Weekending & Shizz [11-27]

  • November 27, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Can we all just admit that it's basically Christmas?  Kayla and I have been working on my husband's resistance to put the tree up but he seems to be playing hard ball and making us wait until the first weekend of December.  Rude.

Did anyone shop Black Friday sales?  I did a little bit:

Roots was having a 40% off sale on their salt/pepper coloured sweats so I snagged a few things for myself and Kayla....both in the kids department.  Why would I pay $44 for a pair of women's sweats when I can get the exact same pair of boys XL sweats for $20?  Sometimes it pays to be a short person.

Got me some Cabin socks (my favourite) and husband a Cabin sweater (both 40% off):
Kayla and I already have Cabin sweaters so we'll be wearing them all together and making everyone vomit.

I've been keeping my eye on this adorable sloth ornament but I wasn't about to pay $10.  I know, I know... "it's only $10" but full price is for chumps.  Paid $7 for it instead.

As I was checking for sales early Friday morning, I got an email alert from Bed Bath and Beyond and when I clicked on the Instant Pot, I get this:


I really fucking hate my neighbours.  I woke up on Friday morning to this:

I have been peering at this car from my front window since and rage out every time I don't see it gone so I messaged my neighbour who is friends with these assholes and told him to tell them to get their fucking car off the lawn already.

Dogsat for my cousin.  This is Nori; a 5 year old wiener dog.  He's adorable; Kayla obviously lost her shit and pestered followed him around everywhere.

Oh hey, a moose made its way into my city and was wandering around my area.  CAN THIS BE ANY MORE CANADIAN??  Animal Services and Ministry of Natural Resources have been tracking this guy to capture and transport him back up north.

I'm just about finished Christmas shopping; I need to buy just one more gift and then the rest are just easy stocking stuffers which I'm nearly done as well.


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  1. I've started my Christmas shopping (barely). Does that count for productive? I just love shopping during December so I think I intentionally put it off that way.

    There were moose everywhere in Alaska. Our yard, the highway, downtown on the sidewalks, the school playground, etc. It took a very long time, after we moved to the lower 48, for me to stop looking for them and being "moose aware" all the time. They're dangerous.

  2. LOL AT THE MOOSE you're so Canada, I die

  3. Omg that sloth ornament! I've never seen one of those, so cute! The Instant Pots were on sale for really cheap at Walmart on BF but not sure if they still are.

  4. lololol on the apple juice! :P So true. It's awesome that you can get some of your clothes from the kids section. God I hate BB&B. Ugh. We did not go out for black friday or small business saturday. I did most of my shopping before that point! ha. Plus the things I want are never on special and actually go up in price if I wait. Which is just dumb. I did a few online things during that time, but mostly via friends/smaller businesses. Oh my gosh! I'd love to see a moose. Not up close, they are obvs dangerous.. lol. But in Alaska that is all I wanted to see... but no dice. :P Never in Canada either... but who knows. Hope they catch and release him successfully! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Love ROOTS, awesome snags. That moose is so canadian and that car in the yard is so blech! Love the bows on everything!!!!

  6. That moose on the loose is so Canadian.

    I'd be raging about the car on the long also.

    Love love love the cabin sweater!

  7. Oh the Moose! It's a good thing that moose is in Canada roaming the streets. Here, they would hunt it, kill it and the President's son would take a picture holding its tail. I have done very little Christmas shopping but I don't buy many gifts. My nephews and niece are at the age where all they want is money, which makes it easy but a lot less fun!

  8. I love that you will wear your matching sweaters lol. You must Instagram that!Walmart had the Instapot too but I didn't get it... yet. I am on the fence as to whether or not I will get enough use out of it??? What a bunch of rednecks parking their shit on the lawn. I would rage as well!

  9. Ahhhh that moose, too funny! We used to wait until December to put up the Christmas tree too, but with our annual Christmas party the first weekend of the month we now put it up right after Thanksgiving :)

  10. LMAO a moose. I love it! you are done shopping already?? AHHH!

  11. So the moose in your area basically made my bloody day haha if that doesn't scream Christmas movie I dont know what does - tell hubby get on the Christmas tree! Its time.

    I cant with the car on the lawn.

  12. Hahahaha that last funny. Truth!!! I am still laughing about the moose on the loose. He just wants to chill in the city! You already know I have asshole neighbors who do the same damn thing with their cars. So annoying!!! We are waiting to put our Christmas stuff up after Zoe's party next weekend. This will be the latest it has ever gone up because I love love love all of it but our house just isn't big enough for all that decor and 25 people at the same time. LOL. I say you and Kayla outvote M.

  13. A moose?!?! That's awesome! :)
    You have to wait until December to put up your tree? OH HECK NO!!!!!! I'd die. It's too much decorating to just enjoy for 25 days.
    I am loving the sock monkey colors.

  14. Two of my favorite Canadian things are Moose and Roots. Hope you get that tree up soon.

  15. That last meme is hilarious!
    I loooove those sweaters! And the sloth ornament is so cute!!!
    That moose is kind of terrifying... Can you imagine hitting him with a car on the highway D: Wow!

  16. Oh man I love ROOTS! I have a sweatshirt for years and it's one of my favorites ever. Ok that sloth ornament is adorable. I just started my Christmas shopping, I'm so behind this year.

  17. This post makes me feel in a holiday mood, love that coffee pic lol
    xoxo Falasha
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