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  • January 05, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

It's 2017. The holidays are over. Time to get on with a new year with new challenges and opportunities.  Who's excited?

I know that some people are glad to see 2016 end as it was a challenging year for most but my 2016 was incredible.  I've been through my share of shitty years when all you want to do is hide, cry and wallow in self pity (I'm looking at you, 2004, 2008-2010 and 2014) but I think it's those tough times/years that make you really see how precious life really is; how important happiness is and teaches you about the important things - family, friends, love and happiness.  The rest is just noise.

Anyway, we're all here for linkup shizz so let's get right to it!  Here's what I'm currently....

Reading.  Right now I have 4 library books and I plan to read all of them.  Current book is a Buzzfeed book recommendaton about secret societies -- this one is about the US Federal Reserve. Is it true that this "reserve" has nothing to do with the government and is actually controlled by powerful bankers to maniuplate the global markets to their benefit?

Exercise.  Aside from my regular muay thai, I bought a $70 groupon for 2 months of unlimited yoga at my local yoga studio (a savings of eleventy billion dollars; yoga is expensive yo!) and I can't wait to start again.  I was a regular at my studio during work fuckoff time and saw great benefits to my overall mental balance, muscle endurance and strength. It also improved my muay thai since it helped with my flexibility and flexibility is key for powerful roundhouse kicks.

Health.  Being an old hag at 41, my health is paramount and I have a few appointments lined up this year to ensure that my body is in top working condition - a colonoscopy consult (not that it's needed but I asked for one; it doesn't hurt to get info), a pelvic exam (hate these but again, good to see what's going on in there to make sure there aren't any unwanted guests aka the big C).  I've been toying with the idea of getting a mammogram but I'm seriously wondering how my teeny tiny boobs will even make it into those machines?  They'd probably have to put those two xray plates on either side of my body so I'd end up just doing a chest xray #smallboobproblems.

Drinking.  At the risk of sounding like a bourgey douchebag, I'm drinking $60 coffee. Yes, coffee that costs $60 per pound.  Not even joking about that price.  I've seen this coffee at my local coffee place and always thought "who in their right mind would pay $60 for coffee?!".
Well, my aunt came back from the motherland and brought us this gem:

I hung on to this bag for as long as I could and when I ran out of my regular stash, I dug right into it.

Seriously. Leo's expression says it all about the quality and taste of this coffee.  I actually think it's ruined me for all other coffees but I refuse to dish out that kind of cash...even though I'll probably drink my other coffees with contempt and will forever compare all other coffees to this one.

Wearing.  My new favourite sweater!  It's so cozy and warm and comfy.

And because I love this pattern, I decided to make matching hats because fuck paying $50 for the is much better:

Proud of.  My craft room/office space. This area been a work in progress for about a year now and over the holidays, I finally got some time to actually reorganize my space and complete my pegboard corner.  My brilliant storage hack and use of dollar store bins (because fuck full price shit) worked out perfectly.

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  1. aw shit, i didn't make a book goal...inspire me, lady!!! good luck with all your goals. i know you'll rock them. and when you need your break, cuddle up in that awesome sweater. it's so cute!!!

  2. Love your matching sweaters and hats. Too cute.

  3. i totally agree about 2016. it was shitty in parts for me, but great in others, and i think those shitty things make you grow. i have no idea about the US government or whatever so i'll be interested to see what other people say and if you recommend that book when you're done. yay for yoga! i really want to start going to a studio again, might check out groupon. but seriously yes i know i'm years away from the mammogram things but every time i go to a lady doctor they remark on how that will be a problem for me down the road. gee thanks! i love the matching sweaters - so freaking cute.

  4. Craft rooms make me wish I were crafty. But that's not happening.

    I love your matching sweaters. And hats.

  5. I 100% support your coffee choices. I've been so particular with my coffee lately, and have been buying it everywhere I go despite the fact that I get it for free through work...yolo.

  6. You and Kayla are the absolute cutest in those sweaters and hats. They look SO comfy! Your opinion on all the appointments cracks me up, ha. And the craft room looks great! I need to get mine under control after all the Christmas stuff I made... UGH.

  7. Ohh your craft room looks like a dream and I love the hats you made and your sweaters!

  8. Wow. Your craft room is amazing. I am a pretend crafter but you girl - are the real deal. And i LOVE the matching hat. So freaking cute!

  9. The craft room looks SO good...I want to make my own now! And I've always wondered if expensive coffee is really worth it. Now I wish I didn't know how much you liked it :(

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. Love your craft space/office! I am sooooo envious! I would love to have a space like that in my house to work on projects. Sigh... One day. :) Super cute hats to match your sweaters and that's impressive that you made them!

    Oh girl... I'm almost 43, so I completely understand the health at our age thing. I started getting mammograms at 40 and have pelvic exams yearly. Haven't had a colonoscopy, but I figure one is in my future around age 50. Have to spread all this fun out - can't have it all at once! LOL!

  11. Man, I'm so jealous of your craft room! My craft space consists of one small desk and shelf that basically becomes the dumping area for all the random shit we have no other place for. And yay for more reading! I'm doing a 52-book challenge this year and I'm looking for some good recommendations to add to my list.

    As for exercise, I'm slowly getting back into it. I do want to do more yoga too but paying money for classes and then finding the time to go to said classes is hard. I mean, waking up early on a Saturday then driving one hour just to make it to a class - where's the zen in that?

  12. Did you say you MADE those hats?! I'm impressed! Seriously. They are adorable.
    I don't drink coffee, but I have a girlfriend who is part owner of a coffee co-op in Costa Rica. Apparently, everyone of our coffee drinking friends have Leo's face when they drink it.
    Looking for a groupon (type) offer for yoga is smart. I need to do that. I did yoga yearrrrs ago, and I've been wanting to get back to it. I'm so out of shape and need to start somewhere (I've walked the last 3 days in a row - go me - keep it up) and yoga is such a great way to get myself completely centered, mind and body.

  13. I love your craft room/office. That is on my goal list for 2017, I have the room it's just full of garbage.

  14. You and Kayla are so freakin cute. I really want to get back into yoga too! Hubs and I were doing it twice a week (video, because #toddlerprobz) and we both really liked it!! Your craft room is amazing! Nice job on getting it all organized!

  15. still drooling over your crafts space. oooh would love to have that much room someday! The matching hats are great. I love it. Looking into this book now! XO - Alexandra