Friday Thangs [1-6]

  • January 06, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

2017 is starting off right!

+ Last night I found an old wallet that hasn't been used in about 3 or 4 years and while I was checking the pockets (was going to give the wallet to Kayla to play with), I found $60USD!

+ Week one of my health reset was a success!  Frankly, it was pretty hard to not eat all that bad stuff and I thought about it  At the start of my detox, we had dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant and tickets to a show and I kept to my detox by not eating grains (hello, no nachos/salsa?!) and ordered seared fish and salad.  That's amazing, right? But I did stuff my face with guac because guac is allowed and not eating guac is dumb.

What's even more amazing is that there's still a 3/4 bottle of wine in my kitchen that mocks me every time I open the fridge.

+ Bought a groupon for 2 months of unlimited yoga for $70 and my first class was core conditioning on Wednesday. It was a good workout but I'm going to sound like a total ahole bro right now and admit that I wasn't used to the (slower) pace.  At my gym, my trainer works us super hard and makes us go as fast and as hard as we can to crank out as many reps of *insert exercise here* in a limited amount of time...that's the pace I'm used to so when the instructor at Wednesday's class shouted "100 crunches!" I did them double time (as per muay thai).  When I was done, the rest of the class was still at 50.

+ I love catching Kayla reading quietly by herself.  It makes this mama bookworm so proud that she loves to read as much as I do!

+ Grinding fresh coffee, as much as I hate doing this manually, just tastes so.much.better.  And I don't want an electric one because I heard the heat from the motor actually changes the flavour of the coffee (heats up the grounds while grinding the beans).

+ Made my bestie's son a hat for Christmas.  This patch only took A MONTH AND A HALF to arrive at my house because Canada Post decided to go on vacation in December.  Thanks to Kristen for sending it but seriously, Canada Post took their sweet fucking time getting this to my house and I'm now just delivering this Christmas gift. Rage.

+ Planning for the new year.  Switched to my polkadot Kikki K planner and excited to use it!

+ Funnies:  Anyone else a LOTR fan?

(this one made me laugh so hard)

I go back to work as of Monday (boo) but it's been a wonderful, glorious and long holiday.  

Happy weekend!

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  1. the bookworm in me loves those pics of kayla. i am so grateful my mom always took me to the library and encouraged me to read. and YAY to the $60 dolla holla!

  2. LOL at the Mean Girls/middle earth meme! And look at you go with finding $60, how awesome is that?! And congrats on a successful first week back on the healthy train. Get it girl <3

  3. The LOTR memes are awesome. Especially the Gandalf one. We have a little grey barn cat that my dad calls Gandalf the Grey. Hahaha!
    Some yoga classes kick my butt and some I sleep through. That said, I am definitely not as fit as you so I'm sure the 100 crunches would've killed me...
    Yes to finding money!

  4. I've definitely begun eating healthier... but I am not being strict on myself. Definitely had a delicious dark chocolate and sea salt chunk of chocolate. I couldn't help myself. Those photos of Kayla are so cute! I love when I find my son reading ♥

  5. I can't wait to take sheffield to the library! I hope he loves to read!! Haha, i pretty much want to get 100 crunches over as fast as i could too!!

  6. I love when I look out from my desk and see kids reading. I'm focusing more on time in text than written work this semester. Though, I do have a few whose books have a permanent place on my desk because they can't be trusted not to read while I teach.
    Have fun with the new planner!

  7. Why cant I find $60? If I find forgotten money, it is usually change. And little of it. Love Kayla's love for reading! That is so awesome!

  8. Love that Kayla loves to read! And super score on finding some American cash!

  9. Um YES for finding forgotten money!

    Love that Kayla loves to read! I always find Caleb sitting in his room "reading." It makes me melt.

  10. Hahaha all those LotR memes are perfect. And they make me want to watch LotR. I love finding bonus money, although usually it's like... a dollar.

  11. We just had a LotR marathon a week ago! I for sure know more about it than actual history!

    Love finding money in my old stuff. It's like a gift to myself.

  12. $60?! That is an awesome find, I'm jealous!

  13. I just ground my first coffee in the store... I didnt even know how to do it. My step daughter, who is a coffee freak was like, WHY DIDNT I GET YOU A COFFEE GRINDER FOR CHRISTMAS??? Now i'm off to try & find one myself.

  14. I'm whoa impressed with the hand grinder. I need to get me one of those!! Maybe your USD can buy me one. HAHA JKKKK.

  15. omg yes! huge LOTR fan here. they are all hilarious, and the first one is so true. oops! hahaha.
    i love love love how much Kayla likes to read. i need to make sure my kids love it too! otherwise i will return them. haha.

  16. I love that Kayla enjoys reading! That's a life-long love affair in the making :) Kikki K all day!!!!! That makes me excited for you!

  17. So glad Kayla likes reading. I still can't get over the pic from a few posts ago where she's asleep on the stairs with a book on her head. What a cutie! Hoping to keep cleaning up our eating as the month goes on. More eating at home so far has been better. Fighting some nasty anxiety that manifests itself most frequently as constant nausea. :( So, there are certain things that are pretty much all I can eat when i feel that way. It's the. worst. ugh. Hoping yoga and the good sleep are positively helping my anxiety though! Should be!! LOTR is my fave. We watched extended Fellowship the other night. So good. I also don't care what people say, but I love the Hobbit movies too. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. Teh German's mom shipped us a package from Germany on 12/4. It arrived on 1/10. MADNESS. Additionally, since it was cookies, not only could we not eat them (although I tried), they were mostly dust covering all the marzipan that was in wrappers.

  19. That Mean Girls/Middle Earth meme is everything! And hells yeah to finding $60! Finding money that I forgot I stashed is seriously the best thing ever.