Weekending & Shizz [7-9]

  • July 09, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Welp, it's Monday again.  The only saving grace is that I don't have to battle traffic anymore nor do I have to go through the dread of making lunches for myself for Kayla because I work from home and summer vacation.

The GreenON program was part of an Ontario Climate Change Action plan that allowed Ontario residents to qualify for thousands of dollars worth of rebates for energy-efficient appliances.  Unfortunately, a new Trump-like premier got voted in and he scrapped this program because he obviously DGAF about climate issues, I guess. Maybe he also thinks that global warming/climate crisis is a Chinese conspiracy as well.

We've been part of this awesome program for years and we were lucky to be able to take advantage of the benefits before it got canned.  In the past, we've received free (or heavily rebated) energy-efficient products like free LED lights for my house, a $250 rebate for my new front door, a credit towards our water filtration system and most recently, a free upgrade to a new Nest thermostat.
This baby got installed on Friday and it's freaking amazing.  Being able to control the temps via phone app is genius.

Birthday tradition for everyone at the gym - you do birthday kicks!  For the kids, it's double the age they're turning so Kayla had to do 20 kicks per side.

I'm a firm believer in "it takes a village" when it comes to raising kids and I'm so glad that Kayla is close friends with my girlfriends' kids.  We help each other with carpooling the kids to classes, babysitting and just taking them out so they can hang and develop their friendship as we have ours.

Since we all had to head out for a birthday dinner on Saturday night, all the kids stayed over at my friends place while the moms enjoyed an evening sans kids and Kayla sends me this selfie:

I'd like to report that I really liked both of these movies...and I'm not really a rom-com kinda gal.

This one was alright:

And now watching.....so far, so good!:

Been immersed in this eBook sent to me by Netgalley - My Real Name is Hanna. It's so good! request your free copy today.

Storm watching; am I the only one who loves watching the dark clouds roll in?

My husband sent this to me and said "this totally reminded me of you".

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  1. LOL there is no middle ground, I'm the same way. YAY for working from home, not battling traffic makes it all worth it.

  2. HAHA - your husband must know you well to send you that :) #obvs
    I love they do that kick count for a birthday celebration. Lord, if I had to do 47 this year, I might just die.

  3. Same, re: fuck distribution. And also watching storm clouds- we recently went to the beach and it was so cool because a storm went just around so there were these beautiful dark storm clouds but super calm water and no rain on our section.

  4. I am a sky watcher in all scenarios...love clouds rolling in!

    Hurrah for a nest!

  5. I have no middle ground on the amount of fucks I give either. I will have to check out those movies! It is so awesome that you got a Nest for free! I feel like everyone should get discounts for that kind of stuff.

  6. I struggle with fuck distribution as well. Hahaha. I love that he thought of you.
    The friend pics between you and yours and Kayla with hers are adorable! Friends are so important :) I love watching storms blow in!

  7. I also struggle with fuck distribution lol. I love the friend selfies! Super cute. Watching storms roll in is one of my favorite things. When I start talking to a guy one of the first things I ask him is how he feels about storms. If he doesn't like them, boy bye.

  8. Definitely going to request that book and check out those movies (Im a rom com girl all the way ha!)

  9. Good Girls has Joan and she was my 2nd fave (after Peggy) from Mad Men anddd she has Donna? I'm probably going to need to find some time to watch that.