TGITh since it's Easter long weekend

  • March 29, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Nadine sent that to our ahole bros group and that pretty much described every day this week.  I am so happy it's long weekend for me, can I get a whoop whoop.  No more work bullshit for 4 glorious days.

+ I've got mad ninja money saving skills.  Since I take most of my work calls on my cell, I hate the in-ear buds (they make my ear itchy) and the voice quality is garbage so I decided to nerd out and find a bluetooth headset. 
One thing I hate doing is ordering things online where I can't return in-store if the product is garbage because I ain't paying to ship it back.  Found this at but for $209 (oh hells no), did some sleuthing, found out they did price matching and ended up getting this for $119.

+ Guys, this book. OMG read it, it's SO GOOD. I finished it in about 2 days; even stayed up to midnight one night because I just couldn't put it down. You know a book is that good when it makes me stay up past my old lady bedtime.

+ Speaking of reading, Kayla is blowing through her books. I love that she's a bookworm and I actually heard her holler "nooooooo!" last night when she finished her book #bookhangover.

This long weekend is going to be full of relaxing, movies, reading a bit of shopping (Adidas warehouse sale - time to stock up on Christmas gifts) and this:

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  1. That is how I have felt every single day this week. Why are short weeks always more painful?

  2. Okay, so I'm glad it's just not me. Everyone this week seemed to be not in the mood for work! With electronics, I'm the same way. Unless it's a repeat purchase, I tend to buy them in-store because I like to test them when possible and easy returns if I can't and they suck. I also just plan to be like that cat and veg out all week long.

  3. I loved The Nightingale, so I will have to check that one out. Seems no one is thrilled at work this week.

  4. I love that your kid loves to read.

    I've only read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and I wasn't a huge fan? I've heard The Great Alone is "amazing" though :)

  5. I keep hearing amazing things about that book - I'm on the wait list for it at the library.
    I so adore your girl just keeps getting to be more & more a reader. I just finished a book that I had the same reaction. I hated it ending.

  6. Cheers to a long weekend, I need to get that book. My library doesn't have it right now, boo.

  7. very interesting post dear i like it, best wishes for you.. online shopping in pakistan

  8. I hope that I get a chance to veg too... but it's a seriously busy weekend here! FIL's bday, Final Four bball tournament (I will be reading... but still..), and then doulbe Easter on Sunday. Plus my sister's volleyball games early on Saturday. LOL. So... yeah. Busy. Glad you got a deal on the headset. Our university recently switched from phones to skype4business phones. So we have headsets now. I'm fine with it but sometimes my computer doesn't like to answer calls because it's so slow and clunky. #fundingprobs Glad you loved that book, I've heard good things!! Glad Kayla is a little bookworm as well! hehe XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Nice score with the headset!! I fell into a book lull with the holidays and such but I'm hoping to finish one or two this week. I love that Kayla is a such a voracious reader!!

  10. Yay I'm so glad you loved The Great Alone. I stayed up way too late to finish it too. It was sooo wonderful. I have the Penderwicks series on my shelf so I can't wait for my girls to read them someday - they were given to us and I haven't read them myself yet but I've heard such good things!! Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

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  12. That is wonderful that your daughter loves to read.
    Last week was so long and this week hasn't been much better. What is up with short weeks seeming soooo long?
    I've read a few books by Kristin Hannah and Night Road was one that I couldn't put down. Will look out for this new one by her.