Humpday Confessions [12-28]

  • December 28, 2016
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ At my physical last week, my doctor insulted  me by saying that I need to increase my calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis and then immediately redeemed herself by stating that cheese is a good source of calcium.

+ I've been eating a lot of cheese because doctor's orders! the 5lbs gain suddenly doesn't seem so surprising.

+ I wore sweats to the office all week last week and didn't even care that some of the executives stared at me.  Look, if I'm going to be here during the holidays when everyone else is fucking off, then yes I will wear what's comfortable.  Just be happy that I didn't come in my pajamas.

+ Since I know January 1 will be the end of my indulgence period, I've been eating the fuck out of errting.  Not even joking about that - popcorn for dinner? sure! Cupcakes again? put it in my mouth.  People are so surprised when they see me, they legit stare as I shovel said deliciousness into my facehole and they say "what is happening? who are you?!".

+ I've been buzzed every day since Friday December 23.

+ I'm addicted to the Inside the Octagon Youtube channel.  If you're into combat sports, take a look at the upcoming UFC fight on December 30...It's as if UFC has given me a birthday gift!
Former MMA fighter Dan Hardy is their analyst and I love the way he breaks down each fighter's style.

+ December was the only month when my workouts weren't Level 10 Insane....I also got my period on time. Does this mean that my acupuncturist and husband are right? that my workouts are affecting my period? SAY IT AIN'T SO.

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  1. Oh how I love cheese. It kills me though if I overdo it. I have been buzzed for most of the last week myself in the evenings. No shame, enjoying the holidays!

  2. Ooooh, enjoy ALLL the food!
    Cody Garbrandt is from the town right next to mine. Every time he fights all the bars have parties and people flock to the nearest places to cheer him on.

  3. Cheese!!!! Ahhhh the Marshall GIF is perfect!!! And I've been indulging the fuck out of some food the last month. Ok nine months. January is going to suck so hard.

  4. This is the time of year my grocery store always gets all these fancy cheeses & I can't say no, and like every night I make a cheese platter appetizer before I eat dinner. And my body says no, but my heart says "more goat cheese please". So yeah, I feel ya.

    Our boss (and all the other bosses) are out this week, so we self declared it "casual" week, but we've been taking it a little too far.

  5. Oh girl.. I havent had a period in 2 months... & its been 2 months that I've thrown out all working out & eating so there may be something to that for me too.

    That HIMYT gif had me cracking up.
    I'm DOWNING ALL THE FOOD getting to that Jan 1st deadline.

    Hope you're enjoying those slopes!!!!

  6. Whenever I read your confessions about work all I think about is the "me when I first started my job vs now" & the now is "fire me I fucking dare you" lol. I hope you have a great weekend & enjoy all the food.

  7. I have been feeling the same way about food. I will get back on track when the holidays are over but until then all of the delicious foods! Also it's almost noon and I'm currently still in pajamas because I just cannot be bothered to give a fuck today.

  8. I want my doctor to tell me to eat more cheese... I love cheese! I have been trying to eat healthier and so far I am doing good. Granted it is only day two. Also, I really hate eating healthy. I am craving everything bad for me right now.

  9. All the cheese, sweatpants, and food. I was very glad to be not in the office... but I would have rocked sweatpants had I been in... maybe... :) XO - Alexandra

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