when age makes you think of death

  • January 26, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Talk about a morbid post title, right?

It's no secret that I'm an old hag and turning 41 in December really did something to me, mentally; it's almost as if the clock of life switched on in my head and I feel like I need to get my shit in order with my  health.

Food and fitness - check.  I have no issues or concerns with this and I know that I do everything I can to get the Grim Reaper to back the fuck up.  I eat as organically as possible (because fuck chemicals and pesticides, even though it probably doesn't even make a difference due to cross-contamination) and I workout like fuck to keep my heart strong, my weight and stress levels low.  Aside from my wacky hormones due to over-exertion/over-exercise which is making my baby box dry up like the sahara desert, I'm working on a plan to get that back on track.

but what about the other "unknowns"? the things happening in our bodies that we don't know about until it's too late?

I'll be the first to admit that cancer scares me.  Too many times I hear stories - people I know, even - who fall victim to cancer at an early age even though they do everything right: eating clean, regular exercise, low stress, not overweight, low body fat....and then they kick the bucket.

What the fuck, life?

So part of my plan is to find out before it finds me:

1) Colorectal health. When my husband's good friend passed from colon cancer (that took him very quickly from diagnosis to death), it scared the shit out of me because he was in amazing shape and only 45 - my husband's age.  I immediately called my doctor, booked my physical and while I was with her, asked for a referral to a GI specialist.

My colonoscopy consult happened on Monday and after a great informative discussion with the specialist, I discovered that my heritage and gene pool makes me susceptible to colorectal cancer.  Rude.

In addition, my father had a polyp removed during his procedure and although I don't remember what the pathology reported (this procedure was done in 2004), the GI doc said that I can do the procedure under coverage of OHIP (our universal health care aka no charge to me) since I fall under the guidelines of early screening (Ontario screening begins at 50yrs old).

I hummed and hawed about it for a couple of days because hello, you have to drink a gallon of this gross liquid that makes you shit out your insides for 30 minutes, followed by butthole sodomy with a fiber optic camera for a good 15-20 minutes.  He also mentioned that sedatives are given before the procedure and thank fuck for that; I'll be free basing that shit, thank you very much.

I decided I was being too dramatic about this whole thing so after I got over myself, I pulled the trigger and scheduled the appointment.

2) Intra vag and pelvic exam. Ugh, I think I'd much rather have an inanimate object fingering my asshole then do this fucking test. I hate the fact that it's so uncomfortable what, with having to drink 32oz of water one hour before the exam and then sitting there with a full bladder that's 2 seconds away from exploding waiting for them to call you...and they almost never do until hours later.

3) Dentist.  Ok, so this doesn't have to do with anything internal but I've neglected going to the dentist for nearly a year because fuck the dentist. I keep my gums and teeth in tip top shape but I suspect it's not enough. I already have my appointment scheduled and they were so happy when I called because those bitches have been harassing me for months to go in.

4) Last will and testament.  Although this has nothing to do with a medical doctor, I do have to go about finding a lawyer to finally get our wills done.  I know, it's awful that we have a kid and no will to dictate who gets what.  We said that we would get our shit in order before Kayla was born and well, she's 8 now and we haven't done jack.  Damn you, laziness!

So in the next 2 months, I'm going to make it my mission to find a lawyer and have our wills done properly but I'll be 100% honest and admit that one of the biggest reasons why I put this off was because of the fees.
I have a good friend who's an environmental lawyer and I'm trying to convince him to do our wills but he keeps telling me that's not his expertise. I always respond with: but you're a lawyer. And my friend. And you wouldn't charge me so how hard can it really be for you to read up on that shit? (I know, he's totally right and I'm kidding. Sort of).

I suppose I could go low budge and print online shit but are those even legit? hmmm.. I'll ask Lawyer Google for the answers.

How are you staying healthy?

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  1. I hate thinking about health and death and shit. Life man. You can be doing everything right and then one day, boom! Game over! It's never fair! I tend to be horrible about putting certain appointments off for way too long. Hello dentist and eye doctor...I'm looking at you. But you better believe I never miss a Pap smear. And don't even get me started on wills. Ugh. So need to do that too.

  2. It's weird to say, but I've been obsessed with death and dying ever since the kid was born. And that's why I workout so hard and attempt at eating well -- it will be nothing that I did wrong that takes me out of the world earlier than I want, and especially before I get to see my little dude grow up. But fuck the dentist -- I hate them. :)

  3. I need to do all of the above, ugh. Hate all of that shit. Good for you for making yourself a priority!

  4. I so need to schedule the colonoscopy. My dad had colon cancer so I know I need to get to it. I had one when I was in my 20's for GI issues but now that I'm 45,I know I need to do it again.
    When I hear stories of people that are healthy & then get these horrid disease, it freaks the life out of me.

  5. It's probably a form, the wills. It is here. Don't stress too much, you just leave everything to Kayla and then appoint a caretaker until she turns 18.

  6. Oh my... I need to adult... oh my. Look at you with your goals. Awesome. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Ugh. Cancer scares the living shit out of me, too. My husband's father caught his kidney cancer early on by freak chance and we're so thankful, but I'm paranoid about K with kidney cancer and prostate cancer. And I'm constantly nervous about ovarian or cervical cancer. And skin cancer runs in my family. Ugh.
    All you can do is stay vigilant and put that health ins. to good use. *sigh*
    Our friends created a will when their daughter was born and made us her guardians if something happens to them, but I know we need to get that shit in order, too. Especially since we own a business.
    It's so complicated to live sometimes!

  8. like nadine and i said in our little whatsapp thing, we like to ignore this shit haha. i am trying to get my life in gear though - first thing is my weight. it keeps climbing up and up (probably because i keep shoving junk into my face). heart disease terrifies me (and strokes, equally terrifying now) and of course cancer... skin & lung mostly, but there are so many types.

  9. Legal Zoom can help you with the will. It's online, affordable and I assume you can do it - only issue might be with you being Canada-based. I'm not sure if it is US only since different countries may have some different laws, etc. But if you can, then you can at least get a basic will done now. I pretty much need to take care of everything you listed. I'm adopted so sometimes I freak out about the hereditary issues that I don't even know about because as much as I love my Mom and Dad, any family health issues doesn't mean a damn genetically, just emotionally.

  10. The dentist is hard for me. I'm up to date elsewhere.

  11. I am so bad at going to the doctor/dentist. I go once a year for my physical...the end. I do need to find a doctor who will tell me what the hell is going on with my ovaries though. I took myself off the pill back in November to see if that would help anything but I mostly want them to tell me if I have endometriosis or not because it runs in my family, as in almost every woman on my mom's side has it, & over the past couple of years my periods/ovaries have gone nuts. I haven't had a single doctor yet willing to really look into it though because I'm not trying to have kids right now.

  12. I completely agree with all of these but the Wills? GET ON THAT SHIT LIKE YESTERDAY! That stuff drives me mad. Having been in law for over a decade it makes me absolutely crazy when people, especially those with kids and assets, have no Will or arrangements. You have no idea that nightmares that can ensue after without them. HANDLE THAT SHIT YO!