Back in the saddle again.

  • January 10, 2018
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

This past holiday, I gave myself the freedom to eat all the holiday things and I regret nothing.  The last time I indulged like this was December 2011 so it was really liberating to eat without (self-imposed) restrictions. Combined with birthday month, it was pretty much non-stop eating and dinners and holiday treats and all things delicious.

The good thing was that while the gym was open, I worked out so it all sort of balances out, right?  But a new year obviously means getting back to eating like I usually do (healthy) and with the gym now done with holiday hours, it's back at hard training again.

2018 is the year of dedication and that means more time spent weight lifting.  I realize that when I exclusively did muay thai and stopped lifting, I became riddled with injuries because of the muscle imbalance and weakness.  I won't be powerlifting like I used to but just enough to keep my muscles toned, strong and injury free.

My workout schedule is as follows:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat - Muay Thai
Thurs, Fri - weight lifting + conditioning
Sun - rest.

It doesn't seem like a lot of rest time but my weight lifting days will be my 'light workout days'.  I'll be doing this schedule for a month and reevaluate/make changes if necessary.  Another motivating factor - we're 90% sure we're booking a beach vacation in March so I need to get beach ready (aka get my abs back).

And so, on January 1, I just stopped eating all the holiday treats and got back at it.  It wasn't hard either; I'd been doing this for 6 years so taking away all the goodies cold turkey wasn't a big deal.  I'm still doing intermittent fasting (I'd actually been doing that for a while now) which has probably helped me get back on track faster.  The saddest part is no more daily wine and will be doing wine Fridays only which sucks because I just placed an order for a case of my favourite wine.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back in the saddle again.  To be honest, I felt a bit gross eating so much but hey, it was the holidays and that's how you do holidays.  It'll feel good to cleanse my system and watch the scale go down.

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  1. Girl - good for you for getting back on track . . . I need to do the same. I got the flu on Jan 3rd so that set things back a bit . . . time to refocus!!

  2. I have kicked myself in the rear to get back in the game myself, heres to a heakthy 2018

  3. Good for you for getting back on track!! It's good to be bad sometimes. haha I totally have to do the same.

  4. Get it, girl! I'm right there with you - I didn't quite go cold turkey on stopping the junk eating, but it's time.

  5. This was the first holiday season in years that I let loose as well, and I too regret nothing! Glad you enjoyed the holidays and your birthday month <3

  6. I am glad that you let yourself indulge in all of the holiday fun! I do it every year and never regret it haha. Plus, you throw birthday month on top of that and well...treat yoself for sure! It feels good to be getting back to a routine though, right? It is forcing me to be better in other areas of my life too. And I feel fucking fantastic.

  7. I was a bloated sugar soaked toad for the entire month of December. I haven't cut it out but I have cut back to normal for me amounts and feel infinitely better.

  8. I enjoyed all the food over Christmas too and planned to go immediately back to my exercise routine and healthy eats afterwards. But I came back from MN with a cold. I was able to manage a couple of light workouts before my cold worsened and I ate what I needed - lots of chicken noodle soup and orange juice. And I'm fine with that. The bigger issues for me was after I got better, I felt lazy so I half-assed my workouts and ate bad for another week. But now I'm back on track. I got healthy meals prepped again and I'm hitting the pool after I finish commenting on blogs. I'm not going to let guilt/shame eat at me the way I did in the past, which often led to me giving up. Nope. Accept and move forward! Also, I can't believe you have those guns with minimal weight lifting last year!

  9. Sounds like a good plan. I'm currently sick which always feels like a health reset for me because I go off coffee and wine when I feel this shitty. By the time I feel good again my entire system has been flushed with water and I'm not addicted to caffeine any more. But then I end up falling back into my habits. Lol

  10. I agree too that that's how you do holidays. It's time to relax and enjoy! I indulged too much and am now trying to cut out all the junk again. So far, so good... or decent, at least.
    Your new work out schedule looks good! Good luck!

  11. Losing the daily wine is the worst. I credit IF for my being able to get back on track too.

  12. I think it feels even better when you get back on track and leave the regret for someone else. Glad you enjoyed your time of indulgence! I feel you on all of it!