Friday Thangs [12-15]

  • December 15, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Man, my blogging has fallen by the wayside.  It's like I just come 'round here to give yall weekly updates.

But first, let's talk about something that affects all you 'muricans as well as the rest of the world - GUYS, WTF IS UP WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT. THEY KILLED NET NEUTRALITY.  Do you know what this means?? 

Strictly speaking from an IT perspective and one who works in telecom/ISP/TV - this is bad news for all of you.  It means your ISPs now have free reign to jack up your internet prices based on consumption; even go so far as to create "add-on" packages onto your internet plans if you like to frequent certain websites that take up a lot of bandwidth. 

-- Don't own a TV and consume most of your TV via Netflix, Hulu or another streaming site?  expect bandwidth "packages" to be created so you can now pay an extra $$$ per month for your new "streaming package". 

--Don't have enough $ to pay for higher speeds?  expect really shitty and slow ass connections like the dial up days. 

-- Love social media?  oh, here's a "social media" package where you can get X gigs for sites like FB, Snapchat etc.  But go over, and you'll get charged out the ass unless you pay a premium of eleventy billion dollars for unlimited usage.

Pretty soon, your internet bill will be so high that you'll probably go back to cable TV because it'll be cheaper.

What this all comes down to is this - IT'S BULLSHIT.  Oh folks, this is bad bad news.  Even for me - a Canadian who's not directly affected yet affected - I will now see hiked prices for membership fees for Netflix or any American-owned streaming/media company.

I really hope that there's a group out there trying to overturn this shitty bill/law because the only people who are winning are the big ISPs and the folks who sit on their board. 

But onto other things that are not rage-inducing. 

+ When bitches don't work, we have to find ways to cut costs.  Folks, I'm sort of shocked at the fact that I'm going to try and move away from my beloved Eminence Organics line in favour of something cheaper because $90 serums or $100+ face oils are taking its toll. 

Introducing: Deciem's The Ordinary line.

I've heard of this brand before but didn't bother looking into it because I was already using stuff that works for me.  It was the price point that piqued my interest...That squalane oil?  $7.90.  Yes, you read that right - SEVEN DOLLARS AND NINETY CENTS. The retinoid?  $13.90. The Hyaluronic Acid is $11.50.  At these prices, they're practically giving shit away.

When I first heard those prices, my immediate thought was - it's all cancerous harsh chemicals and my skin will hate/react to it.  As I looked more into the company/ingredient list, they actually aren't bad; not "all natural/organic" like I'm used to but nothing that would irritate my skin.  Also, a bunch of my friends have made the switch and are raving about it so this company must be on to something.

The best part?  all three of these products cost me less than 1 bottle of my regular serum. 

I also decided it's time to start using some actives.  I ain't getting any younger and retinols are a good way to prevent wrinkles and boost skin firmness/collagen production.  That said, retinols tend to be highly drying/irritating and I've always shied away from them because of the high drying factor but this is suspended in squalane oil.  I put this on last night and it didn't sting, irritate or dry out my skin. 

I'll be using these products for 2 weeks and will report back the results but goddamn, I'm still in shock about those prices.

+  Let's talk about other depressing news - work.  My office is really gunning for me to start earlier than I had hoped; I was thinking of coming back around spring but I talked to one of the directors and he was all "how about Monday?"

I straight up told him "bro, I ain't even ready to wear real pants yet".  Yes, this is exactly how I speak to directors.

So negotiations begin today; I'm hoping for at least a February start at the earliest and yes, I know I'm being a huge spoiled brat about this whole thing; I know I'm extremely lucky that I have these opportunities but damn, I had my whole winter planned out that involved doing a whole lot of nothing because fuck winter.  Anyway, more to come with this.

+ Found a great new riesling:

+ Funnies:

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  1. Work people need to go away, so you can enjoyyyyyy your life!

    Cheers to a new reisling and cheap face stuff that works!

  2. I have no words for what's going on right now with this whole net neutrality crappola. I feel somewhat at peace knowing that there are way too many big names and companies who are going to fight as hard as they can to make sure this never becomes reality. Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc... will all fade off into the sunset because people will refuse to pay extra money just to look something up, post pictures/videos, or binge watch via streaming.

  3. There are plenty of us working on this net neutrality nightmare. RAGE RAGE ALL THE FUCKING RAGE.

  4. LOLOLOL bird seed!!!! I can't even with the net neutrality. I feel like every day is a brand new shit show.

  5. LOL with the bird seed. But for real with the net neutrality mess. I cannot believe this bs. It does make my teacher self a little happy to know that my seniors are trying to take action. That's all their talking about this morning. About contacting officials and signing petitions to get it reversed. I'm honestly a little scared for 2018. Everyone thought 2016 what a shit show & then 2017 was like hold my beer & watch this... 2018 better not try to be a one upper.

  6. My mind is boggled by the whole net neutrality debacle and that so many people still don't understand what it means and why it's a big deal. There will be lots and lots of lawsuits and hopefully they can slow down the process until AHEM new and better people are in Congress and the White House. I'd looked at some of Eminence Organics products you've recommended but the pricepoint is a bit high for me, so I am eager to hear how Deciem works for you. Oh man. I hope you can extend your break through winter because it's nice when it's God awful cold to not HAVE to go outside. :D Have a great weekend!

  7. I am so fucking disgusted by my government

  8. Gosh, our government is such a f*cking embarrassment. Sorry our stupidity is trickling into Canada. I wish I could trickle into Canada... *facepalm*

  9. I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THE NET NEUTRALITY STUFF. SO ANGRY. :( Glad you found a cheaper skincare line. I like ACURE Organics mostly. And I just use witch hazel for toner. Cheapest! That dinosaur meme is all too accurate. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Hoooowwww do you get to take time off work like this so often!? Best job everrr man. Also, dying at that cop text.