Friday Thangs [1-19]

  • January 19, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

It's wine Friday, yall!  Since Operation: Beach Body is in full effect, I only drink a bit of wine on Friday which makes for a long week so tonight, I plan on kicking back with my fav glass of wine and my book.....and this weekend is going to be a perfect one because I can't wait to start reading this.

Speaking of books, yall have to add this to your list, it's SO GOOD:

+ For the past few weeks, I've been purging and selling things on the Facebook Buy/Sell pages (general buy/sell, mom pages, local buy/sell) ... these pages are incredible.  I've made about $300 so far reselling baby or personal items.  All that cash money goes into my savings and I've put some aside to bump up my weed stocks when they go down enough to buy.

+ Life hack:  use those kid cheese string snacks to make cheese crust because it's the perfect size for it

+ When you have some left over coconut milk, make chocolate coconut chia seed pudding!  Chia seeds, 1tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, a dash of vanilla extract, some maple syrup. I swear, this is SO yummy.

+ You know how I'm always going on and on about how amazing and effective acupuncture is? I had an appointment on Tuesday and when my practitioner checked my pulse, she said "it's very tense, very strummy.  Are you on your period or going to get your period?"  and when I told her I was actually 6 days late, she said "oh, let's help that along". 

Then when I got home, I got my period.  Later that night,

Then I had massive cramps for TWO DAYS.  Like so bad I couldn't even work out.  I asked for my period, not fucking labour pains!  And that's how amazing acupuncture is, folks!

+ Funnies:

when facebook makes you remember the time you botched your kid's haircut because you were too cheap to take her to an actual salon.

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  1. The briefing would be hilarious if only it wasn't true! I've heard so much about Sing Unburied Sing but I can't tell if I'll like it or not... may have to give it a try and see.

  2. I went to a myofascial therapist one time & she did stuff to me after saying she could feel my uterus holding onto grief. It was kinda freaky

  3. Who said drinking mimosas isnt a juice cleanse??? RUDE! I haven't made chia seed pudding this time around for Whole 30. What am I thinking??? Need to do that this weekend! Enjoy your wine tonight!

  4. I've heard great things about Sing, Unburied, Sing. Hope you enjoy it! Lordy, I cannot wait to make that chocolate chia pudding. I need to pick up some vanilla but otherwise, I've got everything. Grocery store, here I come! I laughed a little too hard at the human Nigel meme but I am a crazy cat lady and I also complain about doing all the work and picking up a messy home that I live alone in. :D Have a great weekend!

  5. I bought The Alice Network on a whim from Amazon a while back but I haven't read it yet.
    My mother-in-law just recommended an acupuncturist and I'm totally going to book an appt.
    Human Nigel. Hahahahaha!
    Hope you Friday was a perfect mix of wine and books!!

  6. I so want to go see an acupuncturist but I'm so afraid of the needles. I think it would probably be good for my anxiety.

  7. Checking out those books, now. And thinking of trying the chia seed pudding.

  8. I am making chia seed pudding tonight!!! Omg your funnies are cracking me up. And I love that picture of Kayla. And you are killing me with talk of wine and pizza pics... ugh.

  9. I am attempting to give up alcohol completely this year (though "this year" started January 2nd for me since my husband and I always spend New Year's Day drinking mimosas all day). I've actually been sticking with this, but your bit of wine on a Friday made me jealous. I miss wine.

    Sing, Unburied, Sing is on my "To Read" list. I've heard great things about it!

    Chia seed pudding is so good. I'll have to make some again soon.

    Those funnies ... Haha! I can't even pick a favorite. Thanks for the laughs! :-)

  10. I need to know what you think of Sing, Unburied, Sing. I loved it in all of its bizarre glory.

    The daily briefing is so spot on

  11. lololol "human nigel" that's amazing. OMG that acupuncture story is really intense. I have both of those books on my TBR! :) I have been out of blog reading with some health nonsense... so you know... hello there, happy new year! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things