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  • July 05, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Summer is in full swing 'round these parts - we've been having gorgeous weather that warrants lots of barbecues, patio drinks and outdoor frolicking.
Kayla and her bestie.  These two are growing so fast :(

+ Family.  On June 25th, my no-so-little girl turned ten. TEN. How did a whole decade fly by so fast?!

This girl is full of laughter, love and sass.  Oh, she's also hormonal which is the surprising thing....how are ten year old girls hormonal already?! help me, jesus.

+ Health:  been hitting the weight room on a regular basis and I love it.  These days, I don't lift to get mass or definition; I do it to keep my joints and muscles strong and well, to ward off osteoporosis because I'm "at the age" #oldhagforeal.

I'm also doing well with my new Intermittent Fasting schedule - I start eating at noon and finish by 6pm.  I've noticed that I'm not as hungry and somehow I've dropped down to two meals. I eat until I'm full, I stay full longer and I have to say, I'm starting to see definition again #byebyefat.

Oh, remember when I was having crazy period drama? Well, it appears that my body needs me to be around 130-134lbs with about 20% body fat and not training (hard at muay thai) more than 4days a week.

I've dialed back muay thai from 6 days to 3 or 4, I've been at this weight and body fat percent for a while now and guess what? I've had consistent periods for the past few months AND my shoulder injury healed. Sigh.

+ Books:  I have these three books that I've been looking forward to reading and I'm totally underwhelmed.  So much so that I've given up on them.  Don't judge.

So I've decided to stop trying and read something new (so good):

And I was just notified that Netgalley approved my request for this book:

In addition, I think my new book genre is spy/espionage/clandestine ops novels. I've always loved these books but Red Sparrow reignited my love for action books.

Next in the queue:

+ Vacations.  Next month is our annual summer trip to Prince Edward County, a quaint little town about 2hrs outside of Toronto that's a perfect getaway.  We rented an adorable 4-bedroom house  and the best part is that my niece is staying the week with us.  Kayla is super excited; she just adores her older cousin.

On top of that, my husband is going camping with Kayla and his family (I have the weekend to my self and I can.not.wait) and then Kayla is off to my sister's for a whole week ....which means my husband and I are planning a getaway sans kid for the first time in TEN YEARS. Where to go?!

+ Work.  Can you hate and love something at the same time?  We are under the gun to get this project delivered and it'll take motherfucking miracles to make it happen so I had a come to jesus moment with the teams and gave it to them straight.  I needed to say it, they needed to hear it.

+ Watching.  Cheesy Netflix movies.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Go you with intermittent fasting. Im truing it but using a shorter fasting period.

    Happy belated to beautiful Kayla!! They grow so fast.

  2. I'm interested in intermittent fasting, but everyone has SUCH a different experience with it, right?

    As someone who as spent a lot of time with 10 year old girls, they are extremely, annoyingly hormonal.

  3. How were the Netflix movies? I passed by both of them a couple of times yesterday when trying to find something to watch. Glad your shoulder & period are back to normal. Do you have any ideas of where you & your husband want to go?? That's so exciting!

  4. I keep seeing those Netflix movies popping up - I need to watch them.
    I reaaaallllly need to get back into lifting myself. My joints & bones are killing me lately. yep - that age

  5. All these trips on the horizon! You're definitely enjoying summer to its fullest extent :) I love it! I can't believe Kayla is 10! I've been spending a lot of time with my 10 year old cousin. They're a fun mix of sassy and sweet, those 10 year olds...

  6. ten!! i can't believe it. she'll be like 5 forever in my eyes haha. osteoporosis is a bloody good reason to lift weights. oh, bummer about us against you - i really struggled through it as well, but the end picked up. i haven't read the smoke in the sun book yet, but if i don't love it i'll take your cue and DNF it. i adore cheesy netflix movies, so adding those to my list. a week to yourself? that sounds amazing!

  7. Wow I cannot believe she is ten!! Time does go by fast. The days are long but the years are short. So jealous of your vacation to Prince Edward County, I have always wanted to go there. I just watched Set it Up, it was so cute. In fact, I liked it so much I watched it twice.

  8. OH I loved Set it Up! It was so cute! And I still think you look jacked as hell. Can't believe she's 10! She's so awesome.

  9. I cant believe Kayla is 10! That is crazy talk. I am glad that you found a happy spot for your body to function more properly! You are still a bad ass! I dont care to read Us Against You. I was bored with a lot of Beartown and I know everyone just loves it...but yawn.

  10. Us Against You will be my next book once I finish the one I'm working on at the moment.

    I, too, am interested in the intermittent fasting but there are so many ways to implement it that it's a bit overwhelming.