horizontal) layout is just too small...or my writing is too big. I'm going to ride out the rest of the year (maybe) and maybe sell it in a few months.

+ When new people visit my blog and leave comments, I always return the favour....but then get really annoyed when they leave their Google+ url because Google+ sucks. I thought everyone knew that?  Please people - just leave your blog URL. People will appreciate it and you'll gain more readers that way.

+ Why must people use Facebook to write novels about their day or use it to post a rant essay?

+ Completely forgot it was Valentine's day yesterday.

+ Being a cheap bitch pays off.  I've been on a mission to get new sweat pants but without the high price tag.  I was going to place an order on Monday for two pairs ($24 each - not the best price but the lowest I've seen) but my inner cheap chinawoman raged at the $8 shipping fee. I had a 10% off coupon but that did shit because of the stupid $8 shipping and I ended up closing the window.

Then yesterday, I get an email notifying me that not only are they having a Valentine's Day flash sale of 25% off but also free shipping!  My pants didn't qualify for the 25% off but who cares - 10% and free shipping?! yes, please!

+ I haven't turned on my actual TV in months and if I do watch (mostly on-demand stuff), I watch it through my provider's mobile app.

+ I got dragged back into the project from hell because people can't seem to get it together. Rage.  My calendar went from decently busy to OMFG I'm going to kill myself in a matter of 12hrs.

No matter though; I only have to power through until November when it's work fuck off time again!

Do you have any confessions today?

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  1. Every time you post about unfollowing someone I'm all like "omg do I do that" paranoid. I hate cryptic blogging. If I don't spell something out it's genuinely because I am too lazy to bore anyone with the details but email me and I'll spill it lol.

  2. Ugh cryptic posts anywhere irritate the fuck out of me. Why did you say anything at all?! And more work fuck off time? I want that!!!! Sorry you got dragged back on that project, people are lame. And that super stinks your new planner is too small. I still never ordered one. LOL.

  3. You have to be the only woman who forgot Valentine's Day... your husband has to adore you just for that alone ;) haha

    Oh man... sorry to hear about your planner. I know you waited for the longest for it & have worked so hard to get it what you need. Drats. The good news? So many other planners out there to try. Try try again!

  4. I once heard the phrase "vague-booking" to describe those who give juuuust enough info on FB to make people ask questions and send sympathy. No no no. I hate it and I don't care. Sorry, but share it or don't. None of this in-between pity crap.

  5. No reply commenters are worse imo. I hate digging for an email address to respond to. I've just taken to responding on my blog post for some people and telling them they are no-reply commenters. Very rarely does it make a difference.

    I buy sweatpants at Walmart because they are super cheap, but idk if that's a Canadian option.

    My mother is a vaguebooker and I refuse to even acknowledge whatever she vaguebooks about. She can tell me or not tell me, I ain't got time for her bullshit.

  6. Cryptic blogging is lame.

    Ugh I hate when I have to admit my planner is not working. I can't keep that shit a second longer, I replace immediately.

  7. my inner cheap chinawoman HAHAHAHAH

  8. How long is your work fuck off time going to be this time? I'm already jealous!!
    People who play the victim or put up vague statuses that are begging for attention piss me off so bad. I don't have anyone in my life that does that, but I used to. I had to kick them to the curb. You do not get to complain about something over and over and do nothing to fix it. Anxiety?! I mean, come on, do you even know the resources available to help deal with that shit? It must not be that crippling if you're doing jack shit about it.

  9. Hahaha to the vague blogging. I always go back and am like have I done that, but I don't think so!! I'm jealous of your work fuck off time -- I want work fuck off time so bad!

  10. I hate Facebook. I hate the long winded rants. They should limit you like on twitter.

    People that play the victim irritate me. Aside from it being annoying the fact that it is annoying prevents people who actually could benefit from talking about it, talking about it.

  11. I hate google plus. I don't understand it and I don't care to. Also, I have vague emotional social media posts. If you don't want to share, don't half share. GRRR.

  12. Those who constantly play the victim drive me nuts and being vague about it is even more annoying. Say it or shut up. We all have crap in our life but those who ALWAYS seem to be getting dumped on and then thrive off the sympathy, drive me nuts. And they are also the last person to show up when you have stuff to deal with. GRRRRRRR ... I'm sorry your Kikki K planner isn't working out. I remember how thrilled you were when it finally arrived. Boo!

  13. Google+ is dumb, and I hate it, like sometimes I can find a blog link or address or whatever for these folks, and other times it just lists nothing & has random shit they've posted from other sites that AREN'T theirs. NOT HELPFUL.

    Also, I just do not pay for shipping.I will drive to the store & pick it up, or find it on Amazon where I can get free shipping. It's just one of those things that should be free. Glad your cheap China woman came out & made you wait.

    My confession is I keep trying to love my planner, since I paid for it (not a lot,but still) & never use it, it sits on my beside table, and every few weeks I go hard writing shit down for a week, and then never look at it, and it all repeats. I WANT TO BE ORGANIZED. WHY WONT MY BRAIN LET ME!?

  14. There is someone on my FB who does that cryptic shit all the time! And it's an adult, and by adult I mean real adult...not my almost 30 year old self adult ha. It's someone that used to work with my mom, & had a kid that graduated with my younger brother. So because it's all still in that small town circle the next time I'm on the phone with my mom I feel the need to be like WTF is going on with so & so because I'm nosy but don't want to actually cater to the posts on FB.

    Google+ annoys me as well. If someone's profile is linked to their Google+ instead of their blog, or they try to make me comment through there...nope...not happening.

  15. ha this is awesome. I've never had someone leave me their G+ link.. weird! I have a big pet peeve in people who comment just for the comment back. It's so obnoxious. Every comment is like, "lovely darling! LINK" ugh. No thanks. Being put on lame work projects is the worst. Hopefully you had a good Tuesday, ours was pretty relaxed though we did go see Moulin Rouge at the Alamo....because.. fun! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. I cannot do FB anymore because of all the things you've mentioned. I don't even care what I might or might not be missing. I have no FOMO and prefer my own sanity.

    Hooray for deals and sales! I have been known to do the same when I've seen shipping costs.

  17. i can't handle people who complain about shit vaguely but do nothing to help themselves. i understand mental illness is real and people who need help should talk about it, but those just looking for sympathy drive me bonkers.
    bummer about your planner :(
    shipping is ridiculous, no matter the cost of what i am buying or how much shipping is, i refuse to pay it.

  18. I use a Plum Paper Planner and it's pretty big. I really like it! Have you looked at those ones before?

  19. Yes yes yes to the people playing victim. I am stalking your posts today 'cause I'm way behind. I know someone like this *ahem MIL *ahem, and I am completely 100% over it. She has some mental issues. But if she shows me one more bruise on her arm that she got from doing whatever, I cannot handle it. Every time we see her, she's got to point out the bruise she got because she did something to herself while working or whatever. Major victim issues, besides just that, I could go on. But I'll just say it drives me crazy. I completely ignore it when she does it and move on to a new subject. I hate Google + addresses, too. I have trouble finding their blog that way and give up sometimes.

  20. I seriously cannot stand when people post about their mental illness but never have taken steps to do anything about it. I've battled with my fair share of problems but not once have I gone to Facebook about it. To me, it's personal. If I am having a difficult time and need to reach out, I phone one of my friends. Also, I cannot stand when people "vague-book". I swear all they want is attention and people give it to them! Ugh.