Friday Five [12-9]

  • December 09, 2016
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

1) Outdoor lights are up and glowing.  That spinny thing on the ground that's lighting up the whole house was purchased sneakily by my husband and daughter and now makes our house look obnoxious. It also tricks me every time I look out the window because I think "THERE ARE COPS OUTSIDE!".

2) I work in TV. While on a conference call with the rest of the IT team going through specs and reviewing live samples of documents, we see several porn pay per view purchases and the lady was reading them out, line by line #awkward. 


4) WANT. I'm a huge SMB fan (but the original one) and this vest gives me a huge geek boner.

5) It snowed last night which means this is happening right now during rush hour traffic. And not kidding either; just saw reports of tons of cars in actual ditches.  

Have a great weekend!

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  1. HAHAHA Oh my lord... I would think it was the cops too. Awkward work moments are the. worst. : / I have that book on my TBR, and I was glad that we got a dusting of snow. I would like more... XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I love your house! It's so pretty! I cannot stop laughing at the Cops comment, I totally would think the same thing.

  3. Your house is gorgeous!
    And that SMB vest is the absolute best.
    It snowed A LOT in the northern half of the state yesterday and the only thing on the news last night was all the 15+ car pile ups all over the freeway. Get a grip, people...

  4. I have one of those laser things for my house but it doesn't work. LOL

  5. LOL at thinking the cops are outside! And those vests are amazing! Both my husband and I would wear those with great pride :-D

  6. I was wondering about those spin light things. They seem like such a perfect way for a lazy person to decorate, but I always assumed the downside would be feeling like your whole house is an 80's disco, or you're being arrested.

    Also, it "snowed" here last night, in the sense that some snowflakes blew around during rush hour and then NOTHING stuck to the ground. But, there was still mass panic, slow drivers & accidents everywhere. Don't know what they'll do when it actually sticks!

  7. A bunch of people in my neighborhood have those lights. They make me crazy.

    Dark Matter was SO GOOD.

  8. LOL all I could think was "SHIT IT'S THE COPS!" I'd think the same thing if I had those lights. When I lived in Minnesota I never understood why the first time it snowed people acted like they had never seen/driven in it before. It often covers the ground just as much if not more than it doesn't...

  9. I need that vest!

    It hasn't properly snowed here yet but it will be ditch city here once it does!

  10. Your house looks so pretty. We have had so much rain this year I have given up on trying to get mine up. Oh well!

  11. My dad and I keep threatening Mom to bring one of those lights home because they are just so ridiculous and obnoxious. We're supposed to get our first major snowstorm today/tomorrow and the snow is supposed to start right around 4:30-5 when everyone is getting off work...maybe everyone will remember how to drive in the snow, but more likely they will suddenly suffer from winter driving amnesia.

  12. Such a pretty house!! I'd think it's the cops all day too. Even though I've done nothing wrong, every time I see cops lights, I think oh shit. And efffffffff snow---- no thank you. Buuuut I'd probably deal with it for Trudeau. :)

  13. i always wonder with people who put lights outside, like doesn't it bother them inside? i guess that answers my question haha.
    dark matter is on my kindle! hoping to get to it asap.