Friday Thangs [12-1] - Birthday Month Begins

  • December 01, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Guess what y'all?  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH.

I was late to the birthday month game (started only 2 years ago) and decided that errday in December is my birthday so I celebrate by treating myself to pamper sessions every week until December 30 (my actual birthday).  Birthday month kicks off with a glorious 90mins massage this afternoon. 

+ This weekend we're also putting up the tree and Christmas festivities begin.  I can't wait to make Christmas ornaments with Kayla and bake Christmas goodies.  Since work fuck-off time is still happening, she doesn't have to go to day camp during the holidays so we have 2 wonderful weeks together to hang out, watch movies and have fun.

+ Remember in my last post, my neighbours are trying to turn this neighbourhood into the ghetto by parking their goddamn shit beater car right on their lawn? I REPORTED THEIR ASSES and called the city because goddammit, stop bringing down the value of this neighbourhood already.  It's bad enough that those kids invite their punkass friends to sit on their driveway and rev their rice mobiles for an hour or that they play basketball at an ungodly hour but making the neighbourhood look like shit is where I draw the line.  The city by-law agent will be coming to "evaluate the situation/validate that it's not zoned for parking".  You damn straight his lawn is not zoned for parking! GET THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT OFF YOUR LAWN, YOU HEATHENS!

+ Been inhaling this book...SO GOOD.

Up next:

+ I've been back at muay thai for 2 weeks now and while my cardio sucks, I have to say,  my technique is crisp.  Was throwing perfect round house kicks and after a round with my friend (and I collapsed on the floor after), he said "wow, are you sure you took a month off?" *preens*

+ That moose that was on the loose in my area? they released footage of it basically tearing down people's fences as it ran through their yards.  I haven't heard anything about it since last weekend so I hope it's ok.

+ Public Service Announcement:

+ Speaking of shopping, I got 5 shipment notifications yesterday.  Christmas is coming early this year!

+ Did anyone watch the 2hr season premiere of Vikings Season 5?  Such a great show.


This person should not include "attention to detail" on his resume, LOL:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy birthday month!! Enjoy your massage! I now kind of hope that someday I have 3 girls just so I can terribly place ho ho ho until someone notices.

  2. WOOOHOOOO BIRTHDAY MONTH IN THE HIZZZZOUUUSEEE! I hope the city person gets over in a jiffy cause damn straight the lawn is NOT zoned for parking. WTF? YAY for being crisp at Muay Thai, so so so so awesome. The first book has been on my list forrrrrevvveerrr and I died at the Black Friday funny, <3 it!

  3. Happy Birthday MONTH!!! Big believer in Birthday months over here. Good for you reporting them and I dunno why I laughed so hard at the HO HO HO meme. Still laughing!

  4. hell yeah birthday month!!! ENJOY!
    Poor moose must be terrified, I hope he's okay.

  5. LOLOLOL at the HO HO HO. Too funny! And yay for birthday month!

  6. I love a good birthday month celebration because dammit - we're worth it! I love the December puppy meme. That's totally me. One moment I'm thinking about what I'm getting others for Christmas and the next moment I'm on Amazon ordering stuff for me. I stand with the "we're worth it" statement! Have a great weekend and enjoy your massage!

  7. Happy birthday month!

    I am a three for me one for you Christmas shopper. OH WELL.

  8. Haha each of those memes is cracking me up, and I never realized Winnie the Pooh was wearing a crop top with no panties - hilarious! Hope that moose is ok, and is done wreaking havoc. And good for you for calling in that car on the lawn. People never cease to amaze me :-P

  9. Happy birthday month! It's my daughter's birthday month, too, and all my money goes to that. Thank god for extended family to make up for the rest.

    The picture/ho ho ho placement made me LOL

  10. Happy Birthday month to you! I've thought about doing that -- but it's November and everyone tends to focus on being grateful so I feel a little selfish trying to make the month about me. If it were any other month, I'd be celebrating that month from day 1! :)

  11. Happy Birthday Month!! It's my birthday month as well. I'm putting up my tree this weekend as well. Yay for December!!

  12. GIRLLLLL - I totally forgot its my birthday month as well. How did I Forget that??? Denial - that's what that's called ;)

  13. Happy birthday month! I always go overboard during my birthday month but that is neither here nor there. I seriously cannot stand when people are idiots about their homes. Especially if it could affect the value of my home!

  14. "A wild moose chase..." YES! When will reporter-guy ever get to make a pun like that again?! (He probably will... it is Canada after all.)
    Ugh. I need a massage so badly. I've been debating to schedule one for weeks now.
    I love that you called the city on your neighbors. I totally understand shit neighbors. Haha!
    I love the Winnie the Pooh meme, lol!

  15. Happy Bday month! I love it. Treat yo self! :) Oh gosh, poor moose. I hope he's ok. I'm sure he's just as unhappy about it all as the people. Hope they catch/caught him. Cars on the lawn. Ridiculous. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. I can always count on your posts to make me legit laugh out loud. That resume attachment, and HOHOHO got me. And then of course LOVED that Pooh bear call out. AAAnnndd I must read that Sons and Soldiers book, homgahh!

    Happy Birthday month, I've never done this. I think I'll start this year.

  17. Happy Birthday month! Hope it is awesome!
    I'm sitting at my desk laughing out loud at the 'terrible placement'
    How cute is that dog in the shower cap :)

  18. LOLOLOL Wild Moose Chase. Cracking me up. Poor moose. Happy Birthday month!!!! It sounds like you have some great things planned!