Humpday Confessions [12-14]

  • December 14, 2016
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Switching to a new blogging platform has lit a fire under my in I have FOUR posts written and scheduled...FOUR.  That hasn't happened in a long time.

+ Part of the reason for the switch was based on the fact that someone who worked in my company (but in a different division/city) found my blog and left me a comment....which basically makes me nervous as fuck. I don't like people in real life reading my stuff let alone someone who can easily look me up in the company directory.

+ One last thing about blogging - I have not found a good template I like.  I guess I'm ok with the one I have now but I hate the fact that users have to click the "read more" link to get to the rest of the post. Even as a blog reader, I hate having to do extra clicks because ain't nobody got time fo' dat....So folks - what are some templates you like?

+ I haven't worn a bra since September because fuck bras.

+ With the exception of underwear and socks, I wear my clothes twice before washing them.

+ New year's eve falls on a Saturday this year and when my husband asked what we're going to do for NYE, I said "the same thing we do every year - sleep early and wake up to the new year" #oldladybedtimes.

+ Kayla has started a new thing by asking "how much do you love me? do you love me more than [insert thing here]?" and I can't help but giggle my ass off because it reminds me of the show Little Britain USA. Have you ever watched it? it's hilarious - it's raunchy and wrong and offensive and obviously amazing.
There's a skit similar to what Kayla does where a child says to her mum "I love you more than [insert thing here]" and the mum responds with "I love you more than....".  It always ends with the child saying the most offensive thing like the one below:
skip to 1:43 for hilariousness.

+ A friend sent me this pic with a note that said "to brighten up your day". SHE IS A TRUE FRIEND.  That spawned my google stalking of what beautiful Charlie Hunnam has been up to these days.

And now, I spread the joy to you so enjoy this oldie but goodie eyegasm. You're welcome.

What are your confessions?

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  1. If you want the plain background, the Google Dynamic backgrounds actually aren't so bad. The only downside to those is that you don't get the side bar. For me, I usually choose a Blogger template and then tweak it to my desires. It actually took less time than trying to find a template I actually liked.

    I know some of my coworkers have found my blog and it makes me sad. Although that's not as bad as the situation I put myself in on Facebook. I have a strict, we're not FB friends if we're coworkers policy and I'm a fool and decided that I would be friends with significant others. STUPID, stupid, stupid. Now I have to censor some of my work posts because I know that I'm friends with the wife of someone who often irritates me greatly. It's the pits.

  2. British humor always cracks me up, lol.
    I typically wear my clothes more than once between washes. Mainly because I sit at a desk all day so I really don't get dirty. At all. Haha!

  3. I try to keep all of my social media locked down to work peeps. I usually go through and block people as soon as I start a new job that way they can't search for me lol. Sucks that it doesn't work that way for blogs. I have been buying templates including installation off Etsy because they are dirt cheap. I think my last one was $15 and some person on the other side of the globe installed and did all of the tweaking for me. Boom.

  4. I've gotten a few Blogger templates from an Etsy shop called BloggerTemplate. They are usually only around $5 and pretty easy to tweak, for the most part. There are some other pretty cheap ones on there! I've been so terrified to talk about work on the blog for that reason. I don't think any of my co-workers know I have a blog & I don't blast it on social media but I'm sure it's not that hard to find. So I've been living under a rock & have no idea who that guy is but dang... :)

  5. My husband introduced me to Little Britian and I freaking love it.

  6. Woot for scheduling posts! I seriously love having them built up! :) That's creepy about a co-worker finding you when you haven't been sharing your blog... ugh. I re-hang my clothes for several wears as long as they are reasonably clean. I can never not wear a bra... #bigbustprobs :( XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. MMM Charlie Hunnam! Congrats on all the scheduled posts!

  8. Scheduling blog posts? WHO ARE YOU?!? I don't remember the last time I did that -- a few people at work have found my blog (JERKS) but for the most part keep it to themselves. And god bless you for that pic of Charlie.

  9. Oh Charlie. Good heavens. He is so freaking hot! If I had a typical job I'd definitely keep my blogging secret because some people I would be absolutely fine with them commenting but others. Nope. No way. I am the opposite of you, I like read more buttons. LOL! And yes to #oldladybedtimes! Have a great weekend!

  10. I feel legitimate sadness if I happen to spill something and can't get a second wear out of pants/shirts. I second the recommendations above about going to Etsy for super cheap and pretty blog templates!

  11. Yes... eyegasm is correct. HOLY MOLYYYYYYY
    I have to vote for the lighter color that you have now. When it was a colored background, after reading your blog, my eyes sees the letters for a few minutes afterwards looking at the wall ;) haha... true. Colored backgrounds are horrible on my eyes.

  12. I just bounce from blog template to blog template, whatever is free and easy to install because I am cheap as hell.

    I always worried about real life people finding my blog but now that I am home all the time I know they wouldn't read it if they found it. I am not that exciting.