Game Changers - The Diva Cup

  • July 25, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

There are few times in life when you come across something that totally blows your mind.  The cleaning power of Borax was one of them.  EyEnvy lash serum was another.  I can now add the Diva Cup to my list of life changing products.

For a long time now, I've been undecided about reusable menstrual cups but that was only because I knew nothing about them other than you use, rinse and repeat.  There was also a little bit of the gross factor but after having kids who are in general, super gross, dealing with this was no biggie.

I think the last straw was during my last period when I ran out of tampons.  Sitting on the toilet with nothing to help a sister out (and no one home to go get some for me) was frustrating.  Wearing a wad of toilet paper jammed up your cooch so I could run out to grab a box wasn't the most pleasant experience either.

Want to know what else I'm tired of? ruined underwear because of leaks. I'm tired of wearing panty-liners with tampons because of leak paranoia.  Why should I have to double up when I'm wearing a Super tampon that should be able to absorb like a freaking chamois?

So, that led me to really taking the menstrual cup into serious consideration.  Also, the amount of garbage generated during this time of the month is ridiculous and I felt all kinds of guilt watching the pile grow during that one week.

But back to the cup.  My biggest fear was sizing; it's not like a suit where you can get measured for a tailored fit and you can't return it if it doesn't fit right.  There are 'quizzes' you can use to figure out what cup may best fit but those aren't 100% fool proof.  I did all the tests, tried all the measurements (which included using my finger as a measuring stick) stared at all of my options but in the end, went with my gut feeling.

Based on my friends' input/experiences, general feeling about my lady bits and price, I bought the Diva Cup mainly because it was on sale and my friend raved about hers.  I figured if I'm going to try one out, might as well get the cheapest one so that I don't waste that much money.   Also, it was the only one readily available in Canada. Even menstrual cups hate Canada. Rude.  By the way, in Canada, women's feminine products are  tax not only did I get my cup 20% off but I wasn't charged any tax.

The Diva Cup comes in 2 sizes (small and large).  Although I'm over 30yrs old and went through childbirth, I decided to go with the smaller model instead of the recommended larger model for women like me.  My intuition was telling me that the large looked too large and too-large cups don't 'unfold' properly, will be uncomfortable and will leak.  My friend who's similar in shape and size to me also go the smaller model; she's had 2 children and uses it with no problems so I figured if she's good with it, then I'd probably be ok with it it as well.

The instructions are pretty simple: get comfy, relax, fold cup, insert and rotate.  I was fully expecting to be in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes struggling to get this thing positioned right because I'll be honest - even folded, the cup looks pretty ambitious to insert.  Thoughts like "omg how am I going to shove this thing up there? will I have to cram my entire hand in to rotate it?".  Needless to say, I was nervous.

But after studying the instructions/pictures and watching numerous YT videos, it was actually quite easy and totally painless.
Inserting it wasn't the issue, what bothered me was the stem.  As in whenever I stood up and walked around, I could feel it.  But guess what? you can trim it so it doesn't look like a freaking plug sticking out of your body and wow, now I get how everyone is raving about it.  Also, I don't think I was inserting it properly (wrong angle).

The key to proper insertion is not angling the cup upwards (like you would with a tampon) but keeping your wrist straight and aiming towards your tailbone.  Insert as far as you would with a tampon (or as far as it will comfortably allow), then gently grasp the base and fully rotate once.  You want that sucker firmly in place to avoid leaks.  When I followed this piece of advice (especially not bending the wrist up), things just fell into place.

Removal was a whole different animal.  You can't just grab and yank because hello, suction and ouch.  You have to pinch the bottom of the cup and wiggle to break the seal, then gently (in one motion), pull it straight down because trust me folks, if you pull it out on an angle, it's not the most pleasant experience.  Also,  you might tip the whole thing and you don't want this happening all over the bathroom:

I only have to change it once a day as well.  Guys, the liberation of this; of not having to run to the washroom to 'check', of not having to worry if I forgot tampons at home, of not having to pack these things in my purse, of not having to figure out where to hide tampons/pantyliners in my pockets as I'm walking to the washroom.

Between changes, I wash with soap and warm water, then reinsert.  Now that I'm done my cycle, I boiled it for 3 minutes to sanitize, then stuck it in my bathroom drawer for next month.  It also comes in a cute little baggie for storage.

Guys, seriously...LIFE.CHANGING.

I've worn this overnight, worn it during a 2hr muay thai class and it honestly feels like I don't even have my period.  I can't even feel it and muay thai involves a LOT of high impact movement.   There are no leaks, no discomfort, no having to run to the washroom to change anything.

I no longer have the need for the 3 boxes of tampons and pads so gave them to my friends and left them at the gym for the lady members.

If you've been on the fence about menstrual cups, I strongly suggest you take the plunge. It's one of those things where you quickly discover "how have I been living without this thing all this time?!".

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  1. Kathy that gif!!!! hahaha. I seriously am looking into this although the gif happening is a nightmare of mine lol

  2. Told you so :) Welcome to the club!

  3. Hurrah! I love life changers. I don't really get a period anymore due to the IUD but this is great!

  4. YAAAAASSSS! Menstrual cups are ah-mazing, love reading about another convert :)

  5. Hahaha that gif. I am glad you found something you love!

  6. I still am scared to death of it - not the inserting, but the taking out.
    So glad for you its worked. I do hate the extra pile up of garbage when your period hits. We are killing our environment one period at a time.

  7. Yes! I actually cut and turned it inside out to deal with the stem issue.

  8. This sounds like a gamechanger! I'm over the leaks and the constant bathroom checks too. But I'm scared of the suction - ouch!

  9. I've been wanting to try a cup but I'm nearing or in perimenopause and will randomly have a day of Niagara Falls. I may get one of these though and continue to wear black pants for those 'just in case days'.

  10. First, the GIF all the lols!

    Very informative, I'm glad it works well. It's been on my 'list' to try one day. But after kids cause I'm still a wuss ha.