Friday Thangs [1-13]

  • January 13, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ I just love the results of my monthly facial acupuncture.  I've been doing this since last spring and the results are amazing - soft, hydrated skin that is firm and supple.  I have appointments lined up for the next three months and can't wait!
This picture is unfiltered/untouched.  I'm not wearing any makeup other than a bit of concealer under my eyes - no foundation, no powder, no blush or lipstick.

+ Hotel to NYC booked! Goddamn, hotels in NYC are expensive.  My husband is racing in the NY Gran Fondo in May and since the race starts at the NJ Turnpike, we booked a hotel in the upper west side.  Now comes the fun part - where to eat and take Kayla.  It's been a while since we've been to NYC.... 12 years, maybe?  For sure I'd like to go back to the area of the two towers, walk around Soho/Chinatown/all the boroughs, run through Central park. I'll definitely be taking one day to train at a muay thai gym there.

+ Speaking of trips in 2017, our annual Mt. Tremblant winter trip is coming up fast.  We leave Feb 2-7 and I'm so excited! my snowboard is tuned and I just have to adjust the bindings but other than that, we're ready to hit the slopes.  Refresher ski and snowboard lessons have been booked and this year, we got a great deal on the hotel.

+ My husband came down with the flu AND strep throat which totally kicked his ass and kept him in bed for a good 5 days.  To avoid that shit, I've been slurping down ginger/lemon/honey tea all week because ain't nobody got time for that.

+ Kayla came up with a great activity for the evenings:  The Reading Club.  We have to "register" our book in order to get into this club which is fine by me...I'll do anything to foster her love of reading.  This is her "registration table" where she records our  name, our book and takes attendance.
Clearly, the husband wasn't doing his part but since we berated him to follow the rules, he asked for 3 books and is now reading A Scanner Darkly.

+ Anyone watch boxing?  I never cared about boxing until I started doing Muay Thai; now I can fully appreciate the technical aspect of boxing and how amazing this sport really is.  Check out this guy, Vasyl Lomachenko - he's an Olympic boxer who turned pro and holy shit, his footwork and technique are mind-blowing and beautiful.

+ Check out my DIY stand-up desk! Thanks to my wonderful husband who made this for me.

+ THIS SERIES!  If you haven't started reading this, GET ON IT NOW. I'm almost finished Golden Son and can't wait to start Morning Star.

+ Funnies:

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  1. Kayla's reading club is the cutest thing that I've read all day.
    Your skin is the shizz-nit.
    I was just chatting with another blogger yesterday that I might just crater and pick up Red Rising. It is so against my norm, but I'm intrigued.

  2. Kayla club is such a good idea!
    I love all your memes. The party banner is amazing. And the Netflix one is hilarious!!
    Your skin looks awesome!!

  3. I think I told you this on insta, but holy shit your face is fantastic!!!!

  4. The idea of acupuncture stresses me out, but there is no denying your face looks fantastic! I would totally be on board with Reading Club. Have a great weekend!

  5. LOLOL @ please leave by 9. For real.

    I love The Reading Club! That rocks.

  6. I love the idea of Kayla's reading club. SO cute, and a great way for you to get your reading in, too!! I can't wait to read the Pierce Brown series - just waiting from the library right now!!! Hope you guys have a great trip to NYC - I wonder if Kayla would like that humongous toy store F.A.O. Schwartz? It has a lot of cool things to see :) Your skin looks fantastic too!!

  7. That ski village looks amazing, you guys are going to have so much fun! And look at you glowing all gorgeous in that first pic, I need me some acupuncture! Happy Friday and sending lots of good healthy vibes that you don't catch your husband's plague <3

  8. Love love love how happy you are with your results. I need to go see a dermatologist this year. I've got genetically not great skin (tons of acne as a kid/teen), and I know I also got a ton of sun damage as a kid/teen/sometimes adult even though I feel damn thorough about it... sigh. So good for you! :P I love the book club. I already told KC that whenever we have kids he'll have to suck it up and do things he doesn't like/feel like like eat cooked carrots. HA LOL Those memes are cracking me up. Do you like Ed Sheeran? His cover of No Diggity is awesome. He does one + passenger but I think they took it off youtube. Generally I enjoy all of his covers though. Have a great weekend! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. That reading club is awesome. My dream is that everyone just wants to take an hour to read and chill on the couch. My husband has always got the tv on. That party sign is really accurate. Our friends come over and I literally go to bed while they're here, because I choose sleep and I go to bed when baby does.

  10. Hahahahahaha I need that please leave by 9 sign!!!!!!! You know my thoughts on your awesome standing desk! I love that Kayla has a reading club and you have to register. How fun and official! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  11. Your face is #flawless!

    I have that series on my list! Hope they come I soon!!!!

  12. The Reading Club is awesome:) The standing desk is too. And DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... last week Monday & Tuesday (you know, the first two work days of the year? Not to mention I just started my job in December....) I had the flu. It wasn't horribleeeee for me, but I drank the same (added in some OACV) and was good. Then, this week, I've been battling a sore throat. Kept that at bay with an OACV/tea/honey/Cayenne pepper blend. THen - I thought I was better and woke up Thursday with a runny and congested nose. I'm just now starting to feel a little better. But damn I wish I'd have gotten it all at once!! TWO WEEKS OF 2017 and I've been sick both. NOT COOL. But - as long as I'm healthy the rest of the year, I'll take it. :)

  13. I love that Kayla started a reading club activity! So fun! Also, those funnies are great -- especially that Netflix one! The flu has been going around so bad. The news called it an epidemic in the county next to us. Yikes.

  14. omg the funnies! i'm so glad you're loving red rising, cannot wait to hear what you think of morning star. love that you're gonna find a muay thai gym in NYC. and um, kayla and her reading club? i die of cuteness. that's so awesome.

  15. OH MY GOSH - that Netflix one... that's such a funny find.
    HOpe your hubs is feeling better & everyone escaped the germs.
    ... ps. I hate bloglovin when it comes to your blog. I never get it popping up until a day or two after you post. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
    ... pss... I am so jealous of your skin. Seriously.

  16. i love the book club/registering Kayla has come up with. how great!
    face acupuncture sounds scary! your skin looks amazing! you may have me considering it....

    Trish - tales from trish

  17. I love Kayla's reading club! Can I join?