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  • February 20, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

When you start working again, this gif is #truth.

So I had this post drafted a while ago but then work ruined everything started and now it's late and all the 'updates' are now old....so might as well just give word vomit update.  We had a long weekend and man, that just flew by.  I remember now how fast weekends go when you have to work 5 days a week.

A while back, we had snowmageddon which dumped a shitload of snow on the city so true to our Canadian roots, we slapped on our snowshoes and a snowshoeing we will go.

Tried this Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese recipe and it was incredible; my husband and Kayla gobbled it up fast.

+ I've been using my Timeless Vitamin C serum for nearly two weeks now and so far, so good - no skin irritation.  I haven't seen results yet (I'm actually not quite sure what exact 'results' I'm expecting) so basically, I'm just waiting for the day I turn back into a fetus.

+ In my never ending quest/search for beautiful, youthful skin, I stumbled upon Marula oil.  Y'all know I've been tooting the Argan oil train for years but I've been reading about Marula oil and how it's incredible for dry, aging skin - apparently even better than Argan oil (if that's even possible?).  To test out this theory, I bought Marula oil from The Ordinary and have been using it for the past few days instead of my beloved Argan. It's a tad thicker than Argan oil, seems/feels just as moisturizing and the price point can't be beat ($9.90CAD as opposed to $29.99CAD for Argan).  I'm at the point in my cycle where my skin is driest so I'll be using this oil exclusively for the next week and a half and will report back (but from what I've experienced thus far, it's fucking amazing).

+ Started and finished this book - get on it (so good)

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  1. Why you gotta torture me with some mac and cheese? Did you do the real deal with dairy, grains etc.? It looks freaking amazing. Mac and cheese will always be one of my worth it foods.

  2. That mac & cheese looks incredible!!

  3. I read Into the Black Nowhere last month and really enjoyed it. Hope you do too! The Dry has been on my TBR for some time. I need to pick it up. It's funny because I had been reading about Marula oil too and actually thought to myself, I wonder what Kathy thinks about it? You are my go-to on skincare! The other day I was noticing how my skin looked like crepe paper around my eyes when I smiled. I don't remember that last year. Not happy!

  4. Can I just take a swim in that bowl of mac n cheese??? OMG!!! I want to turn back into a fetus too. Let us know long term results with the Vitamin C!

  5. That mac&cheese looks delish.
    I've been fighting the dryness. Ughhh. Traveling killed my skin, too. Ohio dryness and Texas dryness is very different. Bleh.
    I love the snowshoeing pics! I've never gone snowshoeing!

  6. I totally forgot I have some Argan oil - somewhere in my bathroom. Need to dig that out.

  7. There's a second with the main character from The Dry!

  8. Ugh, dry skin is killing me lately. Not on my face but just all over in general. I blame altitude...

    Yeah the weekends go a bit too quickly and I don't even jam-pack mine with activities.

  9. I think both of those books are in my TBR pile - DIY stuff at home is severely cutting into my reading time. I hated it as a teen/young adult but I guess I should be thankful for oily skin. That mac and cheese looks amazing!

  10. I'm so far behind on blogging and reading blogs because new job, and there is no way I'm going to risk it by blogging at work. That mac and cheese, yep I need it <3