Friday Thangs [7-20]

  • July 20, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

How is it nearly end of July already?  But guess what? that means just a couple more weeks until our annual trip to Prince Edward County!  I can't wait!  This time my niece is coming with us and Kayla is stoked to be hanging with her cousin all week.

So we finally made it to the end of this week and it was a hella busy one.  For some reason, we're under resourced so each senior analyst is managing multiple projects and I just got assigned to a 4th one.  Basically, work be like:

+ Do all kids think adults are lame people who are too old to be in touch with anything in life?  I don't know how many times Kayla has come up to me asking if I know about something:

Kayla: mommy, there's this awesome song I heard in a show I was watching *plays song*.
Me:  That's U Cant Touch This by MC Hammer.
Kayla:  you know this song? *totally surprised*
Me:  What? it came out when I was in grade 9!
Kayla:  they were also wearing these really cool, funky pants while they were dan....
Me: those are called Hammer pants.

Kayla:  Do you know what "LOL" means?
Me: are you serious?
Kayla:  yes, do you know what it means?
Me:  Girl, my generation invented "LOL". It was before the days of emojis and everything you know right now.
Kayla: What about "LMAO" or "YOLO"?
Me:  don't even....

Kayla:  mommy,  you know on your car there's a little picture of a gas tank?  There's a little arrow beside it that shows you where your gas tank is.

+ Have an old tablet lying around?  don't toss them, convert them into something useful!  I have an old Android Samsung tablet that was collecting dust. It's so old that the device isn't compatible with any OS updates, is rarely compatible with any new apps and was sluggish and in it would take so long to load anything so I stopped using it all together.
I hate that it was being wasted so after some research, I decided to turn it into a dedicated eReader. To speed things, up, I needed to free up space and reduce RAM usage so I removed all downloaded apps, uninstalled all updates from native apps, disabled non-essential processes/apps and turned on airplane mode (to prevent any stupid notifications from popping up).  Then I installed an eReader app that supported basically any ebook format and away I went hunting for eBooks.

I did some sleuthing and found a couple of good free ePub sites - OceanPDF and Project Gutenberg.  I downloaded an few ePubs from OceanPDF  and they're working great (aka doesn't have internet aids).

+ Did anyone participate in Amazon Prime day?  I did sorta....although I don't have Prime and they weren't on sale so I guess not really.   I am looking forward to getting these in the mail, though.  The Vitamin C serum is a reorder (amazing product) and the wireless charger is for my swanky new phone.

+ Normally I would judge the hell out of these cheesy book covers, turn my nose up and pass them over but goddamn, this series is good.  I've already finished the first two and halfway through the third.  Don't you love it when a good book (series) is all-consuming and makes you want to hide from the world and in its pages?

+ Starting my research on the menstrual cup.  I am tired of tampons and leaks and stupidness that comes with my damn uterus so imma put a cup on it!  a friend of mine switched and she's always raving about it.  Do you use one and if so, which one?

+ Curling up on the couch while it's dark and stormy is one of my favourite things to do.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOL at the Kayla conversations. Stuff like that comes up constantly while I'm teaching. "Kids, I'm cooler than you think & y'all are just riding on the coattails of everything that was popular when I was younger..."

  2. Kids LMAO ... My daughter sent me the meme that says if your mom is between 30 and 45 don't mess with her - She was raised by Nirvana and Biggie... She's learning..

  3. aha Kayla is the best. I have to say I only learned the gas tank trick like 2 years ago ... shameful I know. Great tablet trick!

  4. LOL at you and Kayla's conversations - those are the best.

  5. I think Stephanie (NEP) uses the menstrual cup, too. I think it sounds crazy interesting (and easy and waste-free and and and...).
    I have the first book in that Throne of Glass series but I haven't read it yet. AH!
    I love those conversations with Kayla. Just wait until she discovered what the "save" icon represents on computers! LOL

  6. TBH, I only learned the gas tank trick a year aog *hangs head in shame*

    I purchased my iPad with the intention of it being mostly for e-reading...but it's been taken over by way too many apps. I really should delete 90% of them.

    I used the Lunette cup and LOVED IT (only stopped b/c my IUD basically made periods irrelevant). It did take a little getting used to, but seriously it's the best. Only have to change it like once a day and it's so much more comfortable (if you can feel it, it's not inserted correctly- I swear I couldn't feel a thing). My #1 tip is to check out different "folds" when inserting. Mine came with a little pamphlet with the basic fold recommendation, but that way was uncomfortable for me. There are multiple options, and once I figured out which one worked for me it was super easy and comfortable and I'll never go back. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  7. OK... that is brilliant. I have an old tablet that is just useless anymore for using it for apps or anything productive. I'm going to do just that. take everything off except Kindle!

  8. Oh, Kayla. You are trying to teach the master.

  9. I love the tip about the Tablet. I've been wondering what to do with mine since it's outdated. I can def. see using it as an eReader in my classroom now!

  10. I love finding a good book series.

    The questions 10 year olds ask have always made me question my own actions as a 10 year old. Like, was I ever that weird/dramatic/silly/?

  11. I don't know what it is but I am pretty sure the older I get the faster time goes. Like how tf is it already almost August? I am pretty sure it was just February yesterday. Kayla made me laugh out loud! My son will do that sometimes or he will say, oh man I bet dinosaurs were still around when you were a kid or stuff like that. Rude. Ha ha!

  12. LOLOLOL I am laughing because my nieces and nephews are the same way with my sister. It is like hey kid...before you came along I was cool soooooo